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New Theme!


Yay, the new theme is up and running, thank you Edgar, the protector God of the Flog forums and a savior when it comes to confusing glitches in WordPress themes! I’ve been drooling over this theme, inspired by Smashing Magazine and designed by Design Disease, for a while, but there was a glitch in the sidebar that Sir Edgar came in and fixed for us all to enjoy.

Of course, now that I downloaded more widgets, I have a mighty task ahead of me in getting the Now Reading widget to work. It’s showing up on the sidebar fine, but when you click on the library it’s an utter disaster. So, I’ll be banging my head against that for a while. Just don’t click on it and your eyes won’t be assaulted. I’ll let you know when it’s safe.

On another note, my push to get organized is being helped mightily by the cutest, bestest thing I’ve bought since my Prius: To-Do lists by Knock Knock. These have to be the YUMMIEST pads I’ve ever seen. I mean, I do this anyway with the post-its I stick everywhere all the time to keep my brain together, but this has….little check boxes :O Check out the other pads too, the Hour by Hour one would be valuable for me, to show me how much of my life I waste on a daily basis 🙂

  • Well, I just love the new theme! 🙂 Everything is well organized and very easy to find; creating a profile was easy, too! I also liked the nice touch of having the head shots also function as a link.

    I believe a great deal of *squee!* is in order!


  • Nice work Felicia! The Flog gets better every time I visit.

  • edgar

    I hacked it… with my handy dandy noteboo… err… javascript!

    Check out the Sidebar page… I was right, since this template has a widget for the sidebar, and it was modified, it started using the dynamic way of plugging in the sections…

    Should other blogs using this template become customized, the javascript code can be added to do the same thing and fix that issue.

  • love the side bar. with everyone getting cheaper and cheaper wide screen monitors, the sides are definitely a good way to expand; the grey background points out that it’s slightly separate; yet the rounded corners connect it like a drawer to the main content. good design!

  • oh, have you checked out the GTD to-do list fu? i’m a huge fan now. providing endless entertainment for my list management… and there are some tools out now that make it really interesting – specifically i can organize in a hierarchy of to-do lists but then switch the view into what are the next actions to do within certain contexts (like home, on the phone, at the store). being able to flip and see the list based on where the task is to be done, instead of what list it’s in, has been pretty ground breaking for me…

  • edgar

    About now reading… hit me up, you know where when you’re not busy…

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