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I did a few press interviews last week, here are some links if you’re interested (I for one am a bit sick of Felicia Day, I definitely needed a weekend off of myself!!)

Whedonage has a 3 part video webcam interview with me, I talk about many many things with one of The Guild’s and my most loyal and supportive fans Higlet!!  Thx for the opportunity!!!

Also, WOW Insider did a podcast interview with me on Wednesday.  I like podcasts because I don’t have to comb my hair. 🙂

And here’s a link to an edited LIVE interview I did with The Game Show on! It was really fun!
The Game Show – Wrath of the Day

Watch This Episode on

Hope everyone is enjoying Turkey long weekend.  I’m very much taking advantage of my few days off for the holiday, I read 5 paperbacks in 48 hours and I’ve got a migrane but feel cleansed somehow. 🙂  I’ll be reviewing and posting about them this week, can’t wait to get back in the groove of blogging and having a small bit of downtime for the little things, cleaning my kitchen and buying new mascara at the drug store so I don’t get an eye infection.   I think I set my own record for not turning on the computer for like, 48 hours in a row!  It felt a little detox-y.  Rest assured I did have time staring at a screen, I played Xbox with my brother, Streetfighter HD, Geometry Wars and watched him play Fable 2 with my character, making her into a fighter against my instructions and dressing her like a harlot.  I think I’ll be creating a new character after his visit is over haha 🙂  I’m gonna go play WOW all night, hope your Friday night is as enjoyable and indulgent!!

OH!  BTW, Dr. Horrible DVD is now available for pre-order on!!! OMG, it’s gonna be so epic, let me be on the record: the musical commentary track will truly blow you away!

  • Dude

    Selling out to Microsoft is never free.

  • Dani

    Yey for days off! =]

    And SUPER yey for Dr. Horrible dvd! Already pre-ordered mine!

    And about Higlet’s interview (which was GREAT!), I commented on The Guild community but I think I should say again that although it sounds like I’m totally crazy with the heart attack thing, in my defense it was on the NewTeeVee thing (not the Stream.Tv), and I was totally unprepared for that. So I’m not THAT crazy, promise. I just get a little too excited with things sometimes. =P

  • Great interviews- you’re so happy! 🙂 Every time you talk about The Guild it’s obvious how passionate you are about your show. Glad you’ve found a way to be successful doing something you love!

    Going to pre-order Dr. Horrible ASAP. I can’t wait for musical commentary!

  • Sounds like a good Practice Christmas to me. Still, I have to say, 48 hours? That’s madness! What about the important emails? What about the status updates you might miss?!

    I hope Dr. Horrible gets a region 2 release…

  • Felicia, it was my pleasure! 🙂

    I hope you had some time to relax this weekend after all the work you’ve been doing and I can’t wait to see the rest of Season 2.

    P.S. “I love your hair” 🙂

  • Awesome interview, Ms. Day and Ms. World of!

    FYI, Irving Berlin held on tight to his copyrights and licenses:

  • Bdizzy

    What software did you use for the Whedonage interview?

  • Risi-62

    “Selling out to Microsoft is never free..”

    Nonsense. Felicia didn’t sell out to MS. They were the only ones who didn’t want the IP to The Guild. So you could say that they are the good guys.

  • Risi-62 nailed it; just because you partner with a large company does NOT mean you’re selling out. Strategic partnerships are commonplace, really; in this case, Microsoft is able to beef up programming to coincide with their release of the new ‘XBOX Live” while also allowing The Guild to increase its viewership (and Sprint gets to sponsor the show). As far as quality, ownership and presentation, nothing significant changes. There are still no commercials, Felicia didn’t have to sell the IP, and there are no forced staff assignments (i.e. Microsoft isn’t trying to be a ‘Producer’ in the traditional sense). Good for Felicia for her hard work and getting the deal done. Great stuff.
    ~ ScottInDC

  • Dear Ms. Day,

    I couldn’t help but notice how high the sound and picture quality has been on your Skype interviews. Today my boss informed me that I need to set up Skype, and I was wondering if you use any special equipment — a different camera from the one built into your MacBook (assuming that’s what you have)? An external microphone? — or if you are just naturally as well-focused visually as well as professionally 😉

    Please enlighten!

    Bestest. . .

  • Hi Pointy,

    I’m not sure what Felicia used but I did the recording side and I used the built-in mic and webcam on my MacBook. The software I used for capture is called ecamm Call Recorder. You can choose settings for how it is recorded – I used the highest quality/max frame rate.

    Hope this helps!


  • Thank you kindly, worldofhiglet! This is indeed helpful. (So is checking back here every week or so 🙂

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