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Off to Austin!


I’m leaving for Austin tomorrow for the On Networks/SXSW Greenlight awards stuff!  Excited to see my family at the same time 🙂  There’s so little time I’ll have there, but if anyone else is hanging out at SXSW hopefully we’ll bump into each other!  I didn’t buy a badge (so expensive!) but I’ll be going to  parties at night that I can smile my way into.  Zaboo, poor thing, will have to use his wit to sneak in.  😛

Also, when I get back, we are shooting episode 10 of The Guild.  Friday March 14th, if anyone would like to be an extra we’d love to have you sometime between the hours of 9am and 4pm!  I know doing it on a weekday is tough for people who actually have jobs, but if you happen to be free we’re shooting in LA, so give me an email at watchtheguild(at)

Hopefully have lots of great stories to tell when I get back! 😀

  • enjoy your trip… =) have a safe (insert transportation method here) !

  • Andrew

    WoooHooo. Hope you have a good time.

  • Have a good trip and best of luck for the SXSW Awards 😀

  • edgar

    Have fun in Austin!

    Hopefully Sandeep doesn’t read this post (“Zaboo” lmao!)

  • I live in Austin, and will be hanging around for the music festival. I might try to catch a flick or two as well.

  • sandeep

    zaboo has a winning smile, i’m sure he’ll get in no problem.

  • Have fun, hope you win!

    I still live in hopes of a British edition of the Guild…

  • Formaldehyde

    Hey, check out ImprovEverywhere’s latest effort. It’s a shame you weren’t involved.

  • I’ve only been to Austin once, and I live in Dallas, hah. Check out Baby A’s and have the purple margarita, you will only want one, trust me. I love sixth street reminds me of Deep Ellum.

  • Even if you guys don’t win you’ve won my heart..awww.

  • edgar

    … and the winner is……. The Guild fans! Not surprisingly, The Guild has won the top prize!

    Grats Felicia! This HAS to mean more episodes! Yay!

  • Virginia

    Heh, offer up some space for extras on a weekend or official school holiday and I will drive my happy ass from Fresno, along with my girlfriend, just for you… cool? I’d even be happy to make the crew lunch and stuff, ya know, because there’s no cure for rabid fangirl-ism. Unfortunately o_O

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