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I’m so happy to announce that Season 3 of The Guild has been picked up by Microsoft! Here’s the announcement in the Hollywood Reporter. (Fancy!) Getting “renewed” in the web video world is pretty rare, so I can say with pride that we’ll be doing another season, sponsored by Sprint! Working on the script now, so difficult with all the distractions lately, but Kim Evey, my co-producer, is doing a fab job of taking care of the show and keeping me semi-sane 🙂

There are several Guild videos we have been releasing for Sprint in the interim between seasons, here are links:

Meet the Characters: Interviews with the cast members about their characters
Meet the Extras: A lovely piece edited by @geekyfanboy, our behind the scenes hotshot, featuring the people who volunteered their time to help us out with the party scenes at the end of Season 2. My brother is in it!

Season 1 Recap
Season 2 Recap

I especially love the Extras video, because it is a testament to how home-grown the show is and continues to be. My goal is to always keep it “of the people.” 🙂 Check our Guild Website for further info, or the Community Site to post on the forum or chat!

  • I cannot wait for the Season 3! 😀

  • Can’t wait! It’s is a truly brilliant series and captures the social dynamics of WoW very well 🙂

  • Yey for Season 3!
    Can’t wait!

    Oh and any word on wether the Season 2 dvd is region 2 or not?

    • *region free

      I fail. No idea why I said 2.

  • Thanks for the advice. Great things to keep in mind and obviously you have succeeded at this. Love watching The Guild, keep up the great work, looking forward to Season 3!

  • hurrah.

  • Yes, the DVD is region-free Dani, I just got that confirmed. 🙂

    • AWESOME! Thanks Felicia! =]

  • Derek

    Region Free! Excellent news! I’ve been wondering about that for ages, and There you go, I’ve just reserved the First two seasons on Amazon…… 😀

  • Excellent.

    But how does “semi-sane” help anything? Or do you mean that she’s preventing your slip to full-blown sanity?

  • Can’t wait, keep up the good work!

    Oh and if you need a character I’m your man 😛 Haha.

  • Great news! At a time when budgets appear to be being slashed left, right and centre it shows that Microsoft know a good thing when they see it. Congratulations to the whole team!

    One of the things I admire about your handling of ‘The Guild’ business side is your commitment to getting it made. I’m sure it’s been hard waiting for the decision but something we have never heard is you saying you’re waiting around for sponsorship before carrying on. You go girl!

  • Max

    That is great news about Season 3! Having been unable to watch Season 2 for a long time because of living outside the US, I was thrilled to watch the whole series last night in one sitting. I am definitely ordering both seasons on DVD, even though the NZ$ seems to be currently worth about a nickel. Thank you so much for the funniest “TV” series around.

  • Very smart, concise comments, Ms. Day.

  • Congratulations…
    And as Nathan Fillion says: “We need more Felicia Day”

  • TW Andrews

    If I was going to sit down and watch all the guild episodes, what channel provides the show the best support?

  • len

    In a perverse or prophetic way, at Raph Koster’s blog, I find myself using The Guild as the archetype for the gaming culture in a discussion of why or why not voice streaming is a good thing.

    You either play a lot (probably) or your insight is simply dead on. A bit of both, I guess. I’m a leftover from the days when rock ruled the culture so I won’t make the attempt to cross that chasm.

    Congratulations on the renewal. Richly deserved. You’re breathing life into it.

  • len

    On the other hand, this

    is the mother of all bad ideas. Buffy Without Whedon == Bewitched With Ferrell. Stewie had that one right.

  • This is such awesome news! Can not wait to see it.
    In other news, I’m watching you in ‘Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder’ which is on in Australia right now! 😛

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