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Penny Arcade Expo=Wunderbar!


Just got back from Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. In my small Convention experience, the last 3 days have topped all! We were crazy busy the whole convention, I didn’t get to participate in the many cool things going on which kinda sucked because there were so many awesome things on the schedule. I only got my hands briefly on the Warhammer demo and that’s it as far as games went.  On a show note though, it was SPECTACULAR! We had a huge demand for the DVD, especially during signing times.  Seeing a line formed for me and Zaboo down the length of the hall was so exciting! At the same time, we introduced a lot of gamers to our show, which was a huge boost for us, because PAX attendees are people who would like our show.  I gave out Bookmarks generously 🙂  Friday night we screened the show in front of 250 people I believe, they even had to turn people away. (I couldn’t believe that!)  Seeing The Guild episodes back to back in front of a live audience was such a thrilling experience because we’d never done it before.  Part of me couldn’t believe the crowd actually laughed in places I wanted them to when I wrote it!   It was phenomenal!  We’ll have an audio of the Q and A after the screening posted on The Guild site as soon as we get it.  All in all, the trip really helped the show and it was wonderful to meet fans in person.

A few highlights for me:

Jerry Grooms Me.  Purr. I can’t rave enough about the staff at PAX. The Enforcers, the VIP escorts, were pretty much the nicest most helpful volunteers I’d ever met. We were privileged to be working with Macca, Matt, Mari, Mojo, Klayton, Biran, Jason and especially our man Nels. You guys saved our butt so many times over, and we love you for it! Thanks especially to Gabe and Tycho, Penny Arcade creators, gurus and all around luscious human men. Tycho was especially nice and groomed me, something I’ve been waiting for since they posted this comic.   I’m not as frightened as I look.  It was an expert brushing.

Also, I was Bad Horse’d!  What an experience! During one of the signing sessions I was handed a letter and asked to stand in front of the booth. As I opened it, well…this happened:

Bad Horse Chorus

Couldn’t have been more floored in my  life!  It was a total treat and surprise!  The Chorus was kind enough to pose for a picture with me later.   They said they were going to do it to a bunch more people at the Con, can’t wait until that video is uploaded as well!

egspoony and feliciaday

Another treat was meeting Edgar Garcia, my co-opted webmaster of The Guild and this site 🙂  He helps me out so much, and getting to hang out, have him help us with the booth, it was so fun!  He also made that creepy shirt he’s wearing there.  I laughed so much when I saw it!  Sandeep was amused, but less so, HA!! 🙂  He gave me a shirt for myself, I haven’t worn it yet, but I promised him that I would upload a picture soon 🙂  Jamie Chambers, another champion volunteer of The Guild who has sold The Guild DVD and screened it at Gencon and Dragoncon, also made me a kick ass shirt, so I have so modelling to do in the near future!!!

And last but not least…well, if a musician you kind of are a fangirl of suddenly emailed you out of the blue and asked you to sing on stage with him, what would you do?   MMm, same thing I did when Joss emailed me and asked me to do “Horrible.”  Yes please!

Jonathan Coulton, brilliant singer-songwriter, hero to geeks and musicians everywhere, asked me the week before PAX to sing “Still Alive”, the song from the end of “Portal”.  Coincidentally I had just played the song at a Rock Band party the week before, so the universe was trying to tell me something.  I was pretty nervous because I’d never sung on stage live with a mic, it was quite a learning experience.  But the minute I walked out on stage, 3000 people or so cheered and instantly I knew why people become rock stars!  I had so much fun, the crowd basically sang along with me, and standing next to JoCo was a thrill beyond compare.  I can’t claim to have done justice to the song (one of my faves), and in fact performing with a monitor and a mic was totally new to me.  It’s on my list to have that skill set prepared for the next time someone cool asks me to sing 😉  Still, this was an amazing experience. Here’s video:

Couldn’t have been more spectacular!  Hmm, now I want to join a band…lol.

  • Steven Noonan

    Of all the PAXes to miss, I missed the one where people were getting Bad Horse’d!

  • Soma

    :egspoony FT_mf’n_W

  • Dani

    I laugh SO hard with the Bad Horse’d video and with Edgar’s t-shirt!

    The Bad Horse’d guys are now into the group of legend… wait for it… dary** moments of the Whedonverse fans.

    Also, the video of you singing with JoCo is great! ROCKSTAR!!!! o/

    And last but not least, I have to thank u again for The Guild dvd. Mine arrived on wednesday and I can’t stop looking at it! I loved it! All the extras are awesome! And to have it signed made it even more perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    ** I had to do it.

  • Heather

    It was great to see you at PAX! Come back next year.

  • Mabase

    Gah, I soo wish I could have made it. Anyway, I’ll be ordering my ‘Guild’ and ‘Dr. Horrible’ dvd’s soon. Keep up the great work ^_^

  • I think I had a geekasm watching the vid of you and JoCo – that was the perfect storm of geekdom and flat made my year! You have an awesome voice, and matching that with the likes of Jonathan…and doing Still Alive….woohooo!

  • Eric

    One of these days I swear I will make it to PAX – the East Coast one in Boston at least makes it more likely, since Pittsburgh > Boston is much easier than Pittsburgh > Seattle. Ironically, this year I was IN Boston, having surgery (which went well), which was why I couldn’t go to Seattle. Go figure.

    Anyhow, whichever year I finally go, I’ll be sad I missed the performance of Still Alive. That must’ve been awesome. 😀 Coulton will just have to keep writing awesome videogame music for us to geek out over.

  • Ben

    Hah, you were probably one of the early highlights of the con for me! After using the “frozen yogurt” line, you responded “Where is it? In your pants?” which pretty much stopped me dead. Glad you enjoyed the convention!

  • Auto

    I nearly choked when I logged onto Whedonesque and saw not only the vid of Felicia Day getting Bad Horse’d, but also of her singing Still Alive. The times are surely good for geeks.

  • Thranx

    PAX was a blast! I was cool to see you there!

  • Vandelay

    “Bad Horse” is now a verb — awesome! Man, I got totally bad-horsed last night…. Does that work?

  • Sandra S.

    This is Awesome. Sadly, I missed PAX (still recovering from Nvision), but I was happy to see the convergence of so many of my favorite geek spheres. Still Alive makes me cry. And giggle. It’s not pretty.

  • Mistah P

    ha! Groomed by the Penny Arcade guy. Nice!

  • Joshua Adam

    Okay, being Bad Horse’d is simply amazing. And that was a great job on Still Alive.

  • Wow, Felicia, great song. It must have been really fun.
    And as a bonus the Dr. Horrible Soundtrack is available now. This day will be an important day in history. Hugs Ly

  • Kevin P

    I was smiling SO hard during this video. Amazing. I can’t wait until East Coast PAX.

  • Awesome rendition of Still Alive! Loved it!

  • Kristan

    I LOVE the Bad Horse’d video! What an awesome idea. Also, I just bought the Dr. Horrible soundtrack and I’m loving it to death right now. Delicious.

  • Thanks a bunch for being such a good sport for being Bad Horsed (I can’t believe that four guys who came up with an idea that was implemented to have a little fun, has now coined a new term).

    You seriously gave us the confidence to hit everyone else that we did. We got Coulton, Wheaton, Gabe and Tycho, and Adam Sessler, later on in the con…as well as some random attendees and friends. But I seriously doubt that would have happened had you not liked it. The response was amazing.

    Thanks for adding to the fact that my first PAX experience was the most EPIC thing ever

  • I saw Sandeep’s tweet about you being “bad horse’d” and I knew I had to look for it – found it earlier today and laughed my ass off! Oh, and you’re a freakin’ superstar. Singing with JoCo; that’s so amazing!

  • Kanon_fan82

    That’s awesome getting Bad Horsed :D……looks like you were uber-surprised too lol 🙂

    Dr. Horrible soundtrack came out today and it sounds awesome….I ripped some tracks from the video files when Dr. Horrible first hit the net….but it just isn’t the same…..the official release/M4A sound=<3

    Can’t stop listening to “My Eyes” (aka On the Rise)…..possibly one of the most addictive songs ever 😀

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the convention :D….It would be awesome if you could make it out one of the conventions here in Canada 🙂

  • PAX was awesome. Having you there just made it even more awesome! Thanks for signing my copy of the Guild and posing for a picture! Totally made my day.

  • Andy

    Thanks a ton!

    Not to sound like the 400 other people who will post here, but it was very pleasant to ‘meet you’ and get a copy of the Guild signed for myself and my buddy Jeff, and letting me get our picture taken. It was a blast seeing you up there with JoCo as well, that was a fun concert night!

    “Strangely Familiar” Andy

  • Brilliant singing!

  • Marcus

    You actually did it, you crazy minx, buckets of win for you!

  • This blog along with the videos is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen and read!

    Your life is so amazing, Felicia!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    – Anthony

  • Officewhore

    Well, I wasn’t able to make it to PAX this year, but my wonderful friend Patty procured an autograph from you for which I am eternally grateful (TWO hearts…. I’m smitten ;)) She said that you were one of the nicest people at PAX. Hopefully we’ll see you there next year!

    – Jym

  • Roxanne

    Leesie!!! I couldn’t find anywhere to e-mail you since I quit dealing with myspace, So I hope you see this. WTF??? Damn child, you really ARE a rising star. Did I see you on a promo for “House” as well? Wow… I see you everywhere I turn these days. Proud of ya, chickie! Tell Christa hello for me, k? Keep flying high!

  • The bunny is Marissa’s, from You may have read about it on penny arcade.

    Thanks for doing the show, this is the best sighting of Fairfax yet!

  • Richard C

    It was wonderful seeing you at PAX – I’m glad you had a great time, they really put on a good show. Bummed I missed you singing, but loving that the video is up here to view. I’m not normally that much of a fanboi, but getting the autograph was a highlight of the show for me. Hope you make up again next year!



  • Jason Harris

    It was great getting to meet you at your booth. I took your advice and snagged The Guild off of iTunes and it was great! I was already a fan after Dr. Horrible but looking forward to more. Thanks for the pic and hopefully you’ll be back promoting The Guild season 2 next year.


  • Heya Felicia! Yet another comment about how amazing, awesome, and fabulous it was getting to meet(ish) you at PAX. Actually, you and Sandeep were the main reasons I got super hyped for it the second the schedule was up. I mentioned to my boyfriend the fact that there would be a Guild screening with both of you, literally, every single day until the moment. Unfortunately, I was one of the many who was refused entry to the Raven Theatre that fateful evening, which was a bummer as I wanted to ask you guys a question that I hadn’t mustered up the courage to earlier at the booth (nor for the rest of PAX, 🙁 )

    And you did a great job with JoCo. He should feature you on more songs. 😀

    Cheers from Montreal!

  • Jason Justice

    I’m glad to hear you had such a wonderful time at PAX, it was great to have you and some of the other fabulous people involved with The Guild at the show this year.

    I was excited to see the schedule for my VIP team this year because most were returning veterans, yet ironically it was our “new blood” (Mojo and Nels) that got the biggest cheers!

    So thank you for helping to make Mojo and Nels “e-famous”, we hope to see you again next year.

  • Yuritau

    When JoCo said “you probably know her” I was like “ZOMG! Ellen McLain??” And then he said “she created The Guild” and I was like “!!! Even better!”

    And then I lost the ability to think coherently for about 4 minutes.

  • Aj

    Is it possible we were separated at birth?? Thank you for being you! You are a breath of fresh air.

  • Alice

    Hee! That looks like it was a hell of a lot of fun. And it was a hell of a lot of fun to see (bits) – thanks for the videos!

  • J.Martin

    Sorry to trouble you here, Ms. Day, I tried sending off a note to the admin account at your domain but was rejected-
    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 5.1.1 : Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table (state 14).
    This is all I was trying to say~
    Hi all!
    Thanks to Dr.Horrible, I’ve discovered the delightful Felicia (it’s the Mathematics major that has me wowed)– I just wanted to ask if anyone had noticed the page *title* for the home page of


    Not that it’s horribly relevant, but it shows in FF2 and MSIEv7 as
    | Browser-type

    Other than that, love the site. Thank you!

    Many thanks,
    – a fellow geekette –

  • J.Martin

    (Oh nuts! It ate the code string!)

  • Don

    Miss Day,

    Hi, we met on Friday at PAX. I was the reporter from the local Vietnamese Paper. You remembered long enough to introduce me as such to Sandeep. You might also remember me as this guy — which I assure you — most people have found hilarious (I’m an aspiring writer/comic, so I go for laughs.). I also hung out with Edgar a bit on Day Three, since I was friends with your celebrity look-alike, who he recruited as a sort of “Bait and Switch.” At one point, I told then people walking by, “This is actually Felicia’s decoy who she uses to lure away the stalkers… which is how we met.” Big laugh. Again, writer/comic.

    Anyway! Assuming that I haven’t scared you off by now, I would like to thank you for spending the time to chat and take photos with me, since I realize that your time there was a scarce commodity. You also signed something for my friend who couldn’t be there, which she really appreciated. I uploaded photos from Friday to my flickr account, which also includes photos from the second Bad Horse incident. Higher quality versions are also available on request.

    Final note: I finally checked out your infamous DDR video recently, and I could really relate to your frustrations. It actually reminded me of a standup routine I’ve started working. I don’t suppose that you would be interested in watching that, would you? Because your look-alike thought it was both funny and insightful, so perhaps you would enjoy it as well. 🙂

    Thanks for reading,

  • Matt

    It was a great surprise to have you on stage with JoCo. We (my friends and I) were are really excited to see you there. After so recently becoming a terrible new Felicia Fan-Boy I had to pick up Guild episodes. Thanks for coming to the convention!

  • Ziv

    there’s a better version of the show in here

  • k_kuz

    Thank you for the kind words (and the signed picture, that was really sweet!). It was great to meet you guys – hope we see you again next year!

  • I wonder if the Bad Horse folks thought about “customizing” the lyrics for any of their planned targets. 🙂

  • Ogenbite

    I was wondering what those guys were supposed to be, even though I’ve watched Dr. Horrible several times. I kept thinking maybe some guys got together and decided to be cowboys just for the hell of it. 😛

  • Mojo

    I had such an awesome time helping everyone out, and I’m really glad I had a chance to meet you, Kim, and Sandeep.

    Keep on rocking and hopefully I will get a chance to meet you all again!

  • Sounds like you had a great time at PAX Felicia! Wish I got to see you sing at NME. 😀

  • Will

    I tried to add your blog to firefox’s live bookmark/RSS thingy, and I get an error message. I sent an email to the contact listed on the page,, and to about it, but both addresses bounced.

  • Sounds like PAX was awesome! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to attend, however, because Dragon*Con is my first love. And the Atlanta show seems so very different from PAX from what I’ve seen and heard. Maybe we’ll get you to the land of biscuits and gravy sometime for good times at Dragon*Con!

    And yes! You do have some modeling to do. And since you have absolutely nothing else going on, I don’t see what the hold up is. 😉

  • Stumbled across this today:

    Pretty cute, don’t ya think?

  • Wow, that convention looked like so much fun! Felicia, you just need to do some voice-acting for a few anime now. Then we can get you to come to some of the big anime conventions! 🙂


  • That must have been so much fun! Felicia, you rock!

  • It was pretty cool to hear that you were just in Seattle.

    Funny, I enjoyed your turn as Vi in Buffy’s last season (Joss works with the most amazingly talented people) but didn’t know much about you until I heard about Dr. Horrible. I also have a B.S. in Math and my daughter (14) is also inclined towards music and math. We recently spent a sunny Sunday indoors trying to see who could write the most efficient prime number search code. 🙂

    I hope more episodes of Dr. Horrible are on the agenda (bypassing the networks is brilliant…they suck) and look forward to seeing more of your work, in the future.

  • Callie

    It was so great to see you at PAX! Especially watching the Guild on the big screen and hearing you sing Portal (are you and JoCo going to release a track of it? That would be awesome!). You may not have expected the long line for the Guild, but I did. My friend was one of the Enforcers working the door, and she called me once the line started. It took me 15 minutes to get from dinner to the line, and a good 60 people were in front of me.

    Ironically, I’m currently watching you on abc Family, since they’re showing Bring It On Again.

  • raulinno

    hola. solo probando esto. Espero que funcione

  • Kuinsi

    Hey!!! I’ve just found this site! It’s awsome. I’m from Spain and it’s great to see that some people is so close to fans!!! Keep doing it so well.
    It seems like PAX has rocked!!!

    I’ll keep commenting here.
    Later, aligator XDDDDDD

  • lev

    Ah you made me QQ


  • Badlydrawnaaron

    “Still Alive” performance is amazing! It was definitely a picker-upper for the evening. High Fives!

  • Dustin

    Holy crap, that “Still Alive” was awesome. That would be so much fun!

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