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Obama Victory


I suppose I should keep the blog free of politics, because I hate divisive political arguments. But no matter how you feel about politics, I urge you to watch Barak Obama’s speech from tonight’s South Carolina victory.

I have never been so inspired by a speech. Listening to him, I almost believed that everyone truly can come together, regardless of age or political affiliation or race, to change how this country is run. Watch it just to believe for a moment it could happen. Truly inspiring delivery.

  • Sludge

    “Truly inspiring delivery.” The thing is, though, Obama is nothing beyond his gifted public speaking ability. He is all style and no substance. At least this election, celebrities (except Oprah) learned their lesson. This time around (so far) you don’t hear a bunch of celebrities squawking about which candidate the “little people” should vote for. Don’t believe the hype, Felicia.

  • Dan

    I’m still not altogether sure how I feel about Obama as a president, but I do know that he is without a doubt the most effective public speaker of all the candidates.

  • I respect everyone’s political opinions on the Flog, but I posted because I though his speech was very well delivered. I will stay neutral on specific politics, other than to say everyone should vote, no matter who they’re supporting.

  • Brian

    My God, Felicia. Please don’t take this as insulting but, reading your blog, you seem like a very intelligent person. I just can’t believe you’re taken in by something like this. Have you never followed a presidential election campaign before? EVERY election is filled with speeches like this, some delivered better than others. Politicians always promise change but nothing ever comes. Democrats promised change if we’d just give them control of Congress. Well we did. And what has changed? Nothing. I’m afraid the world is past such radical change as something like the American Revolution. There is just too much money involved these days. I’m sure you’ve read sci fi stories about how future society will be controlled by corporations. Sci fi may be thought of as escapist literature but when is its vision of the near future ever far off from reality?

  • Dustin

    Sludge; Brain. Learn to be respectful of views and opinions beyond your own. Felicia stated very clearly that she enjoyed Obama’s well delivered speech. You can find the strength of will to not make this your soapbox opportunity, and just agree that Obama is a gifted public speaker. I have no doubt in my mind you guys are fully capable.

  • Brian

    Dustin, clean off your nose. Disagreeing with someone does not equal disrespect.

  • ScaryBear

    Brian, your comments had nothing to do with agreeing or disagreeing with Felicia, as they had absolutely nothing to do with what Felicia was saying. You were, however, trying to voice you political opinion, and you did it in a somewhat rude manner. Saying things like “My God, Felicia … I just can’t believe you’re taken in by something like this” is being rude. If you said that to a someone in person, they would likely feel you were talking down to them. Felicia’s blog wasn’t stating any political position, or suggesting who people should vote for. From what I read, it seemed clear she was simply inspired by the speech and wanted to share it. That doesn’t in any way mean that is who she is going to vote for, or that she’s recommends anyone else vote for him either. But it did inspire her to be passionate about getting out to vote, and hoping everyone else will get out and vote for whoever they choose to. I think that is awesome, and worth telling people about.

    Someone could be inspired by the Dalai Lama, but that doesn’t mean they are going to give up their religion and become a Buddhist, only that they were inspired to do or feel something positive.

  • Brian

    For your information, she’s said she’s “a huge Obama supporter”. Also, she’s a big girl and doesn’t need people leaping to her defense. She made a statement and the blog is open to comments. This leaves the chance that some of those comments might not be in agreement with the original. Also, nowhere did I try and push my politics. None of you know what my politics are. Everyone should just stop trying to kiss ass and just respond to the topic. Let Felicia smack me down if she takes offense, of which none is intended.

  • S o M a

    i do so enjoy his speeches.

    i will always vote for the Ron Pauls of the world.

  • S o M a

    watching cali people drive in the rain is comical. 😛

    it doesnt rain in cali. its more like a mist. -a spritzer..

    the cali idea of “flash flooding” is more akin to a webpage
    with too many youtube links..


    versus the idea of the instantaneous generation of pools of standing
    water that you are about to confront at highway speeds.

    a n y w a y ..

    i too need to get to the gym.. my pudgy ass has worn a new
    butt groove in my chair..

    i miss cali

  • Tad

    i also found obama’s speech very powerful and inspiring. i appreciate why people are cynical, and i think a healthy dose of cynicism is always a good idea. however, i believe that we must support our democratic process if we are to truly understand and respect our rights and freedoms as citizens. cynicism can be a dilatory force that takes our minds off the issues that most important to us and we must temper that cynicism with a healthy dose of optimism.

    personally speaking, i am cynical that nothing will change in our country as long as we continue to support a two-party system. the optimist in me is hopeful that obama can deliver on his promises for change for two reasons: first, he isn’t part of the establishment. second, his family background is exactly what america is all about. this nation isn’t about a bunch of stuffy oft-times overweight white men who come from wealthy families. i am tired of those stuffy men representing me because they have no idea what the american experience is like for most people. obama comes from the stock of the average american – and for that, i think it is perfectly reasonable to be inspired by his speech!

  • Ooooh politics is so touchy 🙂 I knew I shouldn’t have posted anything about it!
    I did mean for this to be a neutral political post, (good luck with that one naive lady 😀 ) but I also have said in the past, I believe on the forums, that I was a big Obama supporter, so that definitely slants things and I probably should have said something up front. But I saw Obama speak in person earlier this year, and I was actually really underwhelmed, so I’m not a die-hard adherent. I’ve been very hot and cold about my support during this election season, it’s a very volitile time in our history, and it’s damned fun watching the news lately!
    I agree with you Brian and Sludge, that cynicism is usually the best approach politics, but for some reason this speech really made me ride that wave of hope, kinda like the big moment in Chariots of Fire with the music and stuff, and that’s why I impulsively wanted to share it. Maybe not the best idea, haha.
    I didn’t want to open a can of worms, and if you are just as jaded about Obama as other politicians, I totally respect that. But don’t begrudge me the moment of being inspired by something, if even for an evening! You can be intelligent and hopeful, naivety is not necessarily a weakness. 🙂

    Thus, the last political post on the Flog. Other than urging people to go vote at election time. That’s pretty neutral, right?

  • Mike from Chicago

    Indeed, it was a great speech. My personal favorite of his is still the speech he gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Not coincidentally, that was the speech that vaulted him into the national spotlight.

    Thank you for posting it, as I didn’t get a chance to see it live.

    DNC Speech – Note the awful intro/exit music.

  • BTM

    Wow, I wouldn’t have guessed that would have gotten so politically ugly so quickly. I’m with you Felicia even if you aren’t going to mention it again. Obama represents change and has a long history of experience to prove it. Look at his whole life and his story is as inspirational as they come.

  • S o M a

    whip it, whip it good..

    [crack that whip]


    this is your blog.. talk about what you want. politics is fine.

    but apparently i cant talk about hellgate.. 😛

  • S o M a
  • S o M a

    ugh.. conan camera system = annoying..

  • Dustin

    How dare you Brian. Felicia is not a “Big Girl” at all she is quite small.

    S o M a…quit posting soo much con sarnit. You’re taking up all my Kiss Ass room!

  • Stefan

    To be honest, it was the first time I heard him talking; and that is more than I can say about the other candidates.. I haven’t even bothered checking who the republicans are nominating, since I figured whoever he will be, he will most likely just continue your current politics.

    So with that said.. it really made me hope. I am sure that he will not achieve all his goals in a year, or even within four years; yet I hope that maybe, four years from now, the world can stop to fear America, that maybe you will again feel and behave like a part of this world, and not like someone superior who has to rule it.

    [And yeah, I guess that was kind of political.. ]

  • SOMA! Conan…must try…..

  • S o M a

    conan: its SO obvious its meant to be played with a controller
    vs kb and mouse combo..

    its got that auto camera pan thing .. much like the extremely
    annoying devil may cry system..


    conanMMO.. is there a beta ? anyone on/in beta ? ..

    i need a distraction from homogeneous equations!!!

  • I still am not sure who to vote for myself. Well speaking or not – much too often do people get lured into the pot of hype and great speakers.

    If only we kept politicians to their word and punished them for their lies then it MIGHT be easier to know who to vote for.
    Most of the time candidates know how to speak without really establishing true stances.
    When voting for the president – remember one thing – the president is there for two main purposes – upholding and defending the constitution and leading our armed forces against enemies both foreign and domestic and then also as a check against the judicial and legislative bodies of government. Please put as much thought into your congressional leaders as you do the presidential candidate. THEY make the laws – the president just vetoes or passes them.

  • Ben

    I’ve been away on vacation Floggers and I come back to this??? (At least it’s not another post that makes me feel bad about my wasteful habits.)

    While out of town, I watched a comedian on Leno talk about Obama. While doing his bit, he said the only problem with Obama was his name; Barack Hussein Obama as US President doesn’t sound like Smith or Jones….Obama sounds like Osama. And “Hussein” brings thoughts of Sadam. The comedian went on to add that maybe he should add a few more names to his own…Barack Hussein KiBan Mao Hitler Tojo. (It was funnier with his delivery)

    So the knucklehead in me agrees, how could we have a man with that name as president? The objective thinker in me knows that a rose by any other name…

    Never thought I’d live to see an African American Moslem US President but it looks like it could happen.

    I lost respect for Hillary during WhiteWater so I think its Barack or maybe McCain.

    (and without sounding to ass-kissy, I agree with Soma, you should post whatever you want Felicia. I gaurantee you’ll find just as many people in your corner as opposed to whatever the political or other posted topic)

  • Ben, Happy vacation and thanks for the post! Just to clarify, Barack Obama is not a Muslim, he is a Christian.

    And I guess if it really compels me, I’ll post about politics again, but it will be sparingly at best. I like the non-combative nature of the Flog. 😀

  • Ben

    Thanks for clarifying Felicia. I did about 2 seconds of searching and found about 25,000 articles on that topic. I’m so un-informed. Apparently there was a false information campaign spread on the internet about him being Muslim. They totally got me. Amazing. Now they are saying the “new scandal” is how vehemently he is denying it being Muslim and how strongly he is defending his Christianity. The media can twist and turn anything they want into a story.

    (There wasnt a Snopes entry on it thought. Rest assured, it wont be long till I start forwarding all you guys emails from the new Microsoft email tracking system, so Bill Gates will send me huge checks in the mail.)

  • Mondo

    I read somewhere that Wells Fargo stage coaches had posted on their list of rules: “No discussing of religion or politics”. I wonder why? 🙂

    Ever notice how people say “dont take this as an insult”, just before they insult you?

    I thought it was a great speech…and yes I have ever followed a presidential campaign before.

  • Mondo

    Oh dam I forgot

    Conan: Been signed up for beta for a couple of months, waiting…patiently? I heard they had over 100k ppl signed up so who knows when/if. They just pushed the release date back to march 30 last week so 8 more weeks to wait.

    Playing Tabula Rasa in the mean time but there just isnt enough to do there. “Hey! Didnt we just kill all those Bane?”

  • Nick

    Obama’s credo :
    Listen to the words. Make a speech, use the word CHANGE ten times.
    What specifically are you going to change? Going to change the healthcare system? Not really. Going to change the Military Industrial Complex? Not really, he wants another 100 thousand more troops. Going to change anything about your relationship with Iran? Not really. “Nukes are on the table.” Going to change anything with respect to Israel? Not really, he’s supported by APAC. Going to change anything for education, he’s on the Education Commitee, he’s supported by the NEA. Where’s change, I don’t see any change. But he DOESN’T SAY ANY OF THOSE THINGS. HE LETS YOU FIGURE OUT WHAT THE “CHANGE” IS. So, it’s like an actor, Felicia. What does
    an actor do, he or she gives you a scene and you read into it, what the scene means to you. That’s terrible because what you read into, isn’t going to happen.

  • S o M a

    Nick’s credo;

    a whole paragraph based on [speculation/conjecture].

    what i am reading into your comment is that there is
    NO HOPE. and there shouldnt even be any elections,
    since nothing will ever change.

    if you can come up with a better system/solution to
    judge a candidate for any office/position of power;
    i am eager to hear your input.

    if you are annoyed by the repetitive nature of public
    speeches, blame pyschology and its ploy to make you
    remember something by brute force [ i was gonna segue
    into a scientology bit here to include a religion topic ON TOP
    of the current taboo of politics]..

    … you coming here to talk about how his speeches
    always repeat CHANGE tells me that his speech was effective.

    i am willing to give anyone with motivation the opportunity
    to succeed [or fail] given that they are confident in their respective

    condemning someone to be incapable based on the merits
    of a difficult system does not credit your perspective.

    that is my opinion. i hope it was offensive, in an attempt
    to make you remember it.

    .. VOTE! [for DR RON PAUL]



    i think i lasted about six hours with tabula before i was
    completely disenchanted. then of course, i got better at TF2..

    which led me to doing my labs a couple hours before they
    were due..


    damnable games..


    no wait. im sorry, games.. i love you

  • S o M a

    congrats felicia, surely millions of people saw your
    mug on a guild vid splash screen today..

  • edgar

    The one thing that is a constant is that everyone that talks about Obama, talk about the fact that he can move you with his speeches. That’s part of being a politician. Getting elected.

    Now, I personally don’t think any current candidate is the end-all choice to the Presidency, but Obama’s done something that not many candidates really ever did. Younger voters are eager this time around. It doesn’t matter who is voted in, as long as more and more people actually make that choice and vote. This is the only way we will ever have change.

    Obama’s not the only person using “change” as their platform.

    We have some serious problems in our country, that candidates have promised to fix but no one really ever has. I really hope the winner this time will actually focus on us more than before, but I won’t hold my breath. Get elected, make the change, then get back to me.

    Based on all the candidates, for me so far, its Obama. I have a few stopper qualities about Ron Paul, or else he almost would have my vote.

  • Nick

    Before you get ahead of yourself I am a Ron Paul supporter ( for better or worse) , and also admire Gravel and even some of Richardson’s foreign policy ideas on the Dem side…, there is “NO HOPE” in a candidate like Obama who strays from hard policy talk and opts out for people to read into his generalities, he’s a puppet and its a choice between the lesser of two evils in Liberal big government. If you look at some of Obama’s key advisors they are all war mongerers and they are tied to many of the bureacracies currently infringing on our civil liberties and intervention in the middle east.

    How’s this for a better solution, speak about the real issues ( Why I respect Ron Paul) and stop playing politics as usual.

    “… you coming here to talk about how his speeches
    always repeat CHANGE tells me that his speech was effective.

    i am willing to give anyone with motivation the opportunity
    to succeed [or fail] given that they are confident in their respective
    capabilities. ”

    –This was just absolutely ridiculous, the only thing effective is people that buy into them as he gets away with not actually speaking SPECIFICALLY of his intentions. You don’t know his “respective capabilities” lol, you know nothing of his actual agenda beyond generalities, it’s hilarious.

  • S o M a

    “You don’t know his “respective capabilities” lol, you know nothing of his actual agenda beyond generalities, it’s hilarious.”

    my point is; you are exactly right.. WE DONT KNOW..

    everyone except you:

    “That’s terrible because what you read into, isn’t going to happen.”

    so im wondering how YOU know exactly what can and
    can not happen in terms of change, even if a candidate is
    being purposefully vague/specific.. ?

    this is why i stated you were speculating.

    “How’s this for a better solution, speak about the real issues… and stop playing politics as usual.”

    talking specifics makes someone more effective in making changes?

    i know what you are saying; its political rhetoric and its annoying
    to be vague in speeches..

    repetition is typical in speech giving.. even if annoying..
    [which is what i think is the real issue to you] but you tied that
    into someone being ineffective towards their vague goals,
    and thus are incapable.. ?

    How do you determine the capabilites of Ron Paul?

    [also if you want me to take you seriously, dont use “lol” and
    refrain from using the level of humor you find in someone
    elses opinion. give a concise retort, please]

  • S o M a


    if you can come up with a better system/solution to
    judge a candidate for any office/position of power;
    i am eager to hear your input.


    How’s this for a better solution, speak about the real issues ( Why I respect Ron Paul) and stop playing politics as usual.


    so for better or worse Pres.Bush has been effective or
    ineffective towards making change. [in terms of capability]


  • Nick

    It’s not “everyone except me” many critique Obama on his vagueness. “in terms of change” … talk about actual issues and policy, I know from what his short voting record in the Senate has been and from how he presents himself in debates , I know as much as you know about him only I base my opinion on how much substance he puts out and what he’s voted for , period.

    I can “speculate” our relations in Iran will not put nukes off the table under President Obama ( lol ), I can speculate things like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security will not be reduced in power by President Obama under his compromised votes and reasons he gives, I can speculate we will continue to give Hundreds of Millions overseas to other countries while our dollar skydives under President Obama through his endorsements, I can speculate when he holds a press conference he wont speak to the American people in a literal clear cut honesty from how I’ve seen him speak in debates and speeches
    ( Ron Paul however I speculate would ).

    “Talking specifics makes someone more effective in making changes”

    –Are you sure you’re a Ron Paul supporter? I think many real ones would wince at those words. Anyway, it’s what one doesn’t say in these forums that is sometimes the most illimunating aspect of how they would be as a President. Why do you think Paul is so popular beyond his legendary voting record and staunch constitutionalism, he tells us exactly what he would do or raise a consensus of, and sometimes it means challenging the routines of our federal government as we know it, Obama wouldn’t dare go there in words, yet I am to believe he would do so in action, while also having to ignore his voting record.

    Repitition has nothing to do with it. Ron Paul repeats over and over he wants to get rid of the IRS, or bring the troops home, or start a gold standard, or let young people out of social security, or restore our civil liberties by getting rid of Homeland and the Patriot Act, or of sending funds in natural disasters directly to communities not diluting the help through the mismanagement of Fema,… these things are repeated over and over and theyre DEFINITIVE GOALS. Not little Obama cop outs like ” We need Change”.

    That and his voting record I think determine his capabilities. And it’s silly to use capabilities in that sense anyway , it’s more like actual intentions and action, anyone is “capable” of the two , in politics you determin that by what they actually say and support.

    [ I really don’t care about how you take me and I’ll speak however I want to lol. I can’t really take you very seriously at this point either. ]

  • Aaron

    Thanks for posting that, Felicia; I had seen a highly abridged version that was much less inspiring than the full. Sensationalist speaking abilities aside, he does seem to be the most down-to-earth candidate in this race.

    BTW, when are we gonna get more Guild episodes??? 🙂

  • Thanks for posting this. I saw the Iowa and N.H. speeches and they were good too.

    To respond to Sludge’s comment about substance. In my opinion, Obama has had a calling for this since he was in law school. He was the president of the Harvard Law Review which puts him at the absolute top of the lawyer A-list. At graduation he rejected the standard path of clerking for famous judges and instead followed his heart and calling into public service.

    Make no doubt about it this person has brains and a resume far more impressive than any recent president.

    Harvard Law Review – Nearly every lawyer in the world would want to be on this and he was the top dog.

  • Nodgarb

    Thanks for sharing this post with us. I’m voting today!

  • edgar

    One thing is for sure, more and more people will be fired up to go and vote. That’s a start. I know the candidates started using “change” as their slogan but this can and will happen if more people are better informed and they care about voting.

    I cast my vote earlier today and I hope that everyone that can, does. Take some time and do so.

    Here is a moving video that uses the speech on this post, by some famous people.

    Note that it isn’t really an Obama support video, although it could be taken as such. Listen to the message. That’s what’s important.

    By the way, we already established that the popular vote doesn’t mean much these days, with the Gore/Bush debacle, which means that Obama’s speeches ultimately won’t get him elected [or he won’t get elected]. It is about substance and platform. How else will they get the states they’ve gotten? Not with pretty words.

  • Steve


    Just checking in to see if, five years later, you’re still falling for all that hopie changie snake oil.

    Are you?

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