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We are up for best series in the 2007 YouTube awards! I can’t tell you how excited I am about it, because YouTube is our upload hub. PLEASE vote for us in the series category, I can’t thank you enough for clicking! What a week!

I just read the rules, YOU CAN VOTE 1 TIME PER DAY!  Until Match 19th!  Please go back and vote each day if you have the stamina! 😀

Oh, and link us everywhere, because this is gonna be a tough fight, Yahoo was just a pre-match!

  • edgar


  • Mia

    Done and done!… and I mean done.

  • Dan

    Consider it done!

  • Okay okay I voted! Calm down! Breathe! 😉

  • Done.. I’ll make a note to do it every morning 🙂

  • Jim

    and the hits just keep on coming! Good for you 😀

  • Yay! Thank you everyone! Post lots of places too, let’s own this contest’s FACE! (Wow, I’m getting competitive lately)

  • Done and done.

  • Tyler

    Wouldn’t let me vote- got a weird message, but I’ll check when I get back from class. Good luck with this one Felicia!

  • S o M a
  • Mondo

    You start getting nominated for awards then its nothing but work, work, work for us…P

  • S o M a

    so im slow to notice changes..

    i like your -speedreel- in the videos section.

    for the parts where you had short hair; how long
    ago was that?


  • The only other one ive seen or herd of besides watchtheguild is mydamnchannel . And they aren’t really a Series. That is a tricky category.

    Its going to be tough to beat “you suck at photoshop” . I will vote and vote often, for the Guild. I hope yall slam the compition!!!

    p.s. I know you got a life to live and it takes a lot of time and $$$ to create each show, but i wish we had twice as many episodes!!!!

  • Aaron, I know how you feel. We’re going to try to get funding soon to crank them out, I’m actively working on it. If we win these categories, it will be ez sauce!!!

  • Omer

    Good lord woman, the occasional self-aggrandizing plug isn’t so occasional anymore. 😉

  • Chris

    so in

  • Saupak

    Or if you have access to 10 different IP addresses…

    • Infrotmaion is power and now I?m a !@#$ing dictator.

  • Ben

    Voted again. Wish we knew exactly how well the voting is going…

  • I voted again and pimped it on the site I work for, Whedonopolis. 🙂

  • Felicia

    I love you all, thank you for voting again!
    LOL Omer, yes, self-aggrandizing sucks. I swear I don’t make award-worthy stuff on purpose! LOLZ

    It’s just a brief spate of being popular, and soon enough I’ll be whining about being bored again, about how Hollywood sucks, and remodeling my blog because I have free time on my hands. Oh, looking forward to that!

  • MacViolinist

    Umm, 1 vote per day? I just voted 15 times. How many do you need to win? I can do this all weekend. 😉

  • I’m not sure if you can vote more than once in a day and make it count. It looks like you could do it multiple times, but they might count it by log-in name or by IP address like the Yahoo one does. Their blog says 1xper day and you can’t change your vote, so maybe that doesn’t count?

    Don’t know! It feels good to rack them up tho! 🙂

  • Wombat

    You could try the WoW forums, make some obvious mistakes, create your own internet meme and you’ll have thousands of extra votes :p

  • Virginia

    Do we all think it sucks that we can’t see the vote totals after we’ve voted? I think it shows true loyalty that I didn’t even bother to watch any of the other vids in the category, automatically knowing The Guild is the best. Informed voting can shove it!

  • But I don’t like spam!

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