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Season 3 Episode 2


<br /><a href=";vid=bdab0fe5-ecc7-4f5e-a946-feefa45d531b" target="_new" title="Season 3 - Episode 2: Anarchy!">Video: Season 3 &#8211; Episode 2: Anarchy!</a>

Yay, it’s out! and 8 minutes long…wow. Really long. We got it in under 8 minutes for turning in (our sponsor Sprint’s short pre-roll pushed us over the 8 minute mark, promise! 🙂 ), but still, an epic-length Guild episode. In fact, this episode was, for a few drafts, 2 episodes. I had a cliffhanger after Vork quit, but then in looking at the script, I felt like the audience would be bored in the same location for three continuous episodes, so I cut MANY pages out to combine the two, definitely the right decision.

We were under crazy pressures during this shoot, about a day short to really get down what encompassed these first 2 episodes. We didn’t have a million options in the cutting room due to the pressed time, so director/editor Sean Becker was awesome in putting everything together, it was a big challenge and the end result is great. I think there were some good performances in this episode, especially considering how MANY actors there were in the scenes. I especially love what Mike Rose (Valkerie, the fopish character) does with the little he is given, he’s so funny in Legend of Neil and in his MANY online projects, and adds a lot to a character that could have been very much in the background. Bruiser’s impromtu dance was so out of left field that it makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it, and of course Fawkes (Wil) has a smug arrogance that is PERFECT in its infuriatingness.

Also Venom, my friend Teal Sherer, does some hilarious stuff in the scene with the Gamestop manager. She is quite a good friend of mine and I was so excited to write her a role for her in the show. She pulls off this “fake acting” bit beautifully, and it was definitely hard to not laugh when she was steering around in front of Vork.

My favorite line of the episode is Vork’s, “Control your steed, woman!” It made me laugh SO hard when I wrote it, and Jeff is so funny.

Hope you all enjoy!

  • len

    Trying to sneak watching this in around people coming into the office. I know it’s wrong but it’s The Guild.

  • len

    The best line IMHO is “it’s easy to bond over hating something together”. The examples are … pretty much most of the six o’clock news and … spam.

  • Good stuff. Waiting for the next episode.

  • I coughed out a bundle of laughs with the “control your steed” line. It’s just on the line of being slightly insensitive and completely hilarious. That edge won me over. Very classy.
    She made me want to push her into traffic for real!

    Whatever happened to Tink’s hair, keep doing it. She was absolutely beautiful in this episode. More than usual.

    8 minutes is long? No way, I go watch your stuff for days.
    Best episode of the season so far!

  • tg

    I was so excited when I saw it’s 8 minutes long! Vork’s definition of a line was priceless, I had to pause the video cause I couldn’t stop laughing. Awesome episode!

  • Lionel

    Apologies for going slightly off topic (can’t watch the episode yet as I am still at work), but I wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU for attending Dragoncon in Atlanta this year! Your q&a after a showing of ‘Guild’, and seeing you on the walk of fame were two things I enjoyed best about the ‘con this year 🙂

    • Ditto to Lionel, thanks for coming and being so great! (I am the one had you sign the Ultima IV, thank you so much 😉 )

      Episode 2 was excellent! Lots of great lines and some really good tension that really makes me want to see what happens next. I have to go and watch it again…

      By the way, I put videos up of the Q&A on YouTube.

  • Lilian


    I loved the episode, specially your “private webcam moment”, Codex’s insights are the best, 🙂

  • Dani

    It was a very cool episode with some hilarious moments.

    My favorites were Riley carrying Zaboo, Vork pulling the tent to the back of the line, Kim (She’s too funny… I laughed every time she showed up on screen), and Vork giving that Guild leader medallion… thing… to Codex. Cause I’d never think of that and was like “WTF? Was he wearing that all the time before this????”.

    Very nice to see a little more of the AoA members, can’t wait to find out more about them…

    Is it next week yet? =)

    • Jeff

      LOL, yeah that gold medallion was hilarious. So classic 80s/early-90s rap, lol. I was dying.

  • Zach

    NOOOO TINK CAN’T LEAVE TO JOIN THE DOUCHES!!!!! (yes that is their new official name)
    The girl in the wheelchair was HILARIOUS!!!!! I wish all of the episodes were this long!

  • My favorite is that Vork thinks that if he had telekenetic powers, he’d be hired by the Navy to hold Wonder Woman aloft in her invisible plane!! Eeeee, this episode brought me so much glee on an otherwise really crappy day, so thanks. Hooray for The Guild! Tuesdays are awesome again!

  • *gasp* I was so happy to download this new episode today on XBOX Live!!! This episode had me rolling! Besides the “control you steed, woman!” line I loved the respond from the junkie “meth! crack is for losers!”

    Anywho! I love you guys! My boyfriend and I are totally hooked on The Guild and we look forward to every episode.

    P.S. I love the music video. It’s posted on auto-play on my myspace instead of my player. love it love it love it!

  • Jeff

    Definitely the most dramatic of the episodes so far. The Anarchy characters definitely are the perfect foils for our Knights of Good. My favorite parts (besides the gold medallion):
    – Vork quoting himself.
    – The (odd) idea of centaur mounts
    – Kim’s delivery of “You should have preordered.”

  • It is like take a happy pill.

  • GREAT WORK! So fun and definitely worth waiting for.

    I loved the bit where Clara was trying to hike up Wil’s kilt with the baby monitor antenna. That was just great. Wil is proving to be a top-notch guest.

    Vork renting his tent out to Zaboo & Riley for the “booty call” was pretty funny too. 😀

    Can’t wait to see more!!!

  • Can’t wait to see more.

    One of my favourite moments: “Meth addict! Crack is for losers!”

    Hilarious =D

  • Ashley

    Yay for Sports Kilts and Utility Kilts! :3
    In Scotland, where I live, its unusual to see them. Good to see were making an impact on Tink 😛

    Another great episode though. ^^

  • Justin

    I can’t wait for the next ep! Riley is strooong. And congrats to Codex! Hopes to see more development on AoA and hopes that KoG is back in one piece. Soon.

    • You have no idea. She had to pick up Zaboo like 7 times at the end of a 12 hour day in 90 degree heat. She’s like a superwoman!

      • Justin

        Wooooooowwww. truly a superwoman!

  • Freddie

    Love your work Ms. Day!

  • Neb

    I never thought I’d be hooked on a web series…but I AM! (oops, that sounded God-like) You all do an outstanding job, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to tell Jeff, Sandeep, and Kim as much last weekend at PAX. Brilliant writing and execution. You inspire me to get off my butt and produce something instead of just kicking it around in my head! Keep it up!

  • Xander Skyrien

    I LOL’ed at the Korean dude’s very random, but very very appropriate interjection. Well written, and well played :).

  • William George Ferguson

    A stupid question. In the ep (and/or in this blog entry), we got the names for 4 of the 5 AoA members, Fawkes (Wheaton), Bruiser IGarces), Valkarie (Sherer). Can we get the name of Alexander Yi’s character or do we have to wait?

  • Markus

    Hi Felicia. Another excellent nugget of writing,acting and editing gold. The team you have around you are really bringing your superb writing to life.

    Somehow you managed to top the cliffhanger of S3 Ep1 (the AoA – Wil Wheaton reveal) with the ending of this episode! Its an inspired move to bring in a rival faction as we’re now spoilt for choice with characters and potential plotlines. The people brought in to be the AoA are superb. Mike Rose is just some kind of Midas of comedy!

    Great move casting your mate Teal as she was brilliant as an antagoniser of Jeff’s character Vork.

    The episode was just brimming with one-liners and youre at risk of missing one by laughing at its predecessor! We’re in Futurama realms here where youre almost scared to laugh out loud for fear of missing the next joke! Brilliant stuff 🙂

    Fair play for cramming so much content into the 2 episodes so far. I agree with other fans that the KoG have crumbled at an alarming rate! Edge of the seat stuff! Its a real shame you were restricted on how much you could film as the extra material wouldve sold SO many DVD’s.

    Great writing, great cast, great editing. I just hope this gets the following and funding it deserves!! (are you peeps still taking donations or are you under contract now?).

    Many thanks,

  • Sperkzy

    Vork, Zaboo and Codex is the only reason I keep watching this show.

    Tink is a TERRIBLE actress, please can you kill her off? I see her joining the other guild that would be a good way for her to never come back. Also Bladez is a terrible actor as well – give him less lines.

    Seriously though, Vork is great. He will definitely make it big if he pushes harder in the industry.

    • Lilian

      I totally desagree with that. Vincent Caso and Amy Okuda do a great job playing their characters.

      • I agree with Lilian — I like both characters.

        • Justin

          I like everyone in KoG, each of them has different personalities and background which I think made the whole series work. imo

    • Ross Bagley

      Lay off, dude. Amy is doing just fine. Her character has a toxic personality, not the actress (I really sincerely hope). Cutting her out would really mess things up. I suspect it’s all part of some plan to screw over the #1 guild. Anyway, I’m enough of a perv to just hope to get a peek at her legs again. Petite asian dancers FTW!

      As an aside from my defense of Amy, Wil is awesome in this episode. Always liked Wil, even if Wesley was written badly. That and I was married in my kilt, though I don’t have the guts to just go around wearing it. Have to think about that one… Nah, it’s too hot in LA. My kilt is basically a tightly folded wool blanket. I’ll let Wil take the heat alone for now.

  • mandy

    In my post-PAXflu daze I @’d you on Twitter regarding this but then didn’t include the link, so I’ll just post it here instead as not to make the same woozy-headed mistake. In case someone didn’t already link it to you, Jonathan Coulton did a ten minute mix of Mr. Fancy Pants and sampled “DYWDMA” around 6:45. I didn’t even notice it when I heard it live because it fit so well, and now it’s back in my head after weeks of trying to get it out. So thanks to the both of you >.<

  • mandy

    .. also now I feel like a jerk for not commenting on the episode, but I’d just be echoing everyone else in that it was fantastic. Wil plays his role almost /too/ perfectly.

  • stilla

    Holy Hannah! hang on to your steeds let the guild times begin!

    Great start to the new season! Can’t wait to see more and more and more!

  • Teal is actually “Venom”, “Valkerie” is Mike Rose, and ‘Kwan” is Alex!

  • I thought Noah Flippo as the Game Stop manager was great. His pedistache makes me laugh every time i see it.

  • Justin

    Awesome episode, of course. Loved Zork’s line about what joy riding a centaur would be. Just finished watching it after my first viewing of Dr Horrible (sad as the biggest NPH fan there is). Bought the DVD today and very glad I did. Great work in it Felicia!

  • James

    I had to watch it twice to realise that your guild nemesis is “the” Wil Wheaton with a beard.

    Vorks speech is perfect, queue jumping is the worst.

  • Phille

    Just started to watch the guild last week. Very charming characters.
    I didnt enjoy this episode as much as previous tho.

    No magic in season3 so far unfortunately like there was in s1 and 2 :/
    Its a winning concept for sure but nothings timeless.
    It feels like a musician wich have found his sound and keep mangling tracks in the same style for years n years. Like RedOne is doing right now (Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy, Kat de luna…..)

    Didnt know felicia were writing the show. Sexy!

    Regards from sweden!

  • Ello’ just discovered The Guild last week…and ended up watching both seasons in a single sitting. Yes. Just a little addicted. Well I love these new episodes – and like many, I totally have a geekcrush on you 😛

  • Lee

    Tomorrow on TV in Czech Republic will be episode of House with Felica… I am really looking forward to see her 🙂

  • eastpath

    Oh NO! I’m stoked to be seeing the new season, but I’m so nail-biting right now! Can’t wait for more! <3

  • Jack

    I wish you could understand what a complement this is, but you really are a genius. ‘Praps we’ll hear some music out of you one day… Keep up the good work mang.

  • Celina Cook

    I couldn’t quite catch what Vork says after Clara asks him why he was pushing Venom. I understood he wouldn’t be on the line if he had more power or something like that, and then Tink tells him something I couldn’t catch too, but I would like to have understood that. Could you please spell it out or are we going to get English subtitles soon so I can understand better?

    BTW the third episode, with the first steps Codex takes as guild leader, is awesome. She’s eager to show she can take charge, but all the others have problems in their lives that don’t allow her to lead them to do anything. She thinks leadership will be useful to help her forget about her problems in her real life, but real life problems keep preventing her to play with the group as she would like to. This Guild has so many issues I am sorry for Felicia!:) The people behind the characters in the Guild urgently need to grow up, and Felicia’s interest for the guild (which she takes very seriously) makes her constantly get involved in people’s real lives, trying to smooth things out so they can play their characters, even if people won’t listen to her. I’m curious about the next episode. Will the Guild fall apart, or will Felicia have a brilliant idea to finally bring everybody back to the game?

    Take care, Felicia, thanks for all the fun you provide for us, and keep up the good work! I love The Guild! The music video is awesome too!
    I play WoW too at the Terenas Server mostly.

  • May

    Hi Felicia,

    This is my comment to you here and on any site and though I am incredibly late about it I just had to say how much I loved the opening to this episode, with the line about holding the orchestra door open! I’ve watched a few times and it makes me laugh each time because I have certainly been there! I played the violin in a few orchestra’s (past tense because I’ve lapsed recently!) and the amount of times I got caught like that, either holding the door or walking onstage to find that someone who hadn’t turned up to the rehearsal had stolen my seat and I was left just standing there, on stage, in front of a room full of people having to have another chair loudly and very obviously passed over everyone’s heads! Also, once someone didn’t hold the swing door at all (not me this time thankfully!) and as we were walking through it onto the stage my friends bow freakishly got caught in the hinge, the door swung and the bow snapped clean in half – I’m sure you can imagine the drama of this moment!

    Anyway, enough of my reminiscing, I love The Guild and look forward to every episode, I can’t wait to see how the rest of Season 3 turns out. Thanks for all the hard work you and the rest of the team put into it, my Tuesday’s certainly wouldn’t be the same without it! Oh and I would love to hear more of you playing the violin too, I wish I was as good!

    Take care and thanks for reading, xx

  • Henry

    Hello Felicia i just want to say you are the best of all your kind

  • eric

    just used your “control your steed, woman” line midway through a text argument over whose local late night mexican joint has the best salsa (mine). then i came across this blog when i looked up the phrase online for some, uh… historical perspective. consequently i decided you should know that your wicked awesomeness is appreciated, and is being put to good use in making me look like a vork-ish weirdo to the girl i like.

    please keep finding time to write even if you do start acting more. please. i’ll keep watching.

    you’re rad and if i were in second grade i’d totally throw rocks at you.

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