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Project Natal


Just found this video of me doing Natal. It was pretty much the highlight of my E3 (other than almost pooping myself at the Xbox Live announcement, hehe). It is so fun and surreal to be IN the video game. Can’t wait to be able to cast a fireball with a single thrust! My butt looks really big because of the mic pack, promise!

Other highlights of E3 for me: Torchlight, a Diablo-esque indie game that satisfied my click-fest needs, Darksiders from THQ that had crazy awesome graphics, and the Star Wars KOTOR video, embedded below. I LOVED KOTOR 1 and 2, so an MMO…drool. Wish I had been able to hang around more, but unfortunately Guild Season 3 is in Pre-production frenzy now and the script…uh, is not done. Yay? Back to the grind!

  • Xavi

    Step by step we’re moving closer to a world where I can play WoW Wii. πŸ™‚

  • I am excited to see what they do with project natal. I wrote a little bit about it in my blog but once again have to be jealous of you because you actually got to try it.

  • Dani

    Project Natal looks SO cool!
    I wonder how they’ll do stuff like walking forward and such… I mean, unless you have a HUGE room, that would have limitations. But looks awesome.
    And the video is super funny! Almost like the DDR video, hehe.

  • Soma



    mic pack.. ima hafta use that one πŸ˜›

  • John

    Natal is OK. Anyway if you like Darksiders, then check out EA’s . Thats a true fantasy RPG…

  • Wow, that was cool; it’s the thing of sci-fi. Hard to believe that’s really here.

  • Soma

    the wait is over:



  • Protector one

    Oh wow. I felt a little dirty watching that. It’s like, Nerd Porn.

  • Charlie

    They wouldn’t let me film anything when I tried it out, so while everyone is jealous of you for having played it, I’m still jealous but in a totally different respect xD

  • Jere

    As I watched this video on SW: The Old Republic, a part of my soul whose existence I was unaware of reared if nerdy little head, and I achieved a new level of dorkdom.

    And as I clean the drool off my keyboard, I must say, Miss Day, that you have made me a very happy person, today. Props.

    Oh, and I’m right there with you on the fireball thing. The morning I can wake up and throw virtual fireballs is the day that I know mankind has reached its zenith of technological achievement. πŸ˜›

  • Jeff

    Wow! Been focused on PS3, and fearful of the Red light of doom.. But now Natal looks amazing, and The old Republic looks way cool! Sadly with PS3 having another Final Fantasy Online game FFXIV ( FFXI-2) I’mthinking of not getting PS3 and going for a more affordable 360. And no! It’s not because Felicia was playing .. … Okay it might have pushed me towards the dark si… I mean 360.

  • Alan

    I’m torn on the KOTOR MMO. I love the first two KOTORs, so the prospect of an MMO excites me – but at the same time I’m terrified that it’ll end up being just another generic MMO differentiated only by its setting. There was a time that I would have simply trusted in Bioware, but after Sonic Chronicles…that’s harder than it used to be.

  • Awesome Fool

    If you’re looking forward to Project Natal, check out, bringing the latest news on Project Natal daily.

  • James_Riley

    eek.. im sorry this is a favor for a friend.. i know wrong place to ask and what not but i figured this is my best bet of getting a response. do you do voice over work? if so how i contact you about this and working at price and what not? yes im serious about this.

  • James_Riley

    eeeek again.. sorry i didnt say thank you… so..

    Thank You

    the internet needs manners as much as it can πŸ™‚

  • Alex “Callyhan”

    Wow, if they make Natal-compatible DDR, there NEEDS to be an achievement for dancing like Felicia πŸ˜›

    Stoked for Natal though πŸ˜€

  • Mike

    Natal does look cool. Jimmy says Microsoft is going to demo it on Late Night Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

    I have to agree with wanting to through fireballs, though as a shammy, I think… FROST SHOCK!

  • The Old Republic trailer is awesome, but I can’t get excited about the game until Bioware reveals more about actual gameplay.

    I hadn’t heard of Torchlight. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m happy to see Matt Uelmen doing the music again.

    I don’t know if you’re into shooters at all, but there’s another game called Borderlands that takes after Diablo in many ways. I squeezed all the info I could find into one simple preview the other day: <a href=””here”.

    Natal is awesome, but Sony thrilled me even more with that sword-and-shield, archery demonstration. If they make that into a full game, I’ll go into debt to buy a PS3. πŸ™‚

  • Caio

    you’re so cute and beautiful :~

  • Rob

    The Old Republic looks ass-kickery and I have faith in BioWare. Natal looks awesome too and there’s soooooo much that can be done with it! I can’t wait for some FPS / first-person RPG for it! I need something to drag me away from Rock Band 2. πŸ™‚

  • Sally Rose

    I get your blog updates on my Google Reader, so when I saw the title of this post I had to re-read it as I was thinking “Natal,… did Felicia play a emergency birthing game? Shouldn’t that be Neonatal… Wait what?” Then of course I actually re-read it and watched the video and then “OH! Yeah… okay. Wow, that makes more sense.” I guess I need more caffeine today.

    Thanks for sharing the cool video though. Can’t wait to try Natal myself.

    ~Sally Rose

  • Q

    If Lucas could make anything Star Wars related half as good as the cinematic trailer for The Old Republic (, I’d reneg on everything horrible I’ve said since ’99.

  • EAllusion

    I’ve been excited about the KOTOR MMO since it was an infant rumor. Really, a lot of what made KOTOR great and KOTOR promising and fun, if incomplete, does not translate well into an MMORPG environment. Bioware has built up a a ton of goodwill with me, however, and I’m thoroughly excited with the what they could possibly do with the basic RPG outline. I’m one of those oh so rare MMORPG fans who never really was into WoW, so I’m always looking for something to challenge it in terms of depth and gameplay quality. This could be it.

    The holy grail of MMORPG design at this point is finding a way to deal with MUDflation so the world can self-sustain. I don’t think Bioware is going to manage that with this one, but you never know. The game that manages that will get my heart. A major studio really needs to hire a Ph.D. economist or two.

  • EAllusion

    Q –

    KOTOR’s plot was significantly superior to anything found in the prequels. That’s a bit of a compliment to the writers of that game, but more a condemnation of Lucas’s transcendentally awful writing ability.

  • Sindoreila

    That does look awesome, looks like quite a workout too!

    And no your butt doesn’t look big πŸ˜› Why are girls always so paranoid about their bits looking big… plus the bits they worry about looking big are most attractive when big! πŸ˜›

    I once had a blind date apologize for having such large breasts. That’s just nutty…

  • Q

    @EAllusion – You’re right. Aside from the fact that Bioware has consistently upped the ante with their games from Baldur’s Gate to Icewind Dale Neverwinter Nights to KOTOR, the writers they get for their games almost outshine the originals (especially in regard to Star Wars). They even gave RA Salvatore a run for his money…wait, that’s impossible.

  • EAllusion

    If KOTOR 1’s plot was directly translated into a film, I’d probably describe it as a solid, workman-like effort. Not great, fairly straightforward, but reasonably entertaining nonetheless. That it is set in a familiar sci-fi universe I already love with just the right tone and atmosphere would mean I’d really, really enjoy it. It’d be nerdtastic.

    All in all, it’s decent writing as far as the plot goes, but I don’t want to suggest that it’s brilliant or anything. It just benefits by comparison to Lucas’s epic inability to write or direct.

    I think the second game had more potential as a story, but it ended up being a bit of an incomplete mess. The game clearly was rushed to market before being properly fleshed out. That’s a shame because it was setting up some very interesting characters and backstory. Don’t get me wrong, though. As a gaming experience, KOTOR 1 and 2 are pretty much my favorite single player games in recent times. I’m an RPG fan first, and those are excellent entries into that genre.

  • I was intrigued by Project Natal, until I saw Stephen Colbert destroy it. Very funny treatment.

  • Adam

    Diablo 3 and KOTOR 3 are looking really promising. I really can’t wait to get my hands on both though to be honest I really hate that they ae going to make KOTOR 3 an MMO. I feel that some of the captivating storyline will be missing.

    Project Natal looks amazing I hope one day I get to make something for it.


  • Arnett Banks

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  • Mitcheh

    omg i cant lie lol, that starwars video was epic….i think ill have to get the game now lol

  • Steve

    Star Wars Games once again look better than the movies, at least the requels. This game looks incredible…

  • Yeah I am so stoked to see this product. I can see this technology being used in many many things. You are so fortunate to have been able to demo Natal. I hope it comes to market soon and does not cost as much as a car.


  • Michael T

    Little random for this post but are you going to be getting Bethesda’s new game coming out soon, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Looks amazing!

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