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My Interview with Patrick is Posted on HIS Blog!!


In a grand, universal "circle of web life", check out author Patrick Rothfuss’ reverse interview with ME on his blog here !  Thank you Patrick for a lovely Flog experiment!

Winners of the paperback have been contacted, and I’ll send those books out this week. Hope everyone enjoyed the back and forth interviews! 🙂

  • Wonderful! I tremendously enjoyed reading both interviews, thank you, Felicia & Patrick!

  • Did you tell him that “you” had “remembered” the mismatched sock witch picture book title — Dorrie the Little Witch?

    The Internet loves you.

  • Both these interviews are fantastic! It is so good to hear both of you talking about the things that matter to you in a way we can all relate to.

    They are not like rubbishy magazine interviews with minimal questions and mostly fillers. I am not at all interested in whether you think Celeb X is gay, or pregnant, or both. But I am interested to know that you both work incredibly hard because you are doing what you want to do, what you feel passionately about. And that you are both control freaks – but in a good way!

    P.S. That bit about Celeb X, I may have been lying there – are they gay/pregnant/both?!

  • Temple

    Great job on both interviews you guys. I can’t wait to read the book now.

  • Kendall

    Uh, your ‘posts’ and ‘comments’ links for the feeds are right, but the hidden RSS link that browsers use to let folks just click a button to subscribe to the feed (without looking for a link to it) is wrong:

    So clicking the browser link for your feed…I get someone else’s. 😉

  • Kendall

    P.S. I loved both interviews, of course. 😉 And “The Guild”…you rock, Felicia Day!

  • Andrew

    Wes Bentley, ah Wes Bentley. He was the antagonist in Ghost Rider, of all things. “Coldheart” or something. He wasn’t horrible in it, but there was only so much to be done.

  • Kendall thank you much for that heads up, I’ll search and change it asap!

  • Nice interview trade. Reading Name of the Wind thanks to you and I can’t put it down, damn your good suggestions…

  • Dean

    I’ve seen some buzz about this book, but was holding off getting it. This kind of look at the author makes me want to read it. Thanks for giving me that extra little push!

  • Dallas

    You said you’d like to play Auri, but I see you more as Devi, the plucky loan shark with a heart of gold.

  • Great interviews, both – I have been reading Patrick’s blog for a while and came across his interview with you, then discovered you had a blog as well … score! I’m a huge fan of The Guild and have been evangelising it to all my friends here in NZ.

    The song ‘Circle of Life’ is stuck in my head now after that post. I guess it could be worse.

    Thanks, Felicia!

  • That was definitely cool. 🙂

  • conDion

    That was a good read of one of my favorite writers atm.
    I actually came here because of what he wrote on his blog.. all the talk about the guild…
    Thanks for the intervieuws

  • Just discovered the blog this evening. Great stuff! More author interviews, please.

  • Kyle

    Hey just started watching the guild. great stuff. Can’t blame zaboo to much, you are beautiful…

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