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Got back from a lovely weekend away, hope all of you had an equally relaxing and enjoyable few days! I had two massages and both times the people were like, “Wow, you have a lot of knots in your back!” Nice to know I was certifiably stressed. It was great to be away from the computer, I made it a “no screen” weekend, didn’t bring a computer or cell phone or camera. As long as it seemed like I was away, I didn’t miss much of all. Just goes to show how efficient my time online REALLY is 🙂

I got a bug up my butt to redo this site, I’ve been focused on it like a laser the past few weeks actually, but in my time away I realize that in order to do what I need to ACTUALLY do (ie getting a second season of The Guild plotted out, and getting another spec script written) I need to cut out extra things in my life, for the short term at least. Realistically, I realize I have no time to really learn how to WordPress properly to do what I would like to do in my head, and no money to pay a fancy designer to do a custom site right now.

SO, I decided to use this one as an interim site until I find a nice Premium site to buy for cheap that I can tweak on my meager WordPress knowledge. I’m pretty happy with the bones of this skin, there are a lot of bugs I’m working out and I appreciate your patience if things look wonky for a bit. The only real drawback of it is the narrow blog column, but I think I can live with it for now. Let me know what you think!

This week I have a HUGE stack of books to review, I’m looking forward to getting the Flog back on track!

  • Very nice new design!

  • I actually really like this design, it looks really professional, though less colour than I imagine your life having.

    Maybe we can talk though, as on my 101 list I have “Learn WordPress” and “Transfer all Journals”. I also have, sadly, a lot of free time coming up (I will be working a lot, but saving for going back to uni to study radiology and so, not much room for going out on the town, lots of nights at home) so maybe I can try to tailor a design for you with heaps of HTML comments to allow you to go in and change whatever you want with out spending heaps of time on it.

    Anyway, it might be a good motivation for me to actually do two things on my list and stay home and save my money!!!! However, I know you like all this geeky stuff so you may want to learn it on your own too. 🙂

  • That is a smashing design for an interim. Looks really great. I love it. :o))

    Time off would be nice for me too, but can’t afford it right now. Well, can I? ;o)

  • Tyler

    I like the new look, although when looking at your whole journal I liked to be able to look back more than two entries. Oh well, it’s still a nice and refreshing change- although I do kind of miss the (forgive me if this isn’t what you were going for) 70’s-ish brown, orange, light orange colors.

  • Hi Felicia!

    I really like the new layout! It certainly is darn nifty… 😀

  • Dom

    My offer of help applies here too. 🙂 But this is actually a pretty good starting point.

  • soma

    im diggin the new font..


    the flickr set at the bottom reminds me
    of battlestar.. in a good way.. as in ©y|0ns

  • farfly

    Welcome back. I like the new Flog skin.

  • I think it is groovy.

    Kids say groovy.

    They do.

  • I like what you do with your blog and the time you put into it. Any hints or tips you have for worpdress addicts who are total noobs at CSS would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks everyone for your support! I can totally add back another blog entry on the front page, I just consolidated it to make the homepage shorter Tyler. I’ll do that for you! 🙂
    I did enjoy the other color scheme, but I got very bored with it. I might up tweaking this one, getting rid of some of the grey backgrounds etc.
    Jenifer, my advice is to find a skin you really like with MINIMAL tweaking, and go in and customize the images, and the css colors. Start there and learn how the skin is made. Then, start to shop other blogs, see what you want in your skin, find one that’s ALMOST there and try things that are more ambitious. Hopefully you have an IM friend who knows a lot to help you out of bad places ( btw Edgar I crashed the other skin I was working on, upgraded to 2.5 on the backup site and lost the whole shebang, I was upset for a second, but then healed) 🙂 Doh.

    I’ll make a post on WordPress this week as well, with some great articles I found, as well as skin resources I’ve found to be valuable.

  • I’m really liking the new theme 🙂

  • Nathan

    Hi Felicia, overall I think this version looks more professional and clean. I don’t think the narrow blog column is a drawback, because it feels like the whole page should be of interest, with a) as much as you have going on there, and b) as many updates and interesting information as that encompasses.

    Perhaps its my color-blindness, but the red words on grey background are really hard to read.

    I have the same problem: I should be focusing on my acting instead of trying to scheme up a cool new webpage or flash game. But my site needs some serious TLC.

  • Hi Felicia,

    I like the new layout and you’ve done a great job of fitting things in without it feeling cluttered. I also find it a little hard to read with all the red, but I’ll probably get used to that!

    Good luck with your writing and now you’ve had your massages and weekend away you’ll have no excuses and will be able to sit down and write away, unimpeded. Well, until you start to think about everything else you could be doing….!

    Just cram as many words into your wordprocessor as possible in the safe knowledge that you can edit it all later. You are a great writer and it’s all there in your brainbox, waiting to be unleashed on the world. Enjoy!

  • I dig the new design – looks great 🙂 we missed you at the Canter’s meetup.

  • I second all the compliments. The site is easier to read and look around. Dunno about the gray text on red; Nathan might well be right that it’s hard on the old eyes for longer posts. Oh, well, nothing’s perfect.

    Still, you seem to be improving on your skills in several areas-good work Felicia!

  • Hi Felicia, the site looks pretty good! Just wanted to say thanks for adding my site to your link list!

  • /b/rothar

    The template is well done, and nice color combinations too. But formats like this are just way too busy for me, it would be lovely if it’ll be just your cute face, your current blogs, your archive and maybe your twitter. And the rest would be in collapsable menus.

  • wow.. all different~.. need some time to get used to… must process…

    but looks great… nice new look 🙂

  • dominoera

    You said you have a bug up your butt. That’s hot, lulz.

    Seriously digging the site’s new look though.

  • thanks all! I want to add a background pattern for the body but for some reason it’s not loading (user error of course) and I want to replace the graphics for the Flog header and the ABOUT and HANGOUTS and make the flickr background wider so my head doesn’t get lobotomized because I switch to square thumbnail to fit in the lines, hehe. And totally lose the grey on the header so people don’t get their eyes lasered by the orange on grey.

    Any other suggestions on color schemes to compliment the dark orange icons (which are staying) is welcomed! Background images too!

  • Ben

    Hey Felicia–The new skin is lookin good. (Still holding out for something a little darker or gothy with a little more skull and crossbones feel…)

    My big suggestion is that you edit the front page text…you’re selling yourself short. It says, “over 800,000 page views and growing.” However, with all episodes, you have accumulated over 5,000,000 page views!

    Just for fun you also might want to consider inflating the number, “over 50 billion page views and growing!” 🙂

  • haha good idea, thanks Ben! I’m still hoping to do a WHOLE SITE redesign that puts the wordpress in the main directory, but I have to get a design down for that, and man, I just don’t have time for it, although I’d love to!

  • Glenn

    I attempted to subscribe to your RSS feed, but the link for RSS is a link to Adii’s RSS feed from their website. I looked for what seemed like forever for a way to contact you to let you know, but it seems the only way to do that that I could find was to leave a comment. You might want to consider some form of contact info. As a secondary oops, the archives link results in a server error.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Congratz on all your successes past, present and future.

  • Glenn

    Silly me. After I posted this I found your contact email on the front page of the site. I’d been searching Flog for it. *bonks head*

  • dylan

    The new skin looks great! Although, the pink was beginning to grow on me, haha. Anyway, yeah, great job!

  • Oh thanks so much I will fix the RSS.

  • Sounds like a very relaxing weekend.

    I went up to manchester to learn how to snowboard. Had lots of fun but almost frose my fingers off.


  • Hey Felicia must say the Flog looks MUCH better! For an interim state this skin works fine! Only thing is that the wishlist is missing…it was quite a motivation for me to get my things done everytime I saw it!

    Good Hangouts box! And I think the color scheme right now works pretty great…I know of a coupla of friends who couldn’t exactly tweak the WordPress design they mooched off someone to get the color they wanted, so they opted for pure black as bg color instead.


    Have a great weekend! Can’t wait for my No-screen time either, though probably I’ll have less willpower..AHH.

  • dominoera

    I just realized that on my Mozilla Bookmarks Toolbar, there is no cool little symbol next to this sites link. It’s just this generic little star. You should get a lil symbol if it’s possible. Unfortunately I have no clue how to go about doing it or I’d offer some helpful advice.

  • Lachlan

    I like this website, The colour is nice and it is very welcoming. It doesn’t give you a seizure when you’re on the main page like alot of other websites do.


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