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My Dog is Cute


I thought I’d post something completely off topic, because even I’m boring myself by talking about my webisode so much (even though not much is going on OTHER than that, but still). 😀 I present to you: CUBBY.


Yes, he’s cute. And soulful. We’ve had him for 4 months now, got him at the pound during a “no-kill” adoption weekend. He was there for 2 months! 🙁 I can only thank that shelter for keeping their animals around that long, usually they only have a week. He was in a cage with a very barky dog, and only on the second pass around did we see him in the back of the cage, looking depressed. We called to him and he came up, put his paw in the gate and looked up at us like, “Get me the hell out of here.” And we did!

Cubby is pretty perfect. He’s quiet, he doesn’t drool a lot, he doesn’t chew on anything, he always has an amused glance ready for when he trips over something or falls off the car seat because I have a bad habit of slamming on the breaks. He loves to play with a tennis ball, but he only has 4 or 5 throws in him before he decides “Ok, let’s go in so I can have a snack now.”

He’s perfect except for one thing: His anxiety disorder. Yes, my neurosis even extends to my dog. He’s silent when we’re around, but he can’t be alone at home by himself without barking incessantly. We got a little crate that we have to put him in while we leave the house because he scratches at the windows and ruins them. I understand this is common in rescue dogs. He’s getting much better, but he’s still very anxious and upset when we get home from going out, which makes me feel like a bad parent. I’m going to hire a dog trainer to come help us, because I want him to be able to watch Animal Planet while we’re gone and not be anxious.

The weirdest thing that’s happened since we got the dog is that his poop has become a topic of conversation. After a walk it’s always, “Did he poop? Yes, he pooped.” Why the hell is that even UTTERED?! How has that become a normal question?! What have we become?!?  I know, too much information, but I’m hoping this is a universal phenomenon, other than a personal one. I’ve never asked another human about their poop, I promise. Really weird.

I hear this becomes common if you have a baby. My cousin even wrote down her baby’s schedule in a little diary which totally creeped me out. Doctor’s orders. That’s something you want her to show your date when you’re 16, eh?

I’m going to regret posting this, I know. Oh well. 😀

  • How cute! I know what you mean about talking about their poo. About 30% of what my wife Adelle and I talk about is related to our puggle’s poo. When we first got him he had bad diarrhea. It was all, “What was the consistency of it this time?” and “How many times has he gone today?” lol

    He also has the anxiety attacks when we leave him alone. He got better though. At first he would bark for hours and hours at a time, and he would scratch up the doors. We got a baby gate and locked him in the kitchen to help with that. After a while I think he realized that us leaving didn’t mean we wouldn’t come back. Try leaving him for short amounts of time and get him used to the idea that you’ll be coming back.

  • OMG I know! It’s like a red letter day when it’s easy to pick up! “Wow, Cubby had the firmest poo today!” Glad to know we’re not alone with it. And it’s not like we’re obsessed about poo, or I’d go poking my head in the catbox every day to see the lay of the land. It’s only because we have to walk him and watch him. Well, I avert my eyes to give him privacy. 😀

  • Beautiful dog. He has a face that looks old and wise. I myself have a border collie and golden retriever, and yes, poop is a major topic of conversation.

  • HAHA. No, actually my boyfriend installed a fan next to the bed with a switch near his head so that when our dog farts at night, he can turn it on and blow it away from us. THAT IS TOO FAR 😀 But man, was it a good idea.

  • Boris, I never noticed I write like that, LOL. Oops. Must be too much IMing. I think it trains you to be concise. Please shoot me if I start Twittering though. If I start telling people where I’m eating lunch and if I’m driving somewhere…no one is that interesting.

  • Boris

    Nah, I’ll shoot nobody, I’ll just raise my finger “Somebody’s gonna get a hurt”.

  • Nissa K

    Spoiler: Felicia, you end up having a great presence on Twitter.

  • Daniel Shoe

    You’re dog is the cutest I’ve seen in a while. Do you know the breed?

  • 😮 That dog is cute! He also looks like he is guilty about something!

    I have a staffie cross lab. Similar to your dog, mine has taken after my personality. That being she never stops eating.

    Winter has proven to be exceptionally dangerous for the town because the stores will more than likely run out of stock due to our need to get our Winter Fat on for warmth!

    The ol’ girl is 15 now and still plays around as if she were a puppy!

  • Melissa

    I was trying to look up pictures of your dog and discovered that you have a blog! Best. Day. Ever. 😀

  • Sharon

    We had a dog with the same problem as Cubby and with a little help he improved sooo much! You should give him a place that’s all his when you leave (a crate is PERFECT) and the goal is to make that a happy place. Every time you leave and he has to go to that place you make it happy and reward him with treats and praise. You have to let him associate that as a positive place because he’s always associated cages or being alone as negative. Soon he may even like the cage. Our dog LOVED his. Hopefully this helps (I know it’s a late reply lol).

  • Allyson (Toronto Gal)

    Given his current web-video notoriety and popularity amongst the G&S fanbase, I’ve gotta say that the story of Cubby’s adoption is as adorable as he is! So glad he found such a loving home 🙂

  • Gil Ramirez

    Reading this, Cubby reminds me of my dog when I had him. Keep him in your thoughts. 🙂

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