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Red Preview Vid


Just got linked this preview scene from “Red”!ย  It airs on SyFy October 30th, check it out pretty please! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow it’s hard to look at that and not expect the Codex personality to shine through, but you were all bad ass ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to watching the entire movie!

  • Cool. Can’t wait. “I love this.” I’m very excited, as I found somebody in Vancouver who can record it live in HD for me when it airs, so I will actually get to see it.

  • Mwall5


  • TeddyKGB

    I don’t understand; where is the Sharktopus?

  • Bailey

    awesome. Looking forward for this!

  • Bad.

  • humusTaster

    Why did you try to kill him with a knife? why not shoot him from a distance like the other guys? werewolfs are dangerous.

    I hope you survived the movie, or at least died a glorious death. or if you’ll get turned into a werewolf that will be cool too, I always wondered how ginger werewolfs looks like.

  • Alicia

    Great acting, Alicia!

  • Dani

    Very cool! Can’t wait to see it!

    Btw, when it airs, we’re gonna pretend I live in the US/Canada so it’ll be totally normal for me to be talking about it, cause obviously, living in US/Canada, I can totally watch it on tv, like everyone else. Right?? =P

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to see it. Looks like a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nate Cliborne


  • Dennis Mai

    This is the only RED movie I want to see this month.

  • Jared of the Spork

    Looks great! I remain skeptical of the Sci-Fi channel (especially since the sad rebranding), but they’ve definitely got talent for this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Wow, I’m actually excited to see this! Congrats on this project! And also, can’t wait to see more of The Guild!

  • Alan aka Spaceยงman

    Awesome stuff. Looking forward to working out how to see the whole thing when it comes out on SyFy!

  • neo

    I love how it’s so obvious that there are no bullets coming out of those guns.

    But Felicia looks great. Reminds me a bit of her role in Dollhouse, which I enjoyed.

  • spencer pitts

    watch the movie Ginger Snaps. then you’ll see another hot red head turn into a werewolf.

  • Kassie

    Cool. I saw this preview on the Syfy website the other day! So exciting!

    • Pims

      Uber excited! My friends and I are having a special “red” movie night with cream soda, werewolf shaped cookies and strictly red apparel.

    • Joshua / ImpInMyHead

      Just glad to see the CGI version is done. I was a bit scared, at first, that the wolf puppetry trailer was the finished product. When we were told that wasnt the finished version I was sighed with relief. Before we were told I was thinking, “Damn it, SyFy, you go through the trouble of making a f**king Sharktopus, you give Felicia a proper werewolf to kill!”

      Cant wait to see it. Movies involving the taking on of the classic movie monsters are an indulgence of mine.

      • I am staying in a hotel just so I can watch this on SyFy and support Felicia! I don’t have cable because I’m not much into TV, but this should be a fun Halloween night!

        • I am staying in a hotel just so I can watch this on SyFy and support Felicia! I donโ€™t have cable because Iโ€™m not much into TV, but this should be a fun Halloween night!

  • Astral_Nomad

    they are probably “neo-werewolves”.. ie – silver bullets dont work anymore.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Damn but that looks awesome! When will it air in the UK? Must watch!

  • Kayleigh

    Epic. Looks so cheesy and so awesome. I will definitely watch it.

  • It is clear that the best RTS ever! No doubt this video and all add-on will always move to a legion of fans of the genre fans.

    And besides, this video is niche excavated and see die hard fans for a long time.
    no modding: D

  • Emerald

    Haha, that was the most confusing shoot-out ever. Why did they keep cutting to the first wolfman who got shot? All he did was die, meanwhile more interesting stuff is going on. And then the other dude with the magic crossbow that you just point at people and they fall over (not to mention that it made a ‘bang’ sound like 4 times and only one or two bolts are missing)

    It must take a substantial measure of skill for the SyFy writers to produce cheese so consistently.

  • Looks awesome!!! I wish I had SyFy… ๐Ÿ™ Maybe it will be on Hulu?


    Yo, la verdad, prefiero un buen polvo a un rapapolvo y una sonrisa de tu cara a la pinacoteca nacional. Un beso.

  • Argentum

    Is it just me, or can anyone else see the mics wrapped around two of the male actors’ necks in the first few moments of the preview? Or is that intentional?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing it!

  • thkkk

    moments of the preview? Or is that intentional?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing it!

  • well it will be an interesting watch. ๐Ÿ˜€ so here’s to it’s success!

  • Joe

    So cheesy! I love SyFY!
    Pretty lousy acting though from the male actors though. :-/

  • ii like such all event

  • Loved it!!

  • So, i don’t pay for cable and there does not seem to be any source available on to stream this movie.

    Crying shame.

  • Pegu

    I did not like it, but please hear me out before you rip me into thousand pieces. I love Felicia’s acting, but somehow I don’t like to see her talent as a comedian going to waste in gloomy characters as Red. Almost anyone can do a role like Red is, but being genuinely funny is a rare gift. It must be nice to do something else than comedy (ask Jim Carrey) every now and then, but I wish it doesn’t label Felicia and prevent us from seeing roles where her smile shines and her cheerfull spirit melts our hearts.

    From Finland with love,

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