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  • SwordSaintSoma

    hellgate.. hello?

  • Courtney

    Which server is everyone on? I might buy the game today

  • Virginia

    Eggs > Dominos

  • Shulgoth is the only one up, right? I’m on there with Splenda who’s only level 5. I’m busy procrastinating about writing new Guild episodes, but playing video games is too bald-faced delay. Pretending to organize my desk/Ipod feels like a more justifiable delay tactic, LOL.

  • Mia

    Procrastinating from writing is not so great! …even if I’m doing it too. But you should do as I say(suggest), not as I do!

    Just curious, when is episode 5 scheduled to come out?

  • Carl


    I wonder if that’s an undocumented, special power for Picachu?

  • Haha, you mean, having a vagina? That’s not a special power, is it?

  • Thirdfret

    All I could see were wasted eggs, and tired chickens.

  • Pedro Morelos

    Holy mother of…. Eggs!!!

    And that picture of Pikachu’s vagina, Felicia you scare me.

  • Pedro Morelos

    Ohh i don’t know where to send something i want to share with you (in return for sharing so many thing with us, your readers)

    Well this is a video i edited sometime ago while learning how to edit video, and also for practicing my english, so this came translated from Japanese to Spanish by a dear friend of mine, and then from Spanish to English by me, so it might look weird, buy i like this poem a lot, so here it is ^^

    My e-mail is If you could help me with some comments and stuff i’d be really really happy 😀

    Thanks for reading, and i hope you can enjoy it.

  • SomaSwordSaint


    ode to oculis

    be nice and drop odachi

    all night farming you

  • Kobun

    And I thought Pikachu was a dude. That’s just wrong…

  • Carl

    Haha, you mean, having a vagina? That’s not a special power, is it?

    Vaginas have the power to hypnotize almost any heterosexual male and make him think with his penis. It usually takes us years to learn to resist this power. 😉

  • Ben

    That toilet house is a real shithole. (apologies)

  • Goodness…I didn’t realized I’d be looking at Picachu porn until I scrolled down. I must say I am impressed with the egg stacking artwork (but yes, those could have fed a small village or too)

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