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When I was a kid, my Mom thought if I got into Dungeons and Dragons I would become a Satanist and commit suicide. She wasn’t even religious. Well finally, in my 20’s, it’s happened. The Dungeons and Dragons part, not the Satanist or suicide.

Yes, I accepted an invitation to a pen and paper D&D game on Sunday, and I HAD A BLAST! TAKE THAT MOM! It was so frikkin’ fun! Anyone who knows me, knows I was a World of Warcraft addict for almost 2 years. I quit cold turkey for my soul last fall, but the pull of RPG video games is strong. A group from the sketch place wrote in runs a group and I got an invite. I had no idea what I was getting into, I didn’t even know people still did this, but it was such a great social outlet, I can’t wait to do it again! I have a whole back story I wrote for my character, a high charisma and comliness score (the most important part :D), I’m tracking down the perfect figurine for a redheaded sorceress who worships a fire goddess, I’m totally into it!

If you’re like me and thought “Wow, that’s way nerdier than I can swing” give it a try. Whatever the preconception, when you’re working with 8 others to formulate a plan in order to avoid magic-seeing dogs and retrieve a deadly shard weapon to save a city, you’ll forget about what other people think and just have fun 🙂

  • Alex

    I’m bored as hell playing WOW and I found your blog site! You’re into DnD now?!

  • I just did one game. It was pretty fun! Why aren’t you IMing me!

  • kehn

    Felicia –

    life’s little juxtapositions never cease to amaze me! I’d just finished ushering my g/f thru season 7 of BtVS (grats on surviving the final battle, btw), and today I read on a WoW site that you have (had?) a level 60 gnome lock – who knew?!

    As a WoW addict (level 70 huntard and drood – sigh)and former Buffy addict, well… I just had to come on here and say that that made my day! 🙂

    I never got into tabletop RPG’s much myself but the nerd in me definitely sees their allure. If you haven’t already, I’d google ‘summoner geeks’ – there’s a really amusing RPG parody skit that my friends and I quote frequently.

  • Thanks so much for stopping by! When I was a homeschooled kid, my main outlet was playing video games, role playing games mostly. I logged onto MUDs even, before there were even graphics!
    Luckily, I’ve recovered from my WOW addiction, but I have to say, the new Conan MMORPG looks sooo good!
    Thanks for stopping by to say hi! I’ll definitely look up that skit.

  • Shadowborg Dragon

    Hello Codex, it was nice to run across this so I could drop a quick hi. It’s been a long time since the *P days, glad to see you’re doing well.

  • Trevor

    Hey! Stumbled upon this site while reading an article about celebrities playing wow 🙂 My fiancee and I started playing a few months back, completely sucked into it. Pity to hear that you stopped playing.

    Anyways, was fascinated to read that you were a math major at UT Austin. I was at UT Math – graduated 1998. Were you there around those years?

    By the way, very nice site, and great that you actually take time to read and reply to comments.

    All the best for your future endeavours!

  • Gag Halfrunt

    I found your blog today after reading a Whedonesque story about Firefly references in WoW (including a new “minipet” of a certain insect), which reminded me in a roundabout way that you were a player. Anyway, Vi was my favourite Potential back in the day.

  • Dee

    Yay go nerds! (And boo WoW…) Ironically I just bought a ticket to Blizzcon. Let’s go, ex-WoW nerds unite!

  • What a great thread of comments! It’s tripping me out! There’s a person from my Prodigy “Ultima” Fan group from age 13, a member of my previous WOW Raid group and a fellow UT Math grad who I probably took classes with! I love the internet!
    I graduated UT in 2000, but I bet I took a class with you Trevor! Dr Davis, Dr Guy and Dr Hamerick were my favorite professors there. I hope you use your degree better than I do, I can barely compute a tip these days. I need to start using these brain muscles!

  • Stefan

    Nah, using the brain is way to overrated.. Some people never did it and still got old.

    And hey.. your mom is not the only one. Found an article from “Jehovah’s Witnesses” about P&P… oh my god. It’s worshipping Satan and all that baaad stuff…
    …and incredibly fun if you found the right group (‘Coincidentally’, most of my P&P-group also regularly groups in Azeroth/Outland with me ^^). And as long as it’s fun, go on with it!

    And with MMORPGs… theres always a new one that looks soooo good, always just this one item in that instance, and that one places you always wanted to see… damn those developers.

  • Paul

    Just found your blog after I was checking your BtVS credits again. I role-play, and whenever I want to reference a fiery female character really getting into a fight, I just think “Felicia Day in Chosen!”
    Congrats on breaking out into pen & paper roleplaying. You should check out Ars Magica ( I really think you’ll like the style of it, given your other comments.

  • Michael

    I have to admit, I’ve never played Dungeons & Dragons…

    …but, ahem, I can quote Doctor Who mythology chapter and verse. *sigh* Even got my Nerd Union Card, too.

  • Michael, you really should start a game. I went last night and had SO MUCH fun. I play a really dumb sorcerer, Fire concentration, redhead. It’s great pouting over my robe getting torn when someone slashes me to -4 HP 😀 I think the preconceived notion of the game prevents people from trying it when they’d have a really good time!

  • Josh

    I used to table top roleplay all the time. I miss it a great deal, but have difficulty finding the time to play regularly anymore. My particular favorite was 7th Sea. Seriously, who doesn’t want to act like a pirate sometimes? Arrrr…

  • Edgar

    As nerdy as I am, complete with glasses and all, I never played D&D… I have a WoW buddy that doesn’t play anymore but regularly plays D&D and I am trying to get him to teach me this game that is D&D…

    For some weird reason I keep choosing Dwarves when I play these types of games… Noticed no Dwarves in The Guild… so sad… 🙁


  • Tabletop is the real thing 🙂 It’s especially fun to play a character totally different from you. Too bad it’s so hard to find a good dungeon master 🙁

    PS. I love your site, nerd chicks are hot because they are smart 🙂

  • Random Internet Guy

    What MUDs did you play? I used to play one called Lensmoor years ago 🙂

  • verbalremedy

    I realize this post is umpty-billion years old, but I’m in my (late) 40s and about to launch a paper D&D game in my WORKPLACE for a ton of noobs (self included unless you count that short stint in the 80s), and I just wanted to say thanks for the validation. 🙂

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