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OOT for Weekend…


There will be no updates again until Sunday, I’m going to Birmingham, AL for my grandfather’s 80th birthday. He’s been fighting advanced stomach cancer for the past year, and he is doing fantastically well. I can’t wait to celebrate this milestone year with him! And eat a lot of southern cooking. Mmm.

Whenever I go visit the South, I always gravitate towards cafeterias. I will literally eat at a different one each day. It doesn’t seem like this format of eating is that popular in the West, dunno about the NE, but in the South cafeteria-style eating is part of the culture. I love going down the row with my tray, the pressure as the hair-netted workers stare at you, waiting for your meat choice. You gotta choose quick, people are pressing in behind you. It’s high stakes eating. Then, somehow when I get to the serve-yourself dessert area, my plate fills up on it’s own 🙂 Can’t wait to have baked custard…yummy. If I were to open a restaurant, I think it would be some chic interpretation of cafeteria for the LA crowd. But then again, it’s no fun unless there’s fried chicken. Dunno how that would go over for the anorexics 🙂

BTW, I watched that new show Cavemen last night. Shudder. I really wanted this show to be clever and witty, a comment on living as a minority in society, interesting spin on Cave-culture…oh boy. This blog entry on the show at TV Squad made me laugh, but was oh, so true. How can TV go so wrong? I’m pretty burnt out on all these new pilots. The only ones I really want to give a second watch are Big Bang and Bionic Woman, and maybe Reaper. The rest I’ve pretty much forgotten until I get an audition for them and have to Google the show to remember what it’s about.

On another note, I’ve been websurfing and playing wii for all this week. And it feels good 😀 I always like to use small trips like this to make lists and stuff, so when I get off the plane back home I’m really excited to get back to work. Also, for some reason, I enjoy cleaning my house a lot right before I leave, so that when I get home again it’s WAY clean than the way I live all the rest of the year. Anyone else have this weird compulsion?

  • Ben

    My favorite cafeteria in Chicago is called Manny’s Deli just south of downtown. Great stews and soups and amazing sandwiches. The place has been around for like 100 years or something. Definitely a Chicago institution. My sister in law loves the oxtail stew.

    The last time I was there was on a busy Saturday afternoon. The people in front of us were very touristy. When the guy behind the counter pressed them to make a selection, a member of the group ordered a corned beef sandwich on white bread with mayo. The guy working the line kind of laughed to himself and then really loudly asked the rest of the people waiting in line, “HEY! ANYONE ELSE WANT CORNED BEEF ON WHITE WITH MAYO??” and everyone in line laughed at them. I think some were even pointing. When I replay the whole scene in my head it’s just so outrageous. It like I got to be in my very own episode of Seinfeld.

    btw you totally need to come visit Chicago! I know it may be a shocker but we actually have a bit more to offer than pizza! And with your love of improv, you could head over to Second City. (They would probably pull you up on stage!)

  • Joe

    The only thing going for the cavemen in Cavemen is that we might not recognize them w/o the prosthetics. I wonder how much time they spend in prep before each shoot. Ugggh. It’s just not worth it.

  • jalen

    because the last thing you want to think about when you get home from a trip is cleaning something.

    and when you come home to well cleaned home some how the luggage can be thrown anywhere to be ignored for two or three days.

  • Jason

    Well, as far as Caveman goes, its really what you get when you make a TV show based on a freakin Geico commercial. I really am very sick of those commercials, by the way. Think the lizard will get his own show now?

    And yeah, I always power clean my apartment before I go out of town. 😀

  • Carl

    Are you sure you’re not a closet Canadian? Going OOT and abOOT. 🙂

    I’m really glad you get to celebrate your Grandpa’s 80th.

    When you’re not acting, do you speak with a Southern accent?

  • Keri

    Hey Felicia

    Found your blog via your The Guild stuff and you brighten my work days, thank you 🙂

    Bionic Woman was great – have you seen The Sarah Connor Chronicles yet?

  • I know what you mean about the cafeterias. I went to high school in Birmingham and liked going off-campus for lunch, but I didn’t really have a lot of money. Those kinds of places to eat were my salvation.

    My favorite spot? The central cafetera at the UAB hospital right there in downtown. Surprisingly good food, and dirt dirt cheap.

    Not a great place to bring a date, though :). Ah well, she kinda had a boyfriend anyway.

  • Have a safe trip, and enjoy your visit. And wow, 80 years – that’s quite an achievement!

    Don’t you wish you could sue ABC for your 1/2 hour back, or contact all the companies that had advertisements during the show and tell them just how much the program sucked?

  • Johnny

    Sorry to hear that about your grandfather. I have quite the cancer history in my family aswell. But almost only lung and throat cancer (Thanks cigarrettes!). It´s the reason why I grew up without grandparents. *sigh*
    Anyhow! But yeah you´re right…Tv tends to be awfull over the last couple of months. I mean since I´m over here in Europe I´m not quite able to catch your drift in America, but I´m sure it´s all the same over there. 😉

    I found this on youtube and it´s perfectly fitting to your blog. Enjoy!

    Oh and have a nice trip this weekend! 🙂

  • i’m glad my review made you laugh! you can’t tell from some of the more hysterical comments posted over at tv squad, but i really did intend for the review to be funny.

    enjoying your blog as well.


  • cirby

    Don’t miss Pushing Daisies (First episode’s already been on, find it somewhere).

    Wonderful stuff.

    Whimsical fantasy-romance-mystery. Lots of clever wordplay.

  • edgar

    Second City is definitely the place to go while in Chicago for comedy.

    There are smaller venues around town, like the-playground and improv olympics.

    I’m off topic though. 😛

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