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Lots of press out about Geek and Sundry (and BOY will I be relieved to not talk about myself much in a week or so, haha).

But this article was pretty baller, in the Washington Post. I dunno about me being a “deity” but Joss Whedon gave a quote for me that brought tears to my eyes, so it’s an article I really like. And the reporter actually came to a shoot, which I think is one of the first times that has happened.

Question for myself: Where the HELL did I take that photo with the weird balloon? I seriously have no recollection. Frightened!

  • Great article! I saw that Wil is going to be on a Geek & Sundry panel at Wondercon this year? Wish I could go!

    I think maybe you were right about the percentage of people who know who you are, unfortunately. In my Historical Linguistics class, only myself and one other girl knew what The Guild was, and explained it to everyone else, so that is maybe eight other people now who are aware! haha

    I was actually surprised, though, because linguistics, like engineering, is one of those departments at a university where pretty much everyone is some kind of a geek (except unlike engineering, and somewhat like you, 90% of people don’t know what linguistics is). Anyway, I would have thought that in a class full of geeks, more than only two people would have known of you and your brain-babies.

  • World Of Warcraft

    What about women? I’m 25 yr old and im losing a lot of hair…I read there’s a liquid that comes with the women stuff…should I use that or just take the pill?

  • Calico Pheline

    I’m reaching out to my fellow “social media” gamers to see if you can help out with our cause. The game I play is the MMORPG City of Heroes. Just this past weekend, it was announced that the game will come to a halting stop come November. My fellow gamers (gals and guys) are petitioning this. I am attempting to reach out to everyone and anyone that can help sign the petition as well as get the word out to “make noise” to stop this. You will find on Facebook alone there are groups being formed from the City of Heroes “family.” CoH has been running at least more than 5 years and within the 5 years, there have been many bonds that were created. It’s not just about the game, but you will find that the ties to your fellow man and stories of how the game has helped others make friends or at least keep sanity in this hard economy has helped them cope.
    If I (as a single person) can reach out via social media to everyone, maybe just maybe we can make a difference and prove to the world that the new engine to drive is via connections with the masses through Social Media.

    TitanNetwork is heading the FAQ for “Save City of Heroes.” Here is the link for more information:,4929.0.html

    We hope that our efforts along with the efforts of social media and fellow gamers can help save City of Heroes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Calico Pheline – City of Heroes gamer gal

  • Great article, and truly deserving. Finding out you are from Alabama just knocked you a few more steps up the ladder of awesomeness. I too am from Alabama, also a military brat (Army brat) though I wasn’t homeschooled. I did however date a homeschooled girl my senior year, so well, there’s that. 😛 At any rate, I just wanted to pop in and thank you for all you do. You and your crew have opened a world of possibilities which I can see in my own daughter’s eyes.

    Well, enough doating. Just know that from one Bama guy to one Bama girl, I am proud of you and with all the “role models” out there in this crazy world, I am extremely grateful that my daughter has chosen you as her own.

    Chris Allen
    Gus Gallows

  • certainly such as your web-site nevertheless, you have to examine the transliteration upon many of your posts. Quite a few will be rife together with spelling problems and that i still find it really irritating to make sure reality however I’m going to surely revisit again.

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