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OMG You Guys, I need your help! :(


I just got home to some bad news…I was killed.

Yuri from “Break A Leg”, an online sitcom and one of our competition for the Yahoo Awards, uploaded a video where he basically killed me. You can watch it here. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they’ve added 3000 votes to their total in like, 5 hours. I guess killing me motivated people 🙁

If you can vote for us from different places in the Yahoo Awards PLEASE PLEASE do it! (NOT advocating cheating, just home and work, organic places please) Twitter, link everywhere, make your grandma in the nursing home vote, everything you can do! I call shenanigans! I’m a slayer goddamnit, I could snap that punk like a twig! We have 3 long days to fight it out. Please help us!

EDIT:  I want to make clear, I had no idea you could manually change your IP address from one location, guess I’m not as net savvy as I thought.  I was implying that people should vote from home and from work.   No one wants to win anything by cheating 🙂

  • It didn’t end up being you, though!

    …sadly, we had trouble finding a red wig. Thanks for playing along, Felicia and being a sport! You, much like your show, rock.

  • soma

    i HATE competition..

    .. but..

    my loyalty is unquestionable..

    and so..

  • edgar

    Their leg’s not the only thing that will be broken…

    Their will as well, after the Guild wins!

    Riding Felicia’s coattails seems to take people far.

  • OMG that is so not cool. I wanna vote them down into oblivion!

  • QuoterGal

    Well, now you gots the crazy WHEDONesque people at your back – of which I am one – so that tends to help tip polls and contests kinda majorly. But the race is on…

    You go, Figuratively Dead Girl. The Guild is so… well, I guess “clutch” is really the only word. ; > It’s the only youtubian production I’ve really liked…

  • Tyler

    Voted again from school… I’ll put out an email in a few minutes, Felicia. I’m sure your fans will do everything possible to help you win, I certainly will do whatever I can!

  • I’m voting as much as I can!!! (and telling people to vote too)

  • Ben

    Ok, voted again, well a few times actually.

    It would be exciting to win that award (and get to see the rest of that Wii dance game–too funny!) but have you noticed that between the 7 episodes, there have been nearly FOUR MILLION page views?!!!

    Based on the Nielsen ratings for the most popular cable network television shows (, one could hypothesize that if The Guild were on USA or another cable network, it would easily crack the freaking top 10!

    How long can the studios ignore those numbers?

  • Joe

    Fantastic. As of right now you’re ahead by … 11. SS’d it for proof.

  • Ben, sorry to be a cold shower, but you gotta factor in that the four million votes is not unique, in that someone watch all 7 eps would count as 7 views. Not even factoring watching the same thing again.

    I think Quarter-life set off a bunch of warning flags about porting a web series to networks. I’m not saying it’s impossible, or that there’s no market for it. I think The Guild can do rather well with its built in market. Too bad Zaboo said that G4 is dragging their feet, since that would seem to be the ideal niche.

  • Thanks you guys! We are now officially behind, but I’m sure the troops will be rallied and we’ll add votes soon! So crazy that in 5 hours they overtook our lead! I guess never underestimate your competition. 🙂

  • I pimped it on my LJ and on, so I hope it helps. Good luck!

  • Franklin

    Dunno how I missed your series until now, but it’s freaking hilarious!

    Do you still play WoW?

    Thanks for the great vid… I’ve voted… twice!

  • NotaViking

    The Guild closed to about 100 votes behind, then suddenly in the space of about 30 seconds Break a Leg extended that lead to around 300 votes!!! Over the next few minutes they got about 3 votes. Something is not right here.

  • I think you know what needs to happen.

    You’ll need to slay them. They are evil.

    Get to it. Call in help. Think the Mat Damon/Jimmy Kimmel war…more star power is more votes.

  • Okay, that video was pretty funny, and props to Yuri for being a good sport.

    I just voted from home after voting from work, and, holy crap, now it’s neck and neck! 6849 to 6848. They should stop it right now so that I cast the deciding vote.

  • NotaViking

    And now the vote count is 7235 to 6855 in The Guild’s favour. So since Polter-Cow posted, The Guild has had 386 votes and Break a Leg has had 7 votes.

    Make of that what you will.

  • Kevin

    You know, I kind of feel bad for the other three entries. They barely have any votes compared to the other two. They don’t even have a thousand votes combined.

  • Richard

    Well geez, how can you argue with a Slayer? I know I can’t. We’ll keep at it!

  • Omer

    What bullcrap! Time to make some votes!

  • Kevin, yeah, it’s sad. Not to diminish the quality of any of the contenders, but the race is clearly more about who has the most fervent fans (where “most” can alternately modify “fervent” or “fervent fans” and still be accurate). And there’s no more fervent a fan than a Whedon fan.

  • ferralangel

    Looks like Felicia’s campaigning and her strong fan base has put her and the Guild back in the lead. Holding strong for now!

  • you have my vote! looks like you’re in the lead. hizzah. i also gave you some wired sexy geek l0v3, for whatever that is worth :p

  • Thanks for the link (it was quite funny – but obviously nowhere near as good as The Guild! And yes, I’ve done all the voting I’m allowed to) Can anyone tell me what the guy on the left is doing to the washing machine? Really?!

    Anyway, not only did they kill you but I couldn’t get on your site today for most of the day so I hope that they’ve done messing wit u. Maybe it was Nathan’s Space Monkeys…

  • And, BTW, the error page from Host Gator gives suggestions on ‘Related Searches’. You might want to ask them to remove the ‘Lice’ link….

  • I just voted and the Guild’s about 1200 votes ahead. Yay! Yours is a superior product. Well, webisode type thingy, anyway.

    And furthermore, what’s with their cinematography? It looks like they haven’t even tried to make it visually pleasing…

    I’m all about the aesthetics. Sue me.

  • I had to peak in to this blog quickly and Curtin, surprisingly, your comment is the only one that cuts me, cuts me to the core, sir. If you think we’re not visually appealling, go watch any of our episodes — this video was made specifically in a different style to differentiate our personas and the characters that we play.

    Thanks to everyone who’ve come by and continued to watch the show — and again, thanks to Felicia for letting us almost kill her.

  • soma

    q33|< [_()/3


  • edgar

    Hey Yuri, don’t smush package!

  • Luckily, I have never heard that before!

  • edgar

    I am extremely miffed I haven’t been able to find that ad anywhere… I loved that commercial… been looking for years. Dumb Emery!

  • If BaL wasn’t in the contest, I would of voted for you guys.

  • I think that was quoted to me almost every day for a good half a year when the commercial came out. There’s still an odd “Don’t smush packages” that drifts in and out of my life. Thank you for bringing me back to a very dark time, Edgar.

  • edgar

    Yuri, I may need your services in the near future… I may need someone to ship some Slovenian Techno Polka from their country to the US… long story don’t ask…

    Let me know if you’re interested in using your international shipping business…

  • Yuri has retired from Techno Polka contraband. Yuri makes internet sitcoms for no money now.

  • Wow! Someone reads my posts! I almost feel all famous 😉

    Yuri, you’re right, I judged Break A Leg on the short clip I saw, but in my defence I had trouble viewing any of the episodes that day, and you must admit, that video is fairly ugly. Still, as a director/DoP myself I know that unstructured criticism can be the sharpest of barbs, so since then I’ve watched bits of the pilot and later episodes.

    The rest of the show is quite nicely lit for the most part, but now I have a new issue – the camera movement. I hate the current penchant for hand-held, crash-zoom camera style, which I can’t seem to escape (the last short I did, the cameraman loved doing it, and f**ed up the continuity, and it looks like I’ll soon be DoP on a series which will require that style *shudder*). The handheld technique used is also a little ropey in the pilot, although it does seem to improve in later episodes.

    However, bear in mind that “the kids” probably love that style; I’m too old to change my tastes now! Despite that, the show looks a lot of fun, although The Guild is better, obviously 😉

    As for the almost killing of Felicia,that’ll be twice in a row I’ve refrained from an obvious joke about administering mouth-to-mouth…

  • Curtin — fair enough. Some people hate the style, yeah, we went with it because we liked the “documentary” type thing, which allowed us to do fun little jokes like bleeping cuss words and doing cut-aways. As far as the handheld in the Pilot — I agree, we actually got better and better with it as the episodes go on. Which is true with every part of the show, writing, editing, camera work, etc.

    It’s also tough, as I’m sure Felicia can agree, in that you’re trying to rush and shoot quickly to get it out to fans, and oftentimes have to settle for less than perfect visuals. We’re getting better at getting what we want on the go though.

    As far as being better than the Guild, I’m a big fan of the Guild and Felicia is awesome, but I’m going to have to disagree and say I like my show more. 😉

    Thanks for your comments and hope you come see more of the show.

  • To take words out of M.I.A’s book, Polter-Cow is POWER POWER!

    Deadly is as deadly goes with this whole webisode-battle thing. Both shows rock (well, since I’m on Miss Day’s blog The Guild rocks more) and cant wait for a collab, if ever that would happen!

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