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Hey all!

Well, you can see it’s a bit fancier around here, I am so excited to premiere the new design of my online home, my designer Jennymarie Jemison (@JMJTX on Twitter) has been working really hard on this site for a few months now, and I LOVE what she did with the place!

We worked together to be able to make it easier for new fans to find my stuff, feature my projects in an intuitive way, and provide links to actually support the stuff I make! I love the dynamic way the content loads in blocks, when Jenny sent me over the designs I was through the moon! (is that a phrase? Whatever.) The colors, everything is rad.My favorite part is the way the design is dynamic, so mobile can actually be a good experience for you guys.

I hope you enjoy, any bugs you notice please leave in the comments, or projects you want to see on the project page, or videos I didn’t list that you like that I did in “Other Projects”, or overall suggestions/thoughts/compliments. 🙂 Whatever, leave your feedback here!

  • Ryan

    Love the site! Great work:-)

  • Beau Ryan

    me likey

  • Allyson P (TorontoGal80)

    Hey Felicia! I adore the new site – the color scheme has such a sense of energy/vibrancy, and the dynamic content makes it look so lively, and I love the personalized text you wrote for each section! Fantastic job by all involved, and I’m sure the re-invigorated site will be a great way for people to discover all the cool things you do!

    So this is a minor bug report that I already sent over to Edgar. But just in case it gets lost in the shuffle, it looks like the historical comments/replies from quite a few older blog posts have gone missing in the transition. I know that may not be too much of a big deal. But as a fan, I kinda loved reading those early comment conversations that served as really cool historical records of the step-by-step growth of The Guild, etc. And it may be dorky, but it was really neat to see conversations between yourself, and Kiala and Veronica etc, back when you guys were first getting acquainted with one another. So the sentimentalist in me is hoping there’s a way to retrieve those historical blog replies, as they had a lovely ‘time-capsule’ feel to them 🙂

  • John P.

    Looks great!

  • Darren

    Love the new site!

    Bug found – typo under Shop > The Guild. The Guild: Munchin appearing instead of The Guild: Munchkin

  • greybirdtoo

    The new site is fantastic! I was flummoxed for a moment when it first started to load because it looked different I thought I’d mistyped the url, but only for a moment. It’s slick on a tablet, too. Really easy to navigate.

  • Chris

    I like the design. The typeface is atrocious on Chrome however..

    • ray

      Yup. The font is practically unreadable on Chrome.

    • Rowan Evenstar

      Also agreed its pretty rough to read in Chrome (I havent tried anything else)

      • Looks fine in Chrome for Mac though …

    • canuckkat

      Looks fine on Chrome for Linux. Could be a touch sharper, but not unreadable or too much of an eyestrain.

  • » Vyxxin «

    Love the new site! ♥

  • Wren

    The site looks fantastic and performs really well on both tablets/mobile/desktop. The typeface shows too thin and blotchy in Chrome.

  • Francis Fernandez

    Great Job, nice design, keep it up !

  • Steve Kawakami


  • Stacia Daniel

    Yay!! Congratulations!
    I like it. It’s ‘Happy’, like You! It’s been great following your career and your adventures all these years, and I’m excited that it just keeps getting better and fancier.

  • Stacia Daniel

    Whooooaaa!! Wait. Hold up… Um… under ‘Projects’… ummmmm…. WHERE IS BUFFY? I diligently looked under ‘Other Projects’ thinking it might go back to your work as a Potential… but alas, I don’t find it anywhere. WHAT THE WHAT?! C’mon! There’s got to be tons of us who have become fans and followed you to all your amazing awesome-ness BECAUSE we first saw you on Buff. Hell, I remember watching Christmas Post Office commercials and yelling, “Hey!! She’s a new Slayer!”
    And don’t tell me you didn’t love being depicted in comic form first as a Slayer. 😀

  • Darkzumi

    Felicia you are so hot!

    • Rev

      Okay Mugatu calm down. But yes I do concur, so hot right now.

  • Ed Prior

    I don’t know whether it’s just something going on with my computer, but when I look at your blogs homepage, the first line of this entry appears to say “I lay all!” which would be a bold opener.

    • Ed Prior

      In fact, I have to zoom in quite a long way before the text becomes properly legible.

  • Migzy

    Wow, it looks great! So much better than before. Like many others I’d recommend a thicker typeface/font for the text to make it more readable.

  • Lisa Pond

    I think it’s a beautiful design and most of the site runs fine on my computer but I just wanted to let you know that I cannot read the blog posts on Firefox. I use a Mac and for some reason, the blog posts will open on Safari but not on Firefox. Anyway, I love the new look!! 🙂

  • James Alexander

    looks great using Nexus 7 🙂

  • Aly

    Mobile version is fantastic <3 love this

  • Claire

    Very snazzy! I like it. Typeface is OK for me in Chrome on a Mac. On your Other projects page, I noticed the text stops after this line, “My Gimpy Life: I met my friend Teal Sherer on the “

  • darkflame

    Awesome – plus it let me find more projects your involved with I didn’t know off.

  • Paul Leath

    I just finished watching The Cult. Love, love, love all your work. I did ol’ Google search and came up with your website. You are asking for suggestions about, well everything. The older post are lost in the constant scrolling, it gets lost. Anyways, been a fan since Eureka but I’m glad I stumbled across The Cult. Keep up the great work, look forward to future projects.

  • John W

    Love the new site. Is there any chance the Guild Megaset is going to be released on blu ray?

  • Denai

    Hi, I know that I am probably in the minority here, but none of the links or buttons work in explorer.

  • not so informed

    Will you ever bring back the guild ? I must say that I found it by some strange force of nature but I was so glad that I did I am not what u call a well informed person because I am too busy with no time for my self .but when I watch the show and your blog I loved it all but I am tired of seeing all the shows that are with talent go away premature . I thinly it is incredibly talented of you to do all of this I just thinks the guild could be more

  • I was stumbling around G+ and found this. Funny I don’t know what to compare it to since I’m a first timer here. The great thing about the web, you can be old and still be a first timer. It’s really the content that’s important still – right?

  • Sandra Lago

    Really nice design! I do hope that you will be writing more in your blog in the future!

  • Erika

    The new website looks amazing and is so easy to navigate!

  • Felicia/Ms. Day, I’m sure you have heard this over and over, and although we have never met, I love you, your work, ext… I’m sure we will never meet but could you take the time to visit my site: I was going to make a site about you but that would just be a little bit creepy. This is bad enough. 🙂 I hope that you have a good day and a great life; Don

  • COME ON PEOPLE! Felicia does such a good gob. THIS is her>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Donald Bailey

    I still love you Felicia. Don

  • April Southerland

    I love the website, but I just want to say one thing. Please bring back The Guild!!!!

  • docteur deii

    vous etes mon actrice préféré, j’ai suivis presque tout vos films et series

  • noodlejimmy

    Just too cute Felicia 😉 Try not to unleash that all at once.

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