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Sketch Show!


Hey! If any readers are in LA, and you want to see a last-minute sketch show thrown together to benefit our closing theatre, the Empty Stage, come over this Thursday night to the westside of LA. Sketch Show

Also, anyone in the neighborhood who’d like to fill the background of a Guild episode, email me at watchtheguild (at) We’re shooting this Sunday and could use some talented backs and fake conversationalists, LOL. 🙂

  • Oh, sounds awesome, I’ll be there. 🙂 Good luck! 🙂

  • Dustin

    I don’t usually work on Sundays *scoff*. If you want me I’ll be in my Trailer.

  • Formaldehyde

    If you ever want to shoot on location in south east Queensland I’ll be there at a minutes notice 🙂

    Also, youtube for the sketch show? Please please please please please please please please please please please please?

  • S o M a

    -break a leg

  • d’oh
    won’t be there (unless i am able to attend siggraph)
    can you hold the shoot till then 😉 (j/k)

    good luck with the shoot!

  • Chris

    Can’t make it, break a leg!

  • Ben

    Wish I could be there to support you and the the theater, just a bit too far away. I hate it when places I love close their doors.

    Side note: We may need to kick your photographer in the ass. Why does the redhead in the bottom right look like a redhead and your pic is whitewashed almost making you look brunette? I know this is your “headshot” but I’ve seen pics of you that show off your striking red hair (like the pic that Tom Lenk took at the strike). I’m not suggesting the pic is bad, just not as nice as the real color. 🙂

    btw–if any of the floggers want to pay for MY parking tickets, I wont decline!

  • Ben

    No pun intended. I think your hair is striking whether you have a picket sign or not!

  • Tyler

    I would love to go to both but I leave for Chicago this friday! Argh! Sub-freezing climate or seeing you do improv? I wish I was able to cancel. Good luck though!


  • Omer

    I’d totally go but I’ll be working in Miami. 🙁

    Have fun!

  • Unfortunately, I’m not in Socal either.. Time to start shooting on location! Kinda like the Simpsons visiting places. The Guild goes to Norcal! Although… a true gamer’s vacation is spent indoors playing games in a different apt (or if you were a hardcore gamer, a basement or garage) than normal.

    Good luck on the productions though

  • stm

    Hope you have a great time…stuck on the other coast in the ice and snow. :^(

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