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  • Was going to get all excited, but then saw there was no downloadable content or online support… that sucks… part of the fun was to get new songs and with people online..

    Could’ve taken the Flog band on tour

  • I’ll wait in line with you, even though I have no musical talent or rhythm, have never played the game, live in Iowa and don’t even know you.

    I just really like standing in line. A lot.

  • Mia

    Flog band, lol

    Well it definitely would be fun to wait in line and hang out with Floggers, and I’m dying to go visit my family in Santa Monica/Santa Clarita, my summer session exams actually only end on June 23rd.

    *sniffle* Take pix for me!

  • Soma

    wait, you have family in socal or you are from socal?


    what are you taking for summer session?

    im gonna try circuits for the eight week.. [!boggle]

    .. on a small unrelated hijacking-type segue:

    hellgate 1.2 patch: [shrug]

    ive not played since last month..


  • Mia

    I have family in SoCal, four generations (my great aunt, her daughter/my dad’s cousin, -her- daughter + her kids), been there almost a dozen times 🙂

    For my April 30th to June 23rd summer session I’m doing Financial Accounting and Organizational Behaviour. Sounds weird for a computer science major, right? But what I did was I did pretty much 100% comp sci classes for the last 3 years, leaving only my 10 business courses (because my profile is Information Systems)

    I’ll also start working on my video game project. I found a prof to sponsor me in what they call “Computer Science Project” where you do a project of your choosing for credits, and me being a big gamer geek, I’m gonna make a game in Direct X! (since it’s the industry standard, and I wanna work in the industry)

    *frowns* I hate using Felicia’s blog for “personal” use 😛 Do you have Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger?

  • Omer

    Rock Band coming to the Wii is awesome, no downloadable content isn’t. I’ve bought around 35 songs since the game came out and will have six more once the Boston pack is released tomorrow.

    Hopefully that is something they can add to it if there is enough noise from the community. SD cards are cheap so I don’t see why not.

  • soma

    woohoo! Wii excitement and stuff..

    .. i need to get Wii so i can stand in line for stuff..

    Mia: i sent you a gtalk invite to your yahoo acct

  • edgar

    Mia should just join twitter… that’s where the cool cats chat…

    Hmm… I call dibs on the shoe box for the rock band… That’s right Floggers, I play… the shoe box!

    I’m called “Edgar with a shoe box”

  • soma

    ive got a rubber band here and two coins [canadian]
    theyve got polar bears on the back which reminds me
    of Lost.. i watched all four seasons in one weekend.

    oh i didnt want to be in the band.. i was just sayin’


  • RandomJay


    oh noes…just in time for summer… another great reason not to leave the house…

  • It’s a disappointment that Rock Band has vocals, guitar, bass and drums, but no cowbell.

    I’ve gotta have more cowbell, baby!

  • Omer

    Curtin – You use the mic as a cowbell in Don’t Fear The Reaper and Mississippi Queen!

  • Ben

    I’d fly out if it was a dual wait-in-line with Felicia AND be a Guild extra on the same visit but sadly I don’t think the two coincide. 🙁

    Heh. You could probably post that as an Ebay auction for charity,”The Felicia Day Experience!” See Felicia make an episode of the award winning The Guild…witness Felicia wait in line and ultimately purchase video games…experience grocery shopping…I bet it would raise a ton of cash for a worthwhile cause. (and the Flog post about it afterwards could be pretty funny)

    (btw-Tried to post earlier at work but the site kept eating the posts…strange.)

  • Wait in line…pfft. You’ll probably find it in your mailbox a month early. 😉

  • aug

    Rock Band is addicting – new download songs every week for XBox – keeps it challenging (and expensive!). The best is playing in a band with your friends! The mystery sets can be killers if you get all impossible songs!

  • E.J.

    I’m really pumped about this coming to the Wii. What instrument do you like playing the most?

  • Soma


    so true..

    Wii-ambassador et al..

    i have found some DSLites that have been mod’d w/
    hot pink shells and black guts… do i dare?

    actually i would LOVE a matte black version..

  • Mia

    I have joined your twitt0rz my little dumplings. Now what?

  • Soma

    we watch you watch us watching you

  • Shadhavar

    Rock Band for Wii! Sweet! I’ve been wanting to play it, looks so fun. Now to convince my little sister to give my Wii back (she ‘borrowed’ it since I hadn’t much time for playing it recently). I’d wait in line with you Felicia, but SoCal is bit of a drive from SF bay area.

  • TennyoD

    ….I think you are my hero.

    I would come wait in line…cuz that will be a sweeeeeet game. But sadly upon returning from Japan I has no gold.

  • ferralangel

    How will I be able to play rock band if I am still playing Super Smash Bros Brawl?

  • edgar

    Ben, I like that… “The Felicia Day Experience” stand behind her as she tolls away for 7 hours on her computer… 😉

  • I would stay away from the Wii version if I were you. It’s missing a heck of a lot compared to the other systems. Pretty pricey for a game that is missing stuff. Just my two cents… It does have white drums… that is a selling point though.

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