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I’m packing for the Farpoint Convention in Baltimore, and I’m looking at the weather channel and really wondering if I’m gonna be able to make it over there, it’s a LOT OF SNOW! And frankly, I’ve actually not seen snow in person in 3 years, so this should be interesting.

Anyway, IGN just did a profile on another video game I’m doing a voice for ROCK OF THE DEAD. It’s for Wii and uses the Guitar Hero Guitar controller to attack zombies. When I saw that description I was like, sign me uuuup! Here’s a video preview.

I do the lead female voice, and I just discovered that NPH is doing the lead man voice! Which is a weird coincidence. And then again, I guess it isn’t a coincidence because the creators are big Dr. Horrible fans.

Ok, I guess I MIGHT see some of you in Baltimore! 🙂

  • Mark B

    I’m in Baltitmore right now, and it’s been pretty horrific here snow-wise. I grew up in the Midwest, and this is as bad as anything I’ve seen. The streets are impassable, but they should have them cleared to single lanes by Friday. If you’re flying in Thursday night or Friday and you’re not driving (i.e., taking a taxi or having someone pick you up) you probably can get to your hotel. But I really recommend against driving yourself. Seriously. It really stinks.

    On the plus side, being snowed into a con is a lot of fun. I spent last weekend trapped at Shmoocon in DC (by the first snowstorm that rolled through here) and it was one of the funnest cons I’ve been at in a while.

  • It’s bad here. Seriously. 30″ on the ground as of tonight. They pulled some of the plows off the roads because conditions were so bad. I would call and find out the con’s snow policy.

  • Kirby

    Well, there’s a _lot_ of snow on the ground. It’s done coming down for a while, but the roads are nasty (especially on the side streets). I just moved here from Seattle, and am not really prepared for all this!

    But that said, the airports should be opening up again, and a taxi will get you to your hotel most likely with no trouble. Those roads are being plowed. Attendance might be down somewhat (and not to mention, _two_ competing cons in the area, Katsucon for Anime fans and SynDCon for gamers. I’m going to the latter to get my D&D on, no Felicia Day sightings for me!)

    On the other hand, _everyone_’s getting cabin fever, so maybe people will dig out and be thrilled to get out of their homes and see other actual people in person for the first time in a while! It’s crazy out here.

  • Kirby has a point: you’ll probably never see more grateful attendees if they and you make it 🙂 I was planning on trying to go but alas, the weight of all the snow on my car has flattened all my tires, . Never seen *that* before.

  • Jazz Lucidian

    Gotta agree with Kirby here. You’ll be looking at about four to six feet of snow in places, but the roads ought to be plenty clear. I was planning on going but I’ve gotta work this weekend. *sigh* So much for an early con. Guess I’ll be hitting Dragon*Con later in the year to make up for it.

    Gotta say, as far as Rock of the Dead goes, it looks pretty interesting but I think I’ll be sticking to L4D on my xbox. ^_~ It’s much more fun on there when guys realise they just got owned by a girl.

  • Dan

    Oh man, I was complaining about the rain earlier and then I saw all the snow you guys are getting over there on the east! I can’t stand the cold, I feel for you all! lol
    If you do get grounded Felicia, I’m sure you can gather up enough fans willing to carry you there!

  • You n’ me both, lady! (Re: the whole not seeing snow in a few years thang.) I moved to Phoenix from Chicago 6 years ago and I now chuckle – nay, CHORTLE! – in the general direction of those who have to deal with the snow, sleet n’ slush. Of course, come April when I steel myself for 6 months of coating my pale ass with SPF 9000, I’m not the one who’s laughing. 😉

  • You n’ me both, lady! (Re: the whole not seeing snow in a few years thang.) I moved to Phoenix from Chicago 6 years ago and I now chuckle – nay, CHORTLE! – in the general direction of those who have to deal with the snow, sleet n’ slush. Of course, come April when I steel myself for 6 months of coating my pale booty with SPF 9000, I’m not the one who’s laughing. 😉

  • It’s pretty cold over this side of the pond, but 30″ of snow?! Damn! Puts our winter into perspective. Hope you’re able to go to the Con Felicia, it really blows to have plans ruined by weather. Travel safe…or not at all 🙂

  • The game looks quite nifty – cheers on the vocal gig! It makes me wonder though if we’ll eventually see a Guitar Hero-esque interface for D&D where players rock out classical/epic tunes to take down Beholders (though for all I know, such a game already exists).

    Best to you at the con should you venture out. Wear extra socks.

  • Paul

    Rock Of The Dead sounds hysterically awesome. I can honestly say I am exited for it – and I never even cared much for Guitar Hero / Rock Band.

    Zombies<3 (erm, and you too, Felicia :P)

    Be safe.

  • Jason

    Most snow in recorded history they’re saying. Snow-mageddon or the Snow-pocalypse it is being called. Some of the major roads are passable in a 4-wheel drive, but my team has been working from home in our PJs all week.

    They’re saying more snow Sunday and/or Monday night, so if you come out here, make sure to plan your escape accordingly.

  • Mike Donatello

    Maybe I can call VDOT and tell them that I’ll miss your only DC-area appearance if they don’t finally get my street plowed. Then who’ll get my Guild DVDs signed, huh? Who? WHO?

    Sorry, 54″ of snow this winter kind of pushes you to the edge…

  • The game looks really unique. Can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like it. Do you actually move the character around, or does the camera move on its own?

  • Usagi629

    BWI is open today, although it looks like a lot of airlines have canceled flights. The roads are a lot better today, and even though it’s supposed to snow again this weekend and next week, I don’t think we’re getting any more “blizzards”.

    I just moved here from Memphis, TN in ’06, and this is the most snow I’ve ever seen here (or ANYWHERE for that matter.) Today was my first time to shovel a driveway out, and boy was THAT a workout.

    I’m excited you’re coming out here, but you best find some good boots (or thick soled shoes) and some warm clothes!! Never heard of Farpoint Con until your tweet a few days ago. Sounds cool though. If the weather and all permits, I’m going to try to come! Have a safe trip!!


  • Snowpacalypse is fun! Come play with us! Don’t be afraid… the roads will be cleared!

  • joe

    this is the craziest game I’ve ever seen! what a mash up!

    Felicia, love all these out of the main stream stuff you’re involved with!

  • Soulforged

    I like the concept. It reminds me of Typing of the Dead, in which you typed out a specified sequence of characters to fight zombies.

    Good thing I have a Wii…might want to check this out.

  • Geekygirluk

    Rock of the Dead looks like so much fun! I can’t wait til it is out in the UK…’s soon right?

  • Barad

    Rock of the Dead is kind of nice.
    Anyhow I hope to meet you in some wow raid just look for the most handsome
    guy, smartest, sexiest that would be some guy.
    I am some damn female dwarf hunter blah i cant get enough of like ‘lol m8 you
    look like a joke’ 🙁

    Well i hope to hear from you soon;))

    P.S. Just one more thing i am so happy that for once in my 29 years
    i have found a soul mate that is not a man;))

    Hahaha thank you i will be here all day:)

  • Guitar Hero have done some competitor !
    The game seems to just a vidéo with some part of guitar to play !
    But I like the music… And the end with Jean Sebastien Bach and his toccata in minor ré… I LIKE. And I am happy that you do the first female voice even if in france it will not be you that will make the lining.

  • I’m kind of geekily excited by this game. I think the concept of using the chords to “shoot” something is quite cool.

  • Josh Miller

    just finished this 3 min movie and thought you might get a laugh out of it…

    I mean, come on, with a title like, “Mighty Gerbil Tsunami: The Gerbil Boy Story” how could you NOT like it?


  • This is really good. I really love it!

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