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So, I am done, I must walk away for a while.  This skin amused Ben and it’s Halloweeney so I’ll keep it up until I find one I really like.  The one I REALLY wanted to use was this one, strangely from the same site I got the old skin from, Digital Pop.  But it’s pretty weird the way it makes you label posts and whatnot, and it’s outdated and not supported, so it’s not even workable.  Sigh.

Oh well, I’ll find something else or I’ll go back to the old one.  I really need to hire someone to actually do it right, I’m obsessed with this blog, but the dude lives in England and stuff, so I’ll continue my quest to find the perfect tweakable WordPress.  Until then, enjoy the witchery! 😀

  • Kobun

    That other one looks nice too, but I really like the spookiness of your current one.

  • Car

    Felicia, that is a great picture of you. It looks like you are about to burst out laughing at a joke that you and the viewer have just shared.

    Your eyes are really beautiful and I’m an “eye” man: so I know from whence I speak. 🙂

  • Carl

    Hey, that “Car” that just went by was mine!

  • Carl

    Zooomm! It was a red, two-seater, convertible.

    For realsie, I have a red Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Honda Del Sol that has a 007ish electric Transtop mechanism for removing and stowing the roof.

  • I am very happy that you like my blog Felicia and I have to say I do like yours! Using tree is always a good idea, I am sure you agree :o)

  • Felicia, I really dig the new design. Great new picture and awesome graveyard scene. You are so creative!

  • “Until then, enjoy the witchery!”

    At last you have revealed your true self in Blog form. I knew it was only a matter of time. Soon I shall amass an army to thwart your evil ploys!


  • Well, good feedback here! I might just add some Christmas decorations to that tree and change my cowl to red for the holidays, HAHA.

  • i like the new design! you can easily just tweak the header image to fit your mood or season. or even to advertise your next project. 🙂

  • MUCH better then the layout i stumbled upon yesterday. I actually like this layout. Still a strange pointless box at the bottom.
    I would click on it but it might take me to some other dimension and I may never get back – which would be find but I dont know if it will fry my laptop harddrive doing that.
    Ah – Halloween – i have mixed feelings because the whole thing where people don’t get the purpose of the holiday. Kinda like with Christmas – working at Michael’s Arts and Crafts for a time taught me that people really don’t “get-it” when it comes to the actual point of some of these celebrations.

    I love Halloween but then again i love magic (both real and the card game).

  • Edgar

    You crack me up FD!

  • Thad

    Hey Felicia,

    I like the new skin. It’s very nice. I like you as a witch. Nice.

  • Joe

    Freckles! Wonderful new look.

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