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OMG We're the Editor's Pick!


“The Guild” Episode #2 is at the top of the page for YouTube’s Entertainment category! All in color!

Editor’s PICK! So exciting! 😀 OMG I’m having some chocolate.

  • James

    Chocolate All around!


  • Samantha

    Ah, I want chocolate! Heh. Congrats, Felicia and Guild castmates.

  • Courtney

    Congrats! Hopefully it’ll help you get funding!

  • Gag Halfrunt

    Very shiny! Congratulations!

  • Josh

    Well deserved IMHO. I’m back by the way… anyone miss me?

  • Grats!

  • Paul

    Congratulations! I loved the second episode. Sort of a whimsical creepiness.

  • Jane

    omg stalker guildmates, you should add a whole new plot twist where all girls get banned from the guild temporarily a la the “no girls allowed” Nihilum guild on WoW’s Euro servers

  • Just watched this (and had missed the first so watched that) Very funny…and a bit scary.

  • Chris

    gg felicia, already the show is raising eyebrows (in a good way of course!), i’m pretty confident itll keep growing.

    its also nice the fact your willing to interact with the watchers and discuss their opinions which is also (imo) the basis for a good online community.

  • Dustin

    This is my first Posting soooo I reserve the right to make my own topic. I FOUND FELICIA!

    Love The Guild by the way, please keep it up.

  • Josh! I wondered where you’d gone to! Welcome back! 😀
    So funny you should mention that Nihilum guild Jane, I heard about that and I was totally SHOCKED. I mean, on what basis and…why?! But to be honest with you, the most pejorative comments, ESPECIALLY about me being a girl, have been said re: the Guild on the actual WOW forums. There has been some really sexist flaming from the official WOW boards, on my old server to boot. 🙁 Makes you wonder how that becomes acceptable. I never noticed any prejudice against girls when I played, but my guild was great.

    And Dustin, I WISH I could dance like that. I had too much ballet training when I was younger, so me trying hip dancing=most uncool-looking thing ever. 😀 I can dream though!

  • Dustin

    There’s been some talk about Nihilums recruiting habits. As I understood it they feel that it works best without girls in the guild because they can become a distraction to the males in the guild. Obviously don’t blame the stupid immature males, that would be silly. The funniest thing I found was that of all the threads I saw people were very reluctant to call them sexist because they had a “Reason” for their sexism. Call it was it is, they’re Sexist. They can do whatever they want it’s their guild, but calling something what it is isn’t wrong, people seem to be scared about that or something.

  • Josh

    Apparently WoW is best played from a submarine…

  • I truly hate WOW.. but your Video shorts are great! Congrats

  • I think the strong, vocal but tiny minority of WOW players who are really pejorative against women tend to flame a lot more, and thus are noticed more. I also notice that those same people find it acceptable to call things “gay” and other anti-gay comments. My guild was very quick to kick/censor any racist/sexist/homophobic comments on vent and I’m really proud of that.

    It makes me sad that the “most admired” guild is men only. I mean, why is Blizzard allowing such public discrimination on their servers? If they were barring certain races or religions would it get more outrage? Virtual “places” are becoming blurred with “real” places and I think they need to be careful with that.

  • Dustin

    I think Blizzards view of it, is to stay out of it completely. I haven’t heard of them breaking up a guild because of recruiting tactics, probably because most all recruiting is done out of game on Guild Websites. I think Blizzard could if they wanted to, step in on certain situations, they do if a guild name is derogatory. (Example: ) I think they also see that kind of micro managing player interaction as a slippery slope. I’d like to know what they think about the subject though. No one seems to ask them these questions.

  • i love “the guild” videos, hope you continue doing so funny videos… sometimes i feel like zaboo when i play with my american friends anyway, cause my first language is not english LOL… bye!

  • What is this “all-male guild” admired for?

  • Courtney

    Since a lot of people don’t know the specifics of Nihilum, I’ll try to explain their background. Nihilum has gotten major recognition for being the most progressed PvE (content created and run by Blizzard) guild, getting basically all the first kills on new content. While some admire them for this, some also resent them for it.

    Others resent them for their controversial habits: no girls, buying gold (to be used for consumeables so they don’t have to farm), doing new content 7 days a week, 8+ hours a day, and supposedly having sway with Blizzard. They’re entirely focused on doing whatever it takes to be so far ahead of everyone else. Ever try to get the top score on a video game, like Tetris? This is essentially the same thing, except it requires 25+ people and lots and lots of time/dedication/money.

    While I greatly disapprove of immature behavior like racism, homophobia,and sexism, if no one is offended by that type of material and agree to be in a guild that has that type of content, then great. Every guild has its own culture, and it’s up to the user to determine if that culture is right for them.

    However, when that kind of content spills over to public venues, like forums and whatnot, then moderators have to step in, imo. The difference is being able to yell “FIRE!” in your own house to joke with your friends and doing it in a crowded theater.

    I’m not gonna make excuses or blast them. If that’s how they want to play, good for them. People should ideally be able to play with other like-minded people. I know that it’s absolutely not the type of environment I want to play in.

  • Courtney

    wow.. way longer than I wanted it to be =/

  • Dustin

    Courtney makes some great points and I agree with her. They should be aloud to run their guild however they see fit. It’s not hurting anyone because you really have to decide to be in that guild or not. Also Nihilum doesn’t require the use of Ventrillo, if you watch their videos most all explanation is done in game through text. It would be great if a gamer girl were to sneak in and play with them for a few months, like an undercover reporter or something. My main beef is how supporters and others talk about Nihilum, they seem to claim because they can do what they want it means it isn’t sexism. It is Sexism, absolutely, thats just what it is. I don’t like it when people don’t call something what it is, instead they make excuses for it. Good post though Courtney, you covered things I meant to but didn’t.

  • People act like that for a very specific reason. They are invisible on the internet and not subject to being a social outcast like they would be if they acted like that in the open. There are times when many people on the interent act like a drunk driver suffering from road rage.

    Guilds are made up by people that subjected to the same rules as any other social structure. However, as the danger of social counterpressure is greatly lessened, bad behavior tends to be exaggerated online.

    My guild and several others try hard to weed the worst personalities out. That doesn’t mean we kicked someone for acting like Bladezz from the show, but rather we kicked people who were sexist, racist, stealing from others or degrading others.

    In the end, guilds and other soical organzations that frame themselves to protect all of their members and welcome any good person tend to last. The others tend to fold outright or have harsh turnover rates.

    The harder path is trying to be a light in the darkness with all of this. However, in the end, it’s better to be the people that others remember with a smile on their face.

  • Donald

    Hey You! It’s a blast from the UT Calc / ESP past…through a random series of events I caught your guild movie posts on youtube from a wow guild forum post of my own 😛 anyway, I left a comment on youtube and just tracked down your blog and had to say hi 😉 every now and then I still hear from Zach Webb too – I will have to point him to your video – he will get a kick out of it. He was recently banned from WoW for being a co-creator of wowglider actually…. some things never change, eh? 😛

    anyway, was a blast to see a familiar face, i suppose it’s a small world wide web after all.

  • Joe

    Can we expect the next episode during the first week of September? Need my fix.

  • Yes, we’re trying to get the 3rd episode out after Labor Day. Unfortunately, elements (director, actress (me) ), and others keep getting paying jobs and whatnot, and the schedule keeps moving to accomodate. We’ve had to move the shoot dates of 4 and 5, but we’re doing our best 🙂

  • OMFG Donald, I almost didn’t see your post! WHAT THE HECK! Old College buddy, nice to see you!
    Guess what? It’s the weirdest thing, but there is an actor here in Hollywood who I see at least once a month at various commercial auditions who looks EXACTLY LIKE YOU. I mean, I always call him Donald, even though his name is Eric or something. I swear, if you stood side by side you’d be TWINS. I don’t know why I told you that, but it’s just interesting, maybe he’s your Parent Trap twin you never knew about. 😉
    Anyway, good to see you!

  • Joe

    Bad for fanboys, good for real people. 😀

  • Joe

    And due to my slow posting my comment is totally out of context. Yay.

  • Felicia: Did you play a character named Codex in EQ back in the day? On the Innoruuk server?

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