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Passing of a great writer…


   It was mentioned in comments, but I wanted to make a post on the passing of one of Fantasy’s most influential authors during our lifetime, Robert Jordan.  The fact that it was written up in USA Today of all places testifies to the amazing popularity of his books.  I was obsessed with this series when I was a teenager, insisting we buy them in first edition hardback, reading them all in a row many times.  This series created my love for fantasy novels, and I was so sad to read of his passing.  There is something keenly tragic about a genius not fulfilling his life’s work.   Best wishes Mr. Jordan.  We loved you well.

  • Jeff

    I know I’ve made a reply to every single forum thread and thread here about Robert Jordan, but I think it is also out of shock and sadness. I have all 11 of his books as hardback 1st editions, if that’s an indication of how steadfast a fan I have been throughout the years, even if I have grown impatient with the series in recent years. I had the pleasure of meeting him as an awkward fan in line for a book signing (asking him when he was going to be done with the series, such an unoriginal question), having him sign the first seven books which I still treasure and keep as an reminder of my teenage years. While the Lord of the Rings, the Dragonlance series, the Narnia series, and the Dark Is Rising series have always been important fantasy series for me as I was growing up, the Wheel of Time series has always been my favorite and, especially his earliest books, have encapsulated all the elements I look for in a series, the foremost being characters I have grown to care about. His writing will be missed.

  • Jeff

    Also, with Charleston, SC being my hometown, I’ve always found it a nice coincidence that one of my favorite authors lived so close to where I grew up. There’s always a sense of pride when Robert Jordan has been mentioned an author from Charleston, SC, a graduate himself from a local university there, even though I no longer live there.

  • Brian

    It is a very sad day indeed.

    “The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend.” -Robert Jordan

  • Edgar

    Wow, sad indeed. I intend on reading his books.

  • Hinaraurea

    Hi Felicia,

    I must admit I was kind of “anti-blog” before I saw yours lol, and now, here I am reading a little bit of it every morning before I go to class, and I feel like I may want to try one. I think it’s just because I’ve found that we’ve got interests/difficulties in common. Well i’m getting late now, I just wanted to say Hi actually. Have an awsome day! /cheer

  • Toby

    “For a moment there at the end, when we won… I experienced an emotion that I can only describe as moderate happiness.”

    Hahaha… I’m such a nerd… I just watched “Bring It On Again”… Yeeeaahh… It was actually pretty funny at times… Better than I expected 😉

    The Guild: The Musical?! As sarcastic as that suggestion was that would be AWESOME! Is there an ETA on Episode 4? Maybe after being featured on YouTube you guys’ve been getting more donations? Which would mean faster episode production?! One could hope?

    Huntsville Pride!

    or maybe not >_> Perhaps that’s why you left? =]

    (I was dumb and posted this on an older blog entry so I copied and pasted)

  • No prob Toby. that’s a quote I haven’t heard in years 🙂 Ep 4 will be shot in a few weeks. We have people out of town and stuff. Fortunately there may be funding coming through for us to shoot a bunch in a row and have them come out quicker. We have our fingers crossed.
    Hinaraurea, I encourage you to do a blog. It’s very fun. Lately I’ve been very busy so my posts have been more repetitive, but having a fun outlet like this makes you observe the world more I think. Good luck with it!

  • Singularity

    Felicia – I was also moved by this. I’ll repost what I posted on dragonmount and

    I suspect I did not know Mr. Jordan as well as many here who have spent much more time with him than myself. I am sure if you asked Mr. Jordan who I was he would not have had a clue. I met Mr. Jordan only fleetingly at Dragon-Con in 2005. But what struck me most intensely about him during that brief time was the earnest and patient nature with which he answered questions from fans during the Q&A session. He would not go for the “easy answer”. Instead I saw him on several occasions really thinking deeply about how best to answer the person’s question – he gave this effort even when a fan might, in his or her excitment, completely bungle their question. This sort of caring for other people is one of the most beautiful qualities a person can have. I could see Mr. Jordan was a confident man – confident in the love his loved ones showered upon him (and I am sure he rightly deserved), confident in his friends and supporters, confident in the adulation of fans around the world who admired his artistry. We lost more than an artist today. We lost a kind man – and that is truly a cause for sadness. My thoughts go out to his wife – who has lost her partner in life, to his friends – who have lost a great friend I am sure, and to his fans – who have lost a true emperor of literature.

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