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Season 6 Episode 2: New Party Members

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Episode 2 is here!  This was a very hard episode to edit, namely because of the scourge of film shooting: TABLE SCENES.  You’d think, “Everyone sitting around a table, that’s the easiest scene, right?” OMG NOOOO.  For every person around that table, you have to have an eyeline between any characters that speak, that means WAY more setups of the camera position than you’d ever think. And if someone moves?  MORE EYELINES!  We actually shot this scene after shooting the HUGE steadi-cam entrance to The Game scene from episode 1, so frankly: That was a bitch of a day.

BUT it all turned out well, Roy (Derek) is such a great character, I want more of him onscreen every time I see him.  I actually rewrote this episode many different ways, but had to cut a bunch out.  Because, as important as the Game Team is, it’s really about our main characters, so exploring who the new people are had to be spread out a lot more than I initially thought to balance the Guild stories properly.  I think this season will actually work the best as a movie of all the seasons in the end, but making sure every episode felt full was a goal as well.

I love to read comments from people on the video about how ‘short’ the episodes are, because they discovered the show by watching episodes back to back, or even cut together as a movie on Geek and Sundry or Netflix.  The irony is that when we started the show, there was a rule in the very young industry that videos shouldn’t be longer than 2-3 minutes, MAX (the length of episode 1 season 1!).  We push the budget envelope with our script every year, and this year it is 100% the longest script we ever shot: On LESS budget actually.  SO, it’s a big compliment but also very frustrating to have people want much longer episodes.  The great thing is: this one is almost 10 minutes!!!  Next week is shorter, but has hysterical stuff, so I hope you enjoy!


  • Jack

    Woo first post! The Bladezz / Clara dynamic is hilarious. Floyd strangely goes between top dog and insecure weeny. Roy is quickly become as quote-able as Vork. “Boop!”

  • Melz

    Speaking of episode length, I just wanted to say that of all the web series I watch The Guild has always had one of the best episode structure/length/balance or whatever you want to call it of any of them. They are almost always perfect little blocks of plotness that each build up the season really well, even when they are a lot shorter. Traditional TV shows can be so long and drawn out – and that’s before you throw in the million commercial breaks – so it’s nice to sit down for five to ten minutes of none-stop action/hilarity.

  • Mette

    I think the reason why someone would want it longer, is because you’re such a good writer and you have great people doing what they do. So as an audience you get sucked in to the 8 minutes, and when it’s over you just want to see and know more. But not necessarily more minites, just more episodes :)
    I think it is great to have some shows that are shorter than normal, it’s 8 minutes packed with awesomeness!
    Thank you for your awesomeneess!

  • viking

    Trying to catch up at the show. Epic failing. I think sunday morning and a can of coffee is a better plan than trying to watch it at weekdays. So ms. Day: Dont stress with the lenght issue for me. I’m having a hard time keeping up as it is. And there is a 3 hours TGS podcast or something like that on youtube? I have only watched the first minutes of it. But there was a level 81 Stalker there, so I am afraid I have to watch the rest. Perhaps I find time in a year or two….

    But I would just like to comment on something I really like about this show. Its the proof of that if life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade of them. So please keep up the comments and blogging about the episodes. Because as a webseries they are great entertainment. But if you add the backdrop and the production details, they are also a source of inspiration and education. And other -tion words. Utterly useless at telling people that they do a great job, so this is as good as it gets. :)

  • ayelet

    I love your honesty with “That was a bitch of a day” :D
    I’m happy you’ve balanced the game team with the guildies better because I have to admit – I kinda miss them, I want more guild stuff so..yeah. :P
    Whenever Floyd’s angry at a tweet someone send him I think of you getting angry with tweets and just showing it through his character. It’s a problem with people forgetting there’s an actual person with feelings and all on the other side..:S

    My favorite line from the episode must be Clara’s: “That’s how chauvinism started” :D
    Love reading your blog btw, thanks for updating. :)

  • Jill

    awesome episode, as always! i wonder how long before clara’s husband leaves her? lol.

    • Phillip

      And if does leave her, how long will it take her to notice?

      Fantastic episode Felicia, really delivers on the promise shown in episode 1.

  • LJ

    Sight lines/Camera angles.
    Give codex panic attacks in meetings then you can use a ?fish eye? lens and film it from her perspective. Or put the boss on one side of the table or room and everyone else at the other end. Make is a personal quirk of the boss(he doesn’t like to have to smell other people).

    Also you can do views from the laptop cam to get background action seen over the characters shoulder.

    To reduce set dress time – I know some people put up sheets behind them so that the rest of the room can’t be seen and sometime they decorate the sheets.

  • Omar Crosby

    The Guild rocks! If we can’t get longer episodes I guess I would settle for lots more shorter ones. :)

    But seriously though, of all the content I regularly digest online the Guild is at the top of the list of things I look forward to. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Can’t wait till my next fix of Codex.


  • Tom Wahn

    Loved the episode Felicia. Keep up the good work and the blog. Already bookmarked it :)

  • Laura Elena Hall

    Thank you Felicia for all of your hard work. I can’t wait for more episodes of The Guild.

  • Thomas Wrobel

    Episodes should be as long as they need to be – I dont buy these “rules” for a minute.
    Just put the end where it feels right, not constrained to arbitrary lengths.

  • Asim (of Melissa & Asim)

    Hey hey, Felicia Day,

    This is be weird, and probably shouldn’t be posted publicly: My fiancee & I would like to invite you as the Guest of Honor to our apocalypse wedding in Savannah, GA:

    Seriously. Poetic and literature-worthy explanation available on request.

  • Courtney

    I can’t wait to see more Guild!! I don’t care that these are short I’m just happy to have it!! I love watching all your work :D The Flog is epic! My cats think I’m crazy cause of the constant laughter. Oh well.

  • TheKatCan

    The scenes from in the game were amazing. Tavern mermaid’s random side to side look had me busting a gut. Vork, oh Vork you make me giddy with bewilderment.

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