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Season 6 Trailer


The Guild Season 6 trailer is HERE! Please spread word that we’re coming back October 2nd, every share helps us! YAY SO EXCITED TO BE BACK!!!!!

  • Jay S

    Not that excited as we the fans are for new The Guild content! You’re the best. New episodes, YAY!

  • John W

    Can’t wait!

  • Tom T.

    I am so stoked! Found “The Guild” by accident and was instantly addicted. Can’t wait for Oct 2nd, may have to indulge in a little Enstein-Rosen bridge theory to speed up time. Felicia Day has topped my list of favorite actresses/actors. You Go Girl!! 😀

  • Already shared and can’t wait! 🙂 Looks like your production is getting bigger every year!

  • Very excited! An anticipatory squee may have escaped 🙂

  • Andrea

    YES! ^_^

  • Jess

    I love you!! I adore the guild!! Best show ever!!!!!!

  • viking

    Dear ms. Day. Have tried to spread the word, but I’m getting “snobbed”. Totally serious! Most newspaper and tv stations have a “geek corner” where they review computer games, movies and new trends like smart phones and so on. The national broadcast (yes, we are all commies here in Norway and we have a tax founded national broadcast that spread propaganda about how awsome vikings are and that we are not anything like North-Korea….) has the best journalists when it comes to geek stuff. They are the only ones who have made a storie about ComicCon and cosplay. So why not Codex? No deal…. Its a webshow, so that means its not something to write about?!?!?!?!? Just WTF? Its not like G&S and The Guild are the cinnamon challenge. And I have watch acclaimed productions that look like s—- compared to the Guild! So they are writing off the Guild because its a “webshow” and not a “real” production! I destroyed a punching bag after this. My toes still hurt….

    But this is my frustration, not yours. So no need to getting stressed about it. The only reason that I write this is because this “posh” attitude from traditional media is something you have to adress when it comes to marketing strategy for the show. Because lets face it: Its totally random that geeks around the world discovers you. I was on a Doctor Who forum when someone commented that Karen Gillan looks like Felicia Day. One google later and I’m hooked on G&S and the Guild. Still dont get the Karen Gillan/Felicia Day connection, unless you can count Texans as honorary Scots? But this just shows how hopeless and random it is to discover your great work. You have to do a wikiwalk with randoms turns like Firefly -> WTF singalong dr. Horrible??? -> Felicia Day???? -> Flogging??? -> and we have a winner!!!

    So to sum thing up: Social network marketing and random wikiwalks is not cutting it if we want 500k subscribers to G&S. We want cute pale geek boobs and hopeless cooking to reach out to the unwashed masses! And to do that, we need the posh self-acclaimed geek-know-nothing reporters in mainstream media on our team. This is something that you have to adress with your marketing team. I would suggest to do it by the book with press realeses where you try avoiding the wording “webseries”. Rewrite it as “interactive media” just as tv-channels do when they release a webseries… And try to spam as many foreign media channels as possible. With your nordic look and humor, your going to be a hit in all of Scandinavia and other North-European countries. Language is not a barrier, since we are practically bi-language when it comes to english. Yes, its only about 5 mill in Norway, 9,5 mill in Sweden and so on. But when about 99% have internet connectivity and almost 60% are on facebook ( it has a great marked potensial. To be honest, cyborgs are the next step is we are going to be more online that we already are. So its just a question about telling people that you exist. We desperatly need an alternativ to those damnd “fotballfruer” og “rosabloggere”. Dont even ask what it means in english. You dont want to know. Trust me…

    So I hope that you can take this input and use it to sell out the Guild and go mainstream. Hey, I dont mind if something is mainstream as long as it makes me laught and think. Good luck and hope you reach your subscription goals. 🙂

  • Nanda

    Oh my goat, it’s season 6 already? My my, how time flies…

  • Knutter

    0:45 Dodger …

  • This season looks like it’s going to be great fun! After last season, I had wondered what other plot lines you could explore, and I adore this one — the idea of Codex working for the game developers is awesome. I haven’t watched the initial episodes yet, thanks to some lovely real life complications (root canal, anyone? thought not) but I’m looking forward to catching up ASAP.

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