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Well….my butt hurts.  I’ve been sitting on it for 6 hours straight, uploading the first three episodes of The Guild to various video websites.  We’re trying to really build up the fan base so that #4 gets huge hits and we can get some producing partner to help us fund episodes on a more regular basis, so I decided to diversify off of YouTube and send ppl to the website.

I used TubeMogul to upload to 7 sites at once.  That’s great, I really like the program, but unfortunately, I had to first create accounts at each site, configure all the channels, surf their sites to add favorite videos to make my pages not look bare, and then make sure the videos were set up right, they were in the right category, etc.  Gah, what a pain.  Fortunately, the Hellgate beta servers were down, so I had nothing to do but obsessively finish the task.

In my uploadings, I found a few sites that I really like though.  I’d never heard of it before, but Brightcove was my favorite site to deal with.  If you’ve never uploaded video, you don’t appreciate the small things, like their feature that allows you to play through the video and capture a thumbnail of your choosing, unlike YouTube which invariably chooses the pic with someone’s mouth open or jowels wiggling.  I also liked the widget-like aspect where you could just click on captions and edit them rather than going into an options panel and searching for the thing you want to change.  They’re not flush with amazing content, but the interface made me smile.  I also liked, their channels look nice.  So, now we’re up on a lot of sites, and I’ll see if we actually make money off of Metacafe or Revver.  Maybe we’ll upload episode 4 exclusively to one of them, who knows.   I’d rather have YouTube feature us on their front page again but… 🙂  We also have an itunes videocast channel now, so hopefully in a few days when it’s approved ppl will be about to download and watch us on their ipod, which would be cool 🙂  I hd my first random sighting, sitting at a street cafe and a dude stopped and said, “Hey!  I just saw you on YouTube!”  It was sooo cool!

I’m also thinking of redoing this whole site on a wordpress platform.  I can’t imagine someone really going to my other pages to check me out as an actor, use imdb anyone? :),  and the new Guild website looks so good,  all done on a wordpress platform (thank you Ryan Carter 🙂 ) that I want to redo the site in pages, and have just take everyone straight to the blog.  I have a cool skin I want to try, in fact, I may sit on my butt an other hour and implement it 😀

Anyway, I have a stack of book reviews to post soon, yummy/grody covers incoming!

  • Brian

    I just discovered The Guild tonight and enjoyed watching it and the gag reel. Looks like you guys have lots of fun, but I know how much work production is. Great job, keep up the good work!

    (Scary. I *know* people like most of the charachters!)


  • J.K.

    I dunno if you’ve checked out to post videos. As the name implies, it’s video sharing hosted by divx, so the quality is much better than flash based sites like YouTube.

    On the down side, it can be more obnoxious to navigate than other sites because it’s based around a keyword search that’s… well, lacking really.

  • Dustin

    Change scares me D:

  • Change scares lots of people – i mean when you get something like a 50 cent piece thrown at you it can be harmful.

  • Dustin

    On another note I’m a horrible “Guild” fan. I finally got around to watching the outtakes and I just sat there dying. Best part was the baby by far, it was going to TOWN on that power strip!

  • Virginia

    My gf would like to know if you’ve ever played a game called “Portal”… supposedly she got it with the Half-Life 2 preorder package thing.

  • I found the Gag Reel to be absolutely hilarious! Actually, it was just the shot in the arm I needed, too. Thanks, Felicia! 🙂

  • New The Guild website looks great through Firefox…well done all. I can see you added a Facebook group too.

    One thing you may want to do on your blog, Felicia is any outgoing links should open a new page so your blog remains open for the reader to come back to…just a thought.


  • Ben

    Felicia-Do you get stopped on the street regularly by fans or is that just not done in LA?

  • Dustin

    Tell your GF to finish up Portal. At the end of it during the credits is a song by Jonathan Coulton. there it is for those of you who wanna check it out. It’s pretty cool, they gave him the game in advance so he could make a song based on it.

  • cirby

    Have you thought about doing it as a video podcast on iTunes?

    Or, better yet, as a set of videos for sale on iTunes?

  • Chris


  • DM, thanks for the advice, I’ll do that from now on. Virginia, I’ve heard of “Portal”, someone mentioned it on my forums, but I haven’t gotten it yet. I’m kinda tempted to get the NWN2 expansion thing, but too many games, not enough time 🙂

    I get stopped sometimes by people, especially if I have a big commercial on American Idol or something 🙂 But first time I got stopped for The Guild. It was a proud moment!

  • As long as they are not stopping by your house and assuming that they are dating you because of some typo you did on the computer.

  • Courtney

    Felicia, You mentioned earlier that FPS make you nauseous. If it’s a framerate thing, you might be fine. If you get motion sickness, avoid Portal.

    Spent two hours today in the fetal position after an hour or so of portal. Fun game though. Brother finished the game for me so I can see the ending.

    Now the song is stuck in my head… Insanely catchy. Here it is, if anyone wants to download it:

  • Courtney

    Bleh… sound on that one was awful. Here’s a much better quality version:

  • i just watched the gag reel tonight, and i laughed my ass off. great stuff!!! i can’t wait for the next 2 episodes.

  • Dustin

    I already linked that song Courtney I demand acknowledgment!! 😛

  • Courtney

    Heh.. must’ve missed it. Here, have some moist, delicious cake 🙂

  • somasaint

    WTF you have cake?

  • AmericanPirate

    Another video site you might try is

  • Hi Felicia,

    Just wanted to add my 2cp and say the gag reel was good times. Submitting the current episodes to a bunch of new sites sounds like a trip down a long flight of stairs, but hopefully the bruises and numbness pay off. Can’t wait to see Episode IV…if you’re still searching for a title, perhaps “A New Hope” would work. Classic, just like Skywalker’s hairdo.



  • seem on that one was awful. Here’s a larger quality version

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