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OMG You Guys, "The Guild" is up!


Here it is! Wow! The poor director was up all night compressing and then there was drama because I didn’t know how to create a mailing list, and we had to have a webmaster housecall, thank god for roving web designers 🙂 And then: Myspace layouts, ugh. I found this great site that has great layouts, but they don’t exactly “drop in” ready to go.

Anyway, please watch! Pass it on to anyone you think will laugh, and that’s probably everyone. 🙂 And if you like me even a little, please favorite the video and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. The next episode is even funnier!

If you want to see my programming handiwork, look at I think that for a website thrown together in 2 days, it’s pretty good. Thank you template maker 🙂 Without you, I would have used tables *Gasp*.

This experience has been so exciting! Whatever happens with it, if my friends laugh, that’s enough for me 🙂 but for the sake of all the people who gave their time and expertise for free, I hope it becomes a hit! When we were uploading it, I got a little nervous, it was so silly! So many fears get in the way when you create things. You have to be brave and willing to fail, and just do it for the experience. I like to remind myself that any experience at all changes the pathways between your brain cells; literally changes your brain. My brain is different, and it feels good.

  • Josh

    “I hear them, that’s good enough for the blind.”

    Classic. Nothing like laughing out loud at the office and getting the odd stares from across the office.

    It definately captures the feeling of a guild, with most of the archetypes. I unfortunately fall into the ‘Blades’ category.

    Anywho… fantastic to me, looking forward to the next one.

  • Michael


    Oh, Felicia! I loved it! The vid gave me plenty of genuine belly laughs and was lots of fun. 🙂 I’ll put a link to it in my journal and spread the word.

    So looking forward to the next one! Yea! 🙂

  • Ben

    That was very clever and made me laugh. I was excited to see the fonts, music and “production stuff” we’ve been hearing about lately. All great stuff.

    Funny from start to finish…breast feeding is hot, you have a nice forehead and the baby sucking on the power strip are coming to mind as favorites.

    I posted it over at Whedonesque so get ready for the number of page views to skyrocket.

  • kehn

    This won’t be nearly as big an audience but I’ll post the link on my WoW guild’s website. I’m at work so I can’t look at YouTube; so I’ll have to see it when I get home – I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Yay, thanks Ben! It’s funny to see people respond so well! I can’t wait for the next episode to be up, I really think it raises the bar even higher! Even my Grandma liked it. She appreciated something that was funny “without being dirty.” Uh, ok, I guess she missed the “finger” line. 😀

  • Joel

    Ha! Just surfed over here from whedonesque. Good to see some Buffy alum doing good work! I can’t wait for more episodes, this seriously has the potential to be the best sitcom I’ve seen in a long time. Or ever.

  • Gag Halfrunt


  • I love your hyperbole Joel, but I’ll take irrational praise any day of the week 🙂 Thanks!

  • It totally lived up to the hype!

    What the heck were you guys doing to those kids to make them cry like that? Sheesh.

    And you do have a nice forehead. Who came up with that line anyway? heheheh

  • Stefan

    Just wanted to thank you & the rest of the crew for the good work; keep it up! I am definitely waiting for part 2 (and all the other who will follow) 😀

  • Steps, in order:

    1.Huh, Mefi link. Looks Warcrafty, might as well check it out.

    2.OMG, that voice. Where do I know that voice and face from?

    3.Watch episode. Entertainment ensues.

    4.Okay, this is going to drive me crazy. Where have I seen her? It was something awesome and deadpanny.

    5.Note to self: I’ve derived a new adjective, “deadpanny”. Check with Paul on whether that should have one or two n’s.

    6.”About Me”. TV shows, Buffy, cool, but no. It was a commercial. It must’ve been.

    7.With the help of a little Google-fu, I locate my prize: “Really. (priceless pause) She’s affectionate.” Best-delivered line of 2006. Or whatever year that was.

    8.Heap praise: Great comedic timing, Felicia, and it shines in The Guild. Keep ’em coming.

  • You guys are going to own Youtube soon. Just a note of worning – keep it real with fresh ideas but don’t go extravaganza, many youtube directors have run out of material and they upload all kinds of wierd videos that make them look stupid. Thanks for reading.

  • Erik: Thanks for tracking down the blog! Yes, I did that commercial this winter/spring. I was very lucky, it was a wonderful spot. I get to do a lot of great commercials, I’m very lucky to get cast in high-quality/not-that-annoying ones.
    Boris: I appreciate the warning. I hope we don’t get so desperate that we start uploading stuff just to get attention or just to fill the channel with new stuff. If you don’t have something to say, don’t just say anything, right? That’s not really an internet philosophy, but I like it. (This from the girl who wrote about her dog’s poop) 😀

  • Paul

    Love the Guild, keep it coming!

  • Courtney

    Saw the link on the Tich boards. Did a little googling, and found this blog. Quite a bit odd to see something I loved (Buffy) interact with something else that I love (WoW). Making me feel like exponentially the geek 🙂

    I’ll be sure to post a link on our guild’s site. Very cool that we had a celebrity on our server.

    Look forward to seeing more.

  • Hey

    Thanks for stopping by Courtney! I appreciate the link! I wanted to make something that was funny but didn’t insult gamers like most of the media does now, makes us all out to be geeks and losers living in a basement. We are actually cool, and I wanted people to know it.

    Anyway, I miss Tich, I wish I could play moderately, but it’s not in my blood 🙂 I am going to Blizzcon though, my friends roped me into it.

  • alex

    this is awesome. i had to watch it a few times to catch all the little progressions and nuances. i really like how even though the camera work, acting, sound, and compression are great, it still has a ‘home-made’ feel. i mean that in a good way, it seems like a short video my friends and i would make on a weekend. i really look forward to the next episode! thanks

  • I thought it was genius. You did an awesome job. I’ve been a gamer since 2003 and I think you outlined the worst of what we can be easily, I think you also captured the background of what we tend to be as well, which is this oddball, disfunctional family of people from all the world. Great job!!!

  • Boris

    Mike, why worst, why disfunctional? I don’t understand. Online gaming offers completely different social environment than say going to bars or clubs, or sports events. For me its oddball and disfunctional to kill my own brain cells by drinking alchohol, have a distorted perception for the reality and at the end of the night fall asleep in my own vomit.

    If they can’t control it some folks can destroy their lives by playing too much but the same applies for those who drink too much, ot those who follow their team all over the place spendiing thousands of dollars.

    I don’t think “The Guild” is trying to show the worst of the being a gamer. I think it is trying to show (as a comedy), that gamers have their ways (different ways) to socialise with other people which ways are no less normal than the rest. Anyone corect me if I’m wrong.

  • I think that any of these characters in any venue would be considered dysfunctional, just like anyone from any sitcom you’d watch. I’m not sure it’s the very worst in gamers (Believe me, I’ve seen worse) but clearly it’s boring to make life easy on your characters, no? 🙂

    I tried to be very careful not to make fun of gamers in the short because I consider myself a gamer. Of course, comedy has to heighten reality, so some situations might be laughable and a little exaggerated. That’s what makes it funny, the unexpected.
    I had a very bad addiction that I had to overcome, so I guess Codex’s character struggles are reflected in my own struggle to find a balance with gaming and real life (which I couldn’t find in a certain MMORPG). That said, I do miss the comradery and the group I raided with because it was really fun, and I think a legitimate social outlet. Had I not had a compulsion to herb and kill things 9 hours a day, I’d still be doing it.
    I guess my goal was to show that it can be a blessing and a curse. Bottom line, I wanted to make people laugh and I’m glad you guys did. 🙂

  • NP Boris, wrong context I guess. I was an active duty AO in the Navy for nine years and I started playing in 2003 on a lark. My guild, Ghost at the time, had about 500 players in it and was rather infamous on Bria in SWG. I was in just checking out a game and I was about to be out.

    Then, a toon I knew ended up talking to me, because I was the nice person. This digital character turned out to be a brother / sister team’s shared hobby and the brother had just been in a drunk driving incident.

    He was out for a walk and got hit by an impared driver running off the road. My guildie lost an arm and a leg. In turn, the old military side of me snapped on and I started sheparding these people like they were my own extended family .

    As to your reaction to my comment, Boris, I was a Psych major in college and the greatest human truth I learned is that we are all a little bit crazy. It is just part of being human. Thus to me, all families being made up of varying degrees of crazy are dysfunctional to some degree. I didn’t mean it as a negative in any way. In my mind, it is actually an endearing quality.

    On the guild note, I still keep in touch with the core members and HAUNT marches on. We still call each other on the phone. I’ve even visited a few friends in real life.

    So Felicia, I have to salute you and your team for doing a great job. Even in comedy, you showed the comradery that makes a gamer guild, a real gamer guild. You made us all laugh and I think you showed gamers as how we can jokingly see ourselves.

    That is nothing less than art…

  • 😀 You made my day, Mike.

  • Good stuff. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Chris

    A relitivly original idea, subtle humour, Good characters, good acting!

    I’m certainly looking forward to episode 2.

    Keep up the good work.

    best regards,


  • Andrew

    Loved it. Found out about it via Starfury Cons (he has to invite you back now your an Internet star 🙂

    Although my first reaction was “How is she going to press the heal buttons and use that crummy press to talk mic?”

  • hahaha, Andrew you revealed my true class: I was mainly a warlock. I never did anything but MC with my priest and it was a joke that I always killed everyone in my party. Not really, but my track record wasn’t THAT clean on survivors.
    Oh well, there are many things not faithful to WOW which is good, I didn’t want them to sue me. 😀

  • Eric Campbell

    Has it been six years? The web would never be the same.

  • Atulack

    Yea, long long time. I wish I could go back and watch whole thing for the first time again :>

  • Holly

    Hi Felicia. I married a gamer and through that became a gamer fifteen years ago. I think it’s awesome that you have shown you don’t have to be an overweight, red-bull addicted, living-in-the-basement type to think gaming is awesome. I have a sixty year old father-in-law who is a gamer. I don’t think there is a stereotypical personality for it anymore. I love The Guild and I hope there is more to come! You’re so multi-talented! ?

    • Geeko

      Holly I’m not sure if you aware (probably yes but just to be sure 🙂 ), but for more than a year, Felicia is leading a group of youtube channels called Geek and Sundry. I mention this because of you’re “… I hope, there is more to come!”, just so you know there is more :).
      Old post, but since The Guild reminded about it on FB, why not to comment :).

      I found out about “The Guild” 3 years ago, and I loved it at first sight (I was also on WoW rehab then, so it was my first GREAT test of strong will :P). If I recall correctly I watched all 3 seasons in one day. Wasn’t too much of a youtube watcher then, so I still was a type of “gaming weerdo” both for me and my environment. The Guild was first, bright, light for me, that there are many people, who are succesfull, who are (or will be :P) famous and who are gamers… true gamers.
      You could say, after first minute of the show, that it’s made by someone who knows this community, and who really knows the MMO world and its language.
      I don’t know if Felicia was first to fight with gamer stereotype, but she was first, and surely the greatest one in that matter, for me :).

      Today I have a whole theory, how it happened that games and geeks are so popular right now but that’s a different, loooong story :).

  • Carmen

    It’s been awesome watching your show since my best friend told me about it, I’m also a gamer and I have been playing online for about 7 or so years (I play a mage), I love the way you represent the gamers, the passion, the dedication (done countless raids with groups and solo with many hours to back up the effort) and I just love the character’s reactions when their toon would die lol been there done that too. Hats off to you Felicia, you’ve done a wonderful job

  • felipe barrera

    hi felicia

    i love the idea of watching the guild i found it over internet the episodes and see people who is a gamer living a life is nice as i am a gamer too

    by the way i see u and i think u are so sexy


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