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Messy Site Maybe


You might stumble through and see the site totally looking like bunghole.  That’s because I downloaded a bunch of skins to try out on the site and instead of doing the professional thing by testing them on an offline site, I’m doing it live here.     Why am I suddenly focused on redoing my website instead of the 150 things on my to-do list right now?  Hmm…

  • I like the new layout.. It’s nice and calm, by the way, I really love your blog and love the Guild videos.. heheh..

    Can you do me a favor and spread the word?

    October 27th, 2007 will be “Blog about your favorite blogger day!”

    More info please visit:

  • Ben

    Yeah, I like the layout too–quote a 180 degree turn from pastel flowers to this…makes me want to bury my cat and perform a resurrection. Way to rock the Flog!!!

  • OOps, I wonder which one you like, LOL. I’ve been flipping through quite a few of them!

  • Ben

    Great–Now its a different skin and my previous post makes me look like a psycho.

  • HAHAH. Ben, which skin did you see that you liked? I only plugged in like 10 of them.

  • Courtney

    Seeing the one with the stars. Not a fan. Too.. i dunno… kid-like.

    BTW, I’ve always wondered what that checkbox was below posting your comment. There’s no text and I’m not sure it does anything.

    Yet, I can’t stop clicking it…

    Secret Cow Level? I must know!

  • Not a big fan of this current layout but then again I’m a freak.
    (and for the record my name relates to being a huge fan of the show Twin Peaks)
    at first I thought I had gone to the wrong site.
    And what’s with this random box under the “Post Your Comment” bar – it doesn’t say anything next to it. Is that like the light switch in a house that doesn’t lead to anything. Kind of an oddity there.

  • This skin is crappy, you guys are right. NEXT!

  • Courtney

    This ones… umm… maroon?

    Not really more to say about it…

  • I need something I can move my whole site over to, have a Flikr feed at the top to get rid of the headshots page. I guess that’s just putting a widget in though

  • Great. The one I like best is broken. That’s fantastic.

  • Arkose

    hey what’s up, keebs? i saw your KFC commercial when i was in vegas. that’s really all i had to say. (=


  • Hey! OMG that commercial, fate will never let me see it! Good seeing you though! 🙂

  • Ok, I decided on a theme, but I got a lotta tweaking to do.

    I’m still curious as to which one Ben liked 🙂

  • Ben

    Hey Felicia–It was the spooky looking one with a cemetery on the right. I thought it would be a good Halloween theme.

    Side note–Not that you are dealing with a ton of free time but…are we gonna see a musical episode of The Guild any time soon? Please? I’ll bet you and Zaboo could do a serious duet. I’m picturing a West Side Story feel. Codex and Zaboo on a fire-escape, basking in the moonlight…magic.

  • haha good idea Ben 😀 Hmm, cemetery, I wonder which one it was…

  • Ben

    Yep, thats the one! Now if we can just give the ominous person a little red hair coming out of her hood…

  • lol lemee see… this could be a seasonal change until I get the other one to work…

  • Ben

    But now that I think about it, maybe a cemetery isn’t the way to go. Might not the best image to convey…first timers are going to say, “heh, she’s into death.”

    And more importantly, what happens if Steven Spielberg decides tonight is the night to pay The Flog a visit?

  • Well, I actually mocked it up and the site broke the header. I have no idea how. And I was looking so cute under that cowl…

  • Ben

    LOL you got it in!!! Well now you have no choice but to keep it. 🙂

  • Kobun

    I like the top image. Spooky! Would look cooler with ‘evil eyes’. I’m just saying…

  • Courtney

    Ahh… so the mystery checkbox sent me an email each time someone posted a reply.

    mmm.. spammy 🙂

  • This new header is very fun. The creepy cemetery has a great seasonal flavor.

    (One small thing: Should it be ‘Syndicate’?)

  • Edgar

    I’m gone a day and this happens???

  • LOL edgar, you sound traumatized!

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