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My Favorite Web Photos


Courtney inspired me to post because of this link she posted in the “Sorry Michael Bay” entry. It inspired me to share, so here are my 2 favorite web photos of the year (so far)

Scary Seal

Dune Cat

  • Courtney

    (psst… I’m really a guy. And yes, my name is really Courtney. I’ve gotten it enough times that it doesn’t really bug me anymore when people make that mistake)

    Here are my two favorite pics:

    -Courtney (still a guy!)

  • Paul

    Hi Felicia! Long time reader, first time caller. I love the Sandwormcat!

    (The first image got hit with an anti-hotlinking image… although only when I loaded the webpage; when viewing it in Opera’s Feed reader, the seal is there in all his sinister glory.)

  • I’m definitely a ‘has a bucket’ fan myself. I think I’d be too hardpressed to pick two favorites… NO! I mustn’t toil with this! I MUST TOIL WITH WORK! WORK! ????

  • Oooh, sorry Courtney, assey assumption on my part. 🙂 HAHA those are great, I’m a addict, so anything with an animal.

    Check this out, I laughed hysterically:

  • I always had a suspicion that seals were secretly plotting to take over the world and use us as a food source. Now it’s confirmed.

  • Felicia, do by any chance peruse the Gamers with Jobs forums?

    I check it daily. Gotta get my quotient of hilarity in.

  • Mac

    im in school in computer class looking at the seal and we cant stop laughing im in g. 5

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