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More New Shows…TV has become homework!


So, last night in my 5th hour of TV, I wished that the networks would be a little less “all at once” about their new shows and space them out so people could actually watch and appreciate them. At this rate, if I don’t watch 6 hours of TV a night, my Tivo is going to get so backlogged that I’ll be slogging through it for weeks. Not to mention I insisted that I wanted to watch The War with my boyfriend, because I never sit through educational stuff. It’s 14 hours long. Help.
Ok, so in order now, the shows that I saw last night.

1) Heroes

I gotta watch this on Mondays because I’m so behind the curve by Wednesday! So, establish this was my favorite show last year, with the Office, and I have to say this premiere felt a little disjointed to me. I finally got what they were trying to set up by the end of the episode, but I don’t think you should have to spend 40 minutes going, “But I though…” and “That doesn’t make sense from the finale…” Anyway despite my skepticism, the new cast was surprisingly good. I love that they added Dania to the cast. Some Buffy people may remember her as a potential from the last season. She didn’t have a lot to do on-screen then, but we were all a tight-knit group that last 4 months of shooting, and I knew Dania was going to be big, she had a “star quality” about her that you know when you see it. Suffice it to say I think her character is gonna be cool! I actually found myself liking Claire’s storyline too, although really she needs to lay off the weird orange tan. Anyway, Peter showing up at the end was a given but still was cool to watch. And then…Amnesia?! Cornballll. I’m sure they’ll do something good with it, but overall I’m just hoping things get a little more focused after all the new people are established.

And as a general comment, I really don’t like the previews being whole season overviews on all the shows, it ruins surprises, like Sylar coming back. Even if you know it was gonna happen, it’s nicer to be wowed by it, than it being given away in a 30 second promo.

Onwardser and briefer…

2) Private Practice.

Ugh. This was a one timer for me. I’m not a Grey’s fan so maybe I was missing something, but when every plotline having to do with a wellness clinic results in an ambulance or police being called, you can’t have that much faith in the quality of medical care, can you? Also, why would a world-class neonatal surgeon go back to OBGYN work? Specialtists don’t backtrack like that for no reason, they go into huge debt to get their specialties and…

OK, it’s TV. Everyone looked pretty. Taye Diggs is still hot. Moving on.

3) Reaper

Now we’re talking. Objectively, probably my favorite show I’ve seen so far. Self-deprecating humor, really good acting, I really was excited about seeing more. Damn, they shoot in Canada so I’ll never work on it 🙂 I just really appreciated an hour-long show sustaining the level of comedy that you don’t even see in half-hours nowadays. Of course, this show was the THIRD or FOURTH show this season with the requisite scene between disaffected slacker big-box employee and imperious and self-important manager-type of said big-box store, but aside from that I really liked the characters and wanted to see more. #1 on my Tivo list.

4 ) Dirty Sexy Money

I wanted to hate this show. I read the script last pilot season and hated it. Well…I was wrong. I eat thorough crow. This show is so well cast and acted, it has a sense of fun underneath it that I never expected. All the characters are played teetering on the edge of making fun of themselves, but always having a grounded sense of reality. It’s really hard to do, and the wrong actors/director could have taken this into OC territory. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. It’s fun, and I usually don’t watch this sort of thing. I don’t know if I will watch the whole season, but I will definitely give it a few more tries.

5) Back to You

Er, is sitcom really dead? Sad face. This show I will watch because I am fiercely loyal to this format and the two leads are amazing at what they do. I can’t say I was laughing out loud at anything, but it hit all the required notes and I want to give it a chance. If it fails then there will be a continued spiral of networks not ordering comedies because they’re “dead”. How about ordering original out of the box comedies? Nah. That’s CRAZY TALK.

Ok, I’m tired just from reading all that TV I watched. Now…I have 4 hours of The War backed up. Shoot me now.

  • Paxx

    Can’t go wrong with a Ken Burns piece. World War II was such a different time and place for America as compared to todays conflict(s). He captures the homefront support and passion exquisitely as well as the true nature of war. All the tragedy, horror, and triumph of mans most deadliest endevour.

    For me most television is background noise. Pleasant and entertaining to a degree, yet lacking in any participatory fun. If you think about it the only way to actively support or be involved in most television is to buy the products advertised.

    I imagine it is fun and rewarding to create, I would rather do it than watch it.

  • Courtney

    Kinda wish Heroes showed more and started things with a bang, but it did set up like 5 storylines. It was just good to see a new ep again.

    Reaper I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope Kevin Smith stays on and directs more episodes. The best friend (takes me a few weeks to remember everyone’s name) steals every scene he’s in. So funny. Plus Ray Wise is just perfect as the Devil.

    Dirty Sexy Money I watched and liked, but it seems to be trying to do too much. Drama, comedy, mystery. Seems pretty unfocused. However, it’s pretty hard to not like Peter Krause. Who knows… it can be another Ugly Betty.

    Bionic Woman, I really wanted to like, being a big BSG fan. However, because of that, I find I’m rooting for Katee Sackoff’s villain character more than the protagonist.

    Finally got around to watching Chuck. I liked it. Intentional cheesiness is hard to pull off without looking lame. Kinda felt like She Spies a bit, but nowhere near as tongue in cheek. I did like seeing the old school Mac as the supercomputer.

  • Sandy

    I’m curious, what is your criteria for a show to make it on your ‘watch it at least once’ list?

  • Pretty much anything I might get called into for acting. Every show has a unique rhythm and pace and tone. You have to know something about a show in order to be able to act the scenes for it in an audition. So I try to do my professional homework and watch every show at least a few times every year, be familiar with the storylines and such.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I literally groaned out loud when I realized the amnesia storyline with Peter. So lame. I guess we’ll see where they go with this, as the first season didn’t get interesting until 7-8 episodes in.

    Well. To be honest, I surprisingly found Lost’s season finale more interesting than Heroes’ season finale. May have been because Heroes’ season finale ending was pretty transparent, and Lost’s last 5 minutes came out of nowhere to actually be pretty neat.

    I don’t remember Dania from Season 7…would have to rewatch those episodes. Heh.

    The rest of the series you mention I’m not familiar with but will have to track down, if only to watch the first couple of episodes. Except for Private Practice…saw a preview for it and it screamed David E. Kelly-if-he-were-a-doctor type of series.

    Though working with doctors I can understand why a world-class surgeon would do that type of work. Lot of complaining about malpractice and insurance in those high-risk specialties. Hear stories about doctors going to places like Florida given insurance rates all the time.

  • doc ferris

    Wow! I have heard of people sacrificing their all for their muse. Bitten to death by mosquitos in search of a rare tree orchid. Mauled by a polar bear whilst trying to save the seals from the Canadians. Drowned whilst trying to stop ships carrying nuclear waste from dumping at sea…….But six hours straight of American television….You have my undying respect!

  • Carl

    WOW! Thanks Felcia.

    I’m usually way behind the curve when it comes to identifying and downloading quality TV. Your reviews here are a great help.


  • Edgar

    Heroes – The amnesia thing is a MUST… Heroes is a comic book come to life. Once we all realize this, then it will be ok. Several people told me that it was slow. I liked it overall and didn’t think it slow at all. It did its job well… set up this season.

    Reaper – I may be the only one didn’t like this show as much as I did… I love Kevin Smith work, but I was disappointed. I will continue watching it, but it didn’t do the job for me.

    Didn’t watch the other shows and probably will not. I may have missed Bionic Woman, I may watch that show though.

    Oh and no wonder Dania looked familiar… I fail at being a crazy BtVS fan… Caridad…

    I can’t wait to see more runny mascara in Heroes due to Maya… lmao

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