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Post-Guild Season 3


Well, we wrapped season 3 of The Guild! Yay! I can’t tell you what an up and down journey it’s been, I’ve been living and breathing this season since I sat down to brainstorm story ideas in March/April, so it’s strange to realize that it’s all finally “in the can” er…”on the drive”. πŸ™‚

I cannot say much about the shoot because I want it all to be a cool surprise for viewers, but I definitely learned a few lessons in web video, namely, make sure you have the locations BEFORE you write! I wrote a very ambitious script, and it’s going to be very cool, but the logistics of finding places to legally shoot were very challenging and stressful, so next season I will double check before I go “EXT.” anything! It’s a hard lesson to learn, but every crew member and cast member is so invested in making the show great, that we overcame hurdles that would have sidelined a less passionate production, so I’m eternally thankful to each and every one of them πŸ™‚

Now…post production. Ack! Director Sean Becker will be rushing to get a cut of Episode 1 ready for our Comicon Panel (July 24th from 10:30am-11:30am in room 5AB!) and the whole cast will be there. It’s going to be an amazing panel, I assure you. We have another extra special video we’ll be showing, and I am gleeful at the idea of people seeing it for the first time, it’s going to be awesome!!!

At the same time, my producer Kim Evey and I are organizing for conventions, starting with Comicon next week. I can’t believe it’s here so quickly! I will be posting a very detailed schedule of Guild activities on The Guild website in the next few days, but we are doing a lot of cool things, like signing in the Xbox booth after our panel on Friday, and doing “Game with Fame” as well!

Otherwise, we have our OWN BOOTH we’re splitting with awesome RPG writer Jamie Chambers, who is premiering the Supernatural RPG, so there’s lots to check out in booth #4417 all week. We have cast signings every day at least once a day scheduled. We’ll have DVDs and Tee shirts and cast photos (we’re asking everyone to purchase one item if they want things signed because the booth is quite expensive, as is getting the cast down to San Diego). Like I said, a comprehensive list will be on the Guild website by Friday. Follow @theguild on Twitter for other announcements, we have fun stuff planned!

I’m also very excited also about the Dollhouse screening of Epitaph One, the unaired episode, that I have a guest starring part in. (I will try to sneak in the back of that one πŸ™‚ ) That panel is 4pm on Friday. It’s a wonderful WONDERFUL episode that is going to knock fans’ socks off, kudos to Maurissa and Jed, the writers who also wrote a song in the episode that is amazing! The whole thing is gonna cause a big splash and it’s cool to be involved with it in any way πŸ™‚

Down the line, we’re prepping for a few other conventions, like DragonCon and a few others, and I just agreed to do Farpoint convention in Maryland in FEBRUARY! Finally a Northeast event! But gosh, who every thought I’d be planning my life that far down the line? I didn’t. Ah well, might as well ride the wave, placid seas are always on the horizon πŸ™‚

It seems like just yesterday that I was going to Comicon for the first time, Dr Horrible had just come out. What a crazy year I’ve had! BTW, Dr. Horrible is being screened by the California Browncoats Thursday night at 8pm at Comicon, so check it out if you’re interested.

Ok, off to punch my to-do list in the face πŸ™‚

  • Congrats on wrapping! I wait with bated breath…

  • Jess

    YAY! I live in Maryland! πŸ™‚

  • “punch my to-do list in the face”

    I am adopting this phrase, if you don’t mind.

  • len

    Way to get it done, girl. Get it while you can. Get it while the gettin’s good. πŸ™‚

  • Dani

    Congrats on wrapping Season 3!

    And I am SO excited for Comic Con!!!! I can’t believe this time next week I’ll be already on the plane! Crazy!

  • Jano

    Cool, season 3! did you guys do anything at Comic Con in New York City? as a resident here we regrettably dont attract much attention in the way of truly awesome conventions. All the good ones are across the country >:(

    Comic Con this year was a brilliant exception, though sadly I hadn’t been turned on to The Guild till soon after, funny enough, by a member of my guild who I had later go back and have affirm to me that I don’t sound like Vork… Although I kind of did have to implement Rule #12 to our guild.*

    *too fan boy?

  • I wish I could be at comicon, I hate living in florida.

    But, I will defeniety sign up for the Game With Fame.

    Good Luck with Season 3!

  • I am waiting to be delighted. No pressure though!

  • Mari

    Congrats on finishing Season 3! I’m very excited to see it. I’m in Norway, so no comicon, but may fun be had by all!

  • It never sucks to be called “awesome” anything, especially your actual career. Thank you, Felicia! Can’t wait to have a fun, successful Comic-Con for us all! The only thing that’s gonna suck are the various panels and screenings I can’t attend because I’m at the booth. Being a grownup and working is overrated. πŸ˜‰

  • Congratulations to everyone! It’s so exciting to know that it’s all recorded and only needs to be cut together – what an achievement!

    So, all you really need now is an editor, so I’m relieved to hear that Sean Becker has *NOT* been fired and is actually going to be working on it. I’m assuming that you resolved the Urkel-related difficulties that you were experiencing, and that the video done by Sean was made before that was sorted out…

    I wish I was going to Comic Con and I’m looking forward to the Season 2 debut on YouTube this week πŸ™‚

    P.S. You are awesome.

  • Love the Guild! loved Dr. Horrible, and even caught your Buffy fame!. Can’t wait for season three, see you on WOW.

  • YES! I didn’t miss the first episode of Season 3 while I was in Japan! Can’t wait! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ So excited for you, as well! Keep doing what you do! =^–^=

  • Nice work on wrapping the third season. That was crazy fast, I have to say.

    And nice about the Farpoint convention. More northeast conventions would be really nice, but understandably the travel I’m sure makes it a hassle. There’s also the Connecticon convention. Aren’t Sandeep and Tony going there for Legend of Neil?

    Good luck with editing and all. πŸ™‚

  • Dangershoes/ Jeff E

    So looking forward to season 3 πŸ™‚ Trying to think of a way to get to the Friday awesomeness.. Co-Workers keep suggesting I volunteer.. but I’m sure those are all filled..
    Anyways! Congrats in advance on an awesome season!! I have no doubt ( not the music group ) that it will be awesome! <3 to all the cast

  • Kevin

    You’re coming to Farpoint next year. That’s so very awesome!!! I can’t wait to meet you there.

  • Andres Zornosa

    Season 3 sounds like a life changing experience. Look forward to that. Glad to hear that you are sharing the booth with Jamie, the Supernatural series is one of my favorites and I couldn’t walk away without a copy of the core book for the RPG.
    I’m excited to get to see the whole cast next week already, I got to meet some of the cast in Houston. I’m giddy as a full grown manly man.


  • Grraargh

    Hope the post shoot illnesses have subsided. It sounds like it ‘cos this blog reads as breathlessly excited and hyper! Just don’t overdo it, you hear? We’ll all wait as long as it takes.

  • Awesome! But wait, what’s this Guild thing?

  • The RSS link at the top of your blog doesn’t seem to be working (

    The old one I used to have ( doesn’t seem to work anymore either.

    Is there somewhere else to get an RSS feed?


  • Hmm, let me check and see what’s wrong with my RSS feed, thxx for the heads up!

  • Nevermind, it’s a problem on my end. is being blocked. Now to figure out how why and how.

  • Ben

    Right on Felicia! Cant wait to see more of your cast’s crazy antics. I’m so jealous of you comic-con attending people. Felicia you need to come to Chicago’s Wizard World show in 3 weeks!!! And if that’s not realistic (that is kind of short notice), whoever is handling The Guild’s convention appearances needs to reach out to C2E2 Chicago show. ( ) Its a new show that is supposed to be a large show like San Diego’s comic-con. Apparently they are spending huge bucks. I bet they would love to roll out the red carpet to have you and your team be special guests. Chicago would love to see you guys!

    • I approve of this message.

  • len

    If the comments on the various blogs about the success of indie Felicia Day keep proliferating into one big marching band beat, she’ll find herself as the internet indie drum major making more money giving speeches than from The Guild and ads. Codex will be morphed against her will into…. A Pundit!


    Sincerely and most tragically affectionately,

    Son of Dr. Horrible

  • I can’t wait to see it! Season 2 was great ^_^

  • Holidill

    It’s good to see you coming to my neck of the woods. Timonium/Cockeysville MD. in February. Be aware however that we have had big blizzards around that time of the year, so your stay may be a little longer. But the Crowne Plaza was the reception hall for my wedding, and they did a spectacular job. Hope you have a good time and I may swing by to say hey.

  • Awesome work, and congrats to all the cast and crew! (I’ll try to use your example as motivation to shoot another couple of my own humble webisodes)

    I also applaud that you wrote such an ambitious script. As Gertrude Stein said, “if you can do it, then why do it?” Pushing past where you think your limitations lie is part of the journey, perhaps the only part that matters.

    Have a blast at Comic-Con! Wish I could go, but can’t.

  • Congrats on getting it all done and dusted… and for punching your to-do list in the face! LOL! =)

    Game with fame eh? Awesome! Which game!? Cmmmoooonnnn…. =D

  • Trilyan

    hi CODEX! πŸ˜‰
    found The Guild by chance, and been watching and hearing you for.. say… 5 hours ?

    so i kinda have your voice tone sticked in my brain.. somewhere in there..
    (lets hope it affects my witting, english is a second language to me)

    but anyway, i love your.. noo.. work is just too lame, lets call it talent
    its completely natural, really hard to find, and i’m so into it!!

    KEEP IT UP πŸ˜€

    just for the record, you hair rocks!! (red with green eyes, really tempting :$ got me in the pudding take πŸ˜‰ (my finger slips.. lol)

  • Chris F

    You go.

  • Jon King

    So I started watching The Guild and found I couldn’t stop. Sheer comic genius, seriously, and great, endearingly flawed characters. I breezed straight through both seasons and can’t wait for more. Good to hear that Season 3 is wrapped.

    On that note, I’m a post-production sound editor and mixer in LA, so if you need some help down the line, I’d be glad to lend a hand.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Q

    Super pumped for you, Felicia. You’ve come a long way in my eyes since I first saw you on the Cheetos commercial. ha. Seriously, though…thanks and keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll keep reading/watching and pushing your stuff on all of my unwitting friends.

  • Hi Felicia! I am a huge fan of yours (follow you on Twitter…) and am so sad I can’t make it to SDCC…I kind of live in the San Diego of Washington state (at least in distance from the Canadian border) so it’s a bit of a stretch to get there. πŸ™‚ My brother, Ben, however, has connections and gets to go. πŸ™ So I am sending him as my proxy to take pictures/video/live blog for me of everything I wish I could see. His main mission is to get an autograph or a picture from you, so please don’t be freaked out if a guy comes up to you wanting an autograph for “his sister”. He’s not lying. πŸ˜›

    You are an inspiration to women everywhere, please don’t stop being so awesome.

  • Jake S

    I followed the production via your twitter. I can’t really remember if it was during the shooting or not, but i remember you mentioning you were eating a burrito the size of your forearm? You never told us if you actually finished it, lol. Regardless (as i ramble off topic), I’m super stoked for season 3. The show’s probably one of the best web series that I’ve seen in quite a while.

    On a side (and probably slightly jerkish) note: You should have an address on your page for fan mail! I’m going into college this fall to major in Digital Film Production and I was trying to send you a letter asking for some film-related advice, but I can’t seem to fine an up-to-date address anywhere! Alas, I suppose I’ll just have to wait and hope.

  • Mark Allums

    Hi, Ms. Day! I am glad that The Guild is going so well for you. Been a fanboi since Buffy, and *loved* Dr. Horrible’s. I kinda had an idea for The Guild (not a story/plot idea, I’ll leave the writing to you), but I think it would work better as a surprise for us fans, so I don’t want to put it here. Is there anywhere on the net or somewhere that someone can write some fan mail?

    It’s not important (and may not be feasible anyway), so feel free not to bother with it, it won’t hurt my feelings. πŸ™‚

    I would like to make a request here: Don’t get burned out! Work hard, if you like, but not too hard, your public wants you to live a long, happy, productive life! πŸ™‚

  • Congrats!

    And man, I wished I lived on the other side of the Atlantic pond so I could attend πŸ™

  • I can’t wait to see Season 3. I absolutely adore The Guild!

    Any chance of a prize giveaway for those of us in the boondocks who can’t afford to go to Comic-Con and have to watch jealously from the sidelines? (Ok, I’m in New Orleans, not exactly the boondocks, but still a loooong way from CA.)

    Love you! Thanks for listening. πŸ™‚

  • DanAsher

    Dear Felicia,

    I just realized that it was you in costume I ran into at the Hotel. Me and my girlfriend were the people holding the “Smelly food” and thats why we didn’t go into the elevator with you. I felt like such a knob when I realized who you were RIGHT when the elevator door closed. I knew I recognized you, just couldn’t place it! If you are staying at that hotel, I think you are literally in the room next to us, we are 208. Either you are staying here, or you were visiting someone who was. Either way, me and my girlfriend would love to snag a picture with you, we think you’re amazing. Hopefully you get this in time, otherwise, I understand. Have fun at ComicCon, I know we are!


  • Hello Felicia,

    It’s my pleasure to offer you a gift for talking about us on Twitter the other day :). We really appreciate it and would love to show our appreciation by offering you the gift of an Oberon journal!

    Please contact me at your convenience so we can make the arrangements.

    Thanks πŸ™‚


  • korkster

    Hi Felicia,

    Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time at Comic Con and that your efforts were a huge part of that!

    The scavenger hunt was the BEST IDEA EVER! Through blood, sweat (more than ideal), and slight tears, it was a great game to earn that button. The party? Pure blissful awesome! It was such a great atmosphere to hang out in- thank you for inviting everyone along. πŸ™‚

    I unfortunately missed out on the Guild panel (you guys need a bigger room next year), but we were able to catch that special music video on Xbox. That was amazing! The song is still stuck in my head.

    Talk about nostalgia! I remember last year when you borrowed the Browncoat booth for signings. Now you guys are rocking the joint. It’s really quite impressive to see the huge strides you’ve taken in on-line media. I’m very happy for you (and for me because I get to watch it)!

    Looking forward to Season 3! πŸ˜€

  • Jason

    Just caught Epitaph One, and you were marvelous as always. πŸ˜€

  • Yay, Season 3! I’m so excited to see what’s next for The Guild. Also, I’m so sad that I couldn’t make it out to SDCC. Why does CA have to be so far away from NYC?! (and so expensive to fly to??)

    Also, in the spirit of your happiness about wrapping season 3, some friends and I have just finished filming the first three episodes of a 16-episode web series I’m writing/producing (and playing a supporting role in). We did the first three episodes in a chunk, because we’re entering them in a contest, but the contest is kind of beside the point now. Everyone is having so much fun making it, and people I’ve shown the first three scripts to are bugging me about the rest of the story! πŸ™‚ Which is totally a good thing. Regardless of how the contest turns out, we’ve bought the web domain, both cast and crew are at the top of their games and doing everything they can to make this work, and we’re going to promote the living bejeezus out of it. As I’m seeing things come together even better than they were in my head as I was writing, I know I have a solid story and a solid team to pull it off! This is the first time I’ve ever finished anything like this, and I’m so so proud.

    And to say you’ve been an inspiration would be an understatement. So thank you for that. πŸ™‚


    PS – LOVED your Codex costume! Could you have BEEN any hotter?! πŸ™‚

  • Congratulations to Felicia and her team on a great Comic Con experience. I’ve never been to CC and wish I could get to it – doggone that needing to make a paycheck thing!

    As one of the Farpoint convention chairs, we are sooooo excited that Felicia will be joining us this February. We announced her appearance at ShoreLeave last month, and the buzz was immediate. My son and his friends are already planning a Dr. Horrible/Capt. Hammer/Penny costume group for the convention. Felicia’s got a lot of fans on the East Coast, so we’re very proud to be able to be her hosts for the weekend.

  • Dan Venning

    Congratulations on wrapping Season 3, Felicia! I look forward to it immensely (I also look forward to receiving my Dollhouse DVD, so I can watch Epitaph One).

    I actually just thought of “The Guild” because I’m reading a book that includes an historical section on the development of medieval trade guilds. What I found most interesting, and what made me think of the show, is that the author notes that medieval guilds were not just “professional unions,” but in fact encompassed the total social and personal life of the craftsmen (yes, they were all men then) who were members.

    For example, the author notes that: “The guilds were far more than industrial unions. … Men could not detach parts of their personality, as it were, in the modern way, and join an association for one limited purpose. The guild had a particular raison d’etre, but the members formed at the same time a fellowship for all purposes which they could have in common. … In addition ot its function in industry, a guild might perform that of a modern friendly society, a freemason’s lodge, a social club, a company of volunteers, even a political party.”

    This passage especially made me think of your show, and the fact that the Guild you’ve created is perhaps, in a bizarre way, a rather accurate depiction of a medieval historical guild, not just a fantasy one.

    If you’re interested, it’s in Bruford, W. H. Germany in the Eighteenth Century: The Social Background of the Literary Revival. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1965 [1935]. Section on “Retrospect,” esp. pp. 136-42.

    Catch you ’round! -Dan

  • Mark

    Congratulations on snagging 2 generations of fans! My kids on Dr. Horrible, and me on The Guild and that awesome video!

    Now I know of 2 lady actor/producers, both completely hot, with Math degrees… you, and Danica McKellar. You should integrate, or dot product, or something… except you’d melt half the world’s monitors! Heck, you could do that yourself. You move like a litter of puppies in a cashmere sweater.

    Best wishes, truly. No limits for you! I think you might be big. No, BIG!


  • Curtis

    I just watched all of season 2 and the music video. That is some good work there Ms. Day. I’m tweeting these to New Zealand. I look forward to Season 3.

    Keep at it and good luck!

  • I have to say the Guild is my favorite show
    I loved the first 2 seasons can’t wait for the 3rd
    also have to say playing with you on 1 vs 100 on xbox live was a honor!
    And to say you’ve been an inspiration would be an understatement

    Best Wishes


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  • I must the Guild is my personal favoritecertainly themy own show

    I loved the very firstfirstthe mainthe firstthe primary 2 seasons can’t wait for a 3rd

    also need to say getting fun withusingplaying around withtrying outfiddling withtwiddling with yourself on 1 versus 100 on xbox 360 live would be aclearly awill be agrew to become awould have been ahave been a recognition!

    And also toTo be able toAfter which to say you’ve been an inspiration could be an understatement

    Good luck

  • you could think a bit strange but remember that i can write some scripts

    concerning one already written all things i need is somebody that may translate

    that into reality

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  • you’ve been an inspiration would be an understatement

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  • I have to say the Guild is my favorite show
    I loved the first 2 seasons canΓ’??t wait for the 3rd
    also have to say playing with you on 1 vs 100 on xbox live was a honor!
    And to say youΓ’??ve been an inspiration would be an understatement

  • I actually just thought of β€œThe Guild” due to the fact I’m reading a magazine that features a good historical part about the growth and development of old industry guilds. Things i discovered best, along with what taught me to be think about the show, is that the creator paperwork that will medieval guilds weren’t simply β€œprofessional unions,” however encompassed the complete interpersonal and life of your craftsmen (sure, these were just about all males then) who had been users.

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