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So, I’ve been working hard and I guess it’s paying off, yay!  I have FOUR projects coming out this month, three video game and one movie, so I thought I’d make a blog post giving you a heads up and dates and all!


Official Release date announced: OCTOBER 30th, Saturday night!  This is gonna be really fun, and if we can beat Sharktopus (with your help!) I would really be gleeful, so please set your DVR!!!  I worked out a lot for this part, so please please tune in! 🙂


Finally got a release date for this project:  October 19th (same as Fallout?!!?)  This game is from an independent studio, and is just really really fun.  You basically kill zombies with a guitar/drum controller.  I actually got to get my hands on it at E3.  When they pitched it to me to do a voice role (the lead girl character!), I was immediately drawn in by the idea that you could use your Rock Band/Guitar Hero controllers for something OTHER than those games!  GENIUS!  Who doesn’t have 4 of those instruments lying around!  The gameplay is cheesy fun, co-op is a blast too, and Neil Patrick Harris and I reunite to do the lead voices together, so actually…what is the DOWNSIDE here?!  The initial release is for Xbox and PS3.

The game has a new trailer on their website, and please pre-order at Amazon or Gamestop, these numbers will help this indie studio!


Well, when one of your favorite game franchises calls up and offers you a part AS A COMPANION, what do you do?  Well, I had a heart attack, and then I calmly said, “Yes, please.”  I am sooo lucky to be voicing the character of “Veronica Santangelo” in the new Fallout game.  I can’t tell you how exciting this is, the fact that I’m a playable companion with HUNDREDS of lines of dialogue is absolutely a dream come true.  So on October 19th (the same day as Rock of the Dead actually) pick up a copy and enjoy killing me off if you want, haha. 🙂

Check out their website for tons of dev diaries, etc…and lots of pre-order links here, it’s gonna be worth it.  I would be first in line if I wasn’t IN it already!


Riese is an AWESOME Steampunk web series that was briefly released last year, but was pulled to redo it’s distribution.  They’ve just announced over at NewTeeVee that not only is the series re-cut and ready to roll out on later this year, but that I am doing voiceover for their iPhone/iPad game!  It’s a REALLY cool project, not only because a game integrated with a web series is an amazing idea.  They’ve done a great job with it and I can’t wait for it to be released! (No set release date yet, but soon, I will update!
Whew! That’s a lot of stuff this month, but I really appreciate your supporting my work, thank you in advance, and let me know how you enjoy it!

  • Marc

    Marry me

  • Yay! So happy for you! Hope you keep busy and we see you in lots more stuff!

  • Almeister

    Looking forward to seeing all your hard work!

  • Bunnie

    You have no idea how excited I am for the new Fallout… and this makes it SO much better! I can’t wait! You are so lucky, lady! Congrats on so many cool projects, you are a real inspiration 🙂 Hope I can meet you again someday! (Pink haired girl at Toronto Fan Expo 2010, probably don’t remember but it was an honor!) ^.^

  • Chris

    Awesome!!! Congrats! Will definitely be on the lookout!

  • EPIC! I cannot wait to see Red. Making plans to clear that night specifically for you xD As for New Vegas, totally going to pick it as it is just awesome. Bonus that you are a companion. I will take a peek at the other two games since they did strike my curiosity.

    GL with your projects and your future endeavors!


  • zenmaster

    Awesome to have you in fallout cant wait, I just love your voice.

  • len

    Definitely up for Red.

  • len

    And Johnny Depp and Tim Burdon should tap you for Victoria Winters.

  • So glad you get to part of so many fun and exciting things. Looks like things are going well for you professionally. 😀

    On a side note, totally used “Do You Want to Date My Avatar” this week in a university class I’m involved in teaching. Got a good response from that. And believe it or not, it related to the curriculum. lol.

    Keep being awesome, Felicia! <3

  • Well I love fallout! I wonder if you got any funny lines to say in it? Like random things the same style as halo? lol I loved the marines random dialogue :p They were so funny.

  • I’m sitting here with my girlfriend. Her interests include zombies, Rock Band, and Dr. Horrible. When I told her about Rock of the Dead, I think her squeeing may have been audible three towns over.

  • kerilyn

    Wow Felicia that is an AMAZING amount of work. Congrats, some really big things to be involved in too.

  • Mikey

    Five words for you…


  • Kevin

    Wow! I preordered the CE of Fallout New Vegas and now I’m going to be looking for you in the game. HAHA!

  • Kevin

    Tooo bad I don’t get SyFy though cause I would have to see that show. Hopefully it doesn’t take long to show up on Netflix! 😀

  • Scott

    Yeah that’s not creepy stalker-like

    • It is so awesome that people like you exist in a world like we have. Thanks for being Felicia. Never let your dark side take over! /eyes Delicia.

  • Dani

    All sounds very cool!
    I might not check the games for now… I don’t game that much, and WoW is taking all my time, haha, but I’m super excited about RED!! I’m sure it’ll beat Sharktopus! =P

    Congratulations for all the current projects!!
    I honestly smile and makes me gleeful to see you succeed! ^^

  • Sasha

    Wow – you’ve really got your hands full. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to hear about your other stuff. 🙂

  • V

    After discovering “The Guild” and devouring 3 full seasons in one sitting I was on the lookout for another great web series. I found and tore through Sandeep’s other project (legend of Niel) and was at a loss. I was so excited when I heard about Reise and ran straight to youtube to dig into it only to be sadly disappointed that it was no longer on line. Cant wait to see it on Sci-Fi ( I refuse to use their retarded new moniker).

    Looking forward to Red too, hopefully it doesn’t fall into the schlock trap that Sci-fi’s other “original” movies tend to become. But with Felicia in it my hopes are high.

  • lildarien

    Cant wait to see Red and possibly play the games if I have time.

    Shouldn’t have given sharktopus free advertising though, i didnt even know about it, and now I do!

  • Awesome, now I really want to get the new Fallout game

  • Delilah

    FALLOUT3? *happyface* Totally buying that now.

    • Fallout new Vegas, the sequel (although #3 is AMAZING!)! It’s out October 19th!

  • Laura

    Sweeet~! Congrats on this all 😀

  • Moshe Yudkowsky

    The link to RED needs a spoiler warning.

  • You miss, need a vacation. Congrats!

  • TwistedMetal


    Are you going to be in Riese now?! OH PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE. I want to see you in steampunk bad-assness!

  • Anthony

    Your image in Red reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, like Buffy=compliment

  • cutner

    Can't wait for Red.
    Hoping for something more like Supernatural than Buffy – intelligent, funny, with decent action but not too earnest..
    last decent felicia fix was dollhouse finale.. will make do with guild eps till then

  • Andreas

    OK, you have just given me a new reason to purchase Fallout: New Vegas. I guess I better check to make sure my video card is up to snuff.

  • Smokin-Sama

    OMG that rocks. I was gonna buy New Vegas anyway since I love fallout, but the fact that you’re in it makes me want it even more =D

  • Wil Gloria

    I hadn’t been planning on getting new Vegas, as I never really got into the franchise. Now, though, being the obsessive fan that I am, I may just have to pick up a copy lololz

  • Tony

    Please have Nathan Fillion, Neal Patrick Harris, Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku and anyone from the shows you worked with Whedon on in the past do cameos next season on the Guild, please?

  • rodier

    yay! will play new fallout just for felicia.
    but im afraid what will be when she grow up and be profi actrrss? we lost her? ;(

  • RedCyren

    You sold me on Rock of the Dead. Hadn’t heard of it yet. Best wishes with all your releases! ~Toronto Silk Spectre!

  • PaulDonn

    I just pre-ordered fallout last night, I can’t wait. I knew you voiced a character in it but I had no idea that she would be a companion character also, Veronica and I will raid the New Vegas wastelands =)

  • Capnobody

    Preordered Fallout LV months ago and was pleasantly surprised to hear you are par of the project. Very Shiny!

  • I’m really happy for you, getting to do all these cool things – I can imagine how great it was to “be” a companion in Fallout 🙂

  • Yay awesome! I’m looking into getting an xbox soon (I don’t have a console.. how dare I even call myself a gamer haha) so will definitely look into getting those games. There is so much choice, need to narrow it down somehow right.

    Any idea how us Europeans will be able to see Red?

  • Any word on when we may see Red on Space channel in Canada?

  • Dave

    Funny, when I read “Companion” my brain jumped and shouted “PLEASE BE FIREFLY!! PLEASE BE FIREFLY!!”.

    One track mind.

    Felicia in Fallout 3: Vegas guarantees a release day purchase for me.


  • cid

    There is a guild videogame. its called wow

  • cid

    And please stop calling it fallout 3: Vegas. its not.

  • So, I never got far in Fallout 3… I am terribad at that game, stupid firey ants! I have been looking to get back into it and try to master it…

    Now, with Felicia as a possible companion in Fallout New Vegas, I will be oh so tempted to see how many ways I can get her killed… (hope she doesn’t read this and fire me…)

  • TW Andrews

    Congrats on everything you’ve got going! How do you find time to do all of this + everything else? Are you sure that you don’t have a secret twin that lets you get twice (or more!) as much done as the rest of us?

    • Mohammed

      Cool. I can’t help but wonder about Zachary Levi’s role now.

    • Leon

      I’d already pre-ordered New Vegas, this just confirms it was a wise decision. Looking forward to seeing your character kick-ass in game. Just have to resist the temptation to scream “Heal me Codex!” in battle.

  • I was already excited about Fallout: New Vegas, but you just sent me over the top 🙂

  • Congratulations.
    You’re like the only woman in the World I’d stop being gay for.
    I mean, not only you’re witty and smart, you do your own webseries, you were offered some roles by Joss Whedon and to top that you’re a girlgamer. Not to mention you’re a beatiful redhead.
    Anyway, I hope it will make you feel a lil better about yourself, knowing that you have an everlasting fan in Poland.
    Take care.
    Oh oh, and keep up the Good Work.
    Now I’m considering buying Fallout.
    But I wish they’d offered you a voice acting job in Final Fantasy. Or any Square-enix game for that matter. You would totally rock it!

  • AZSharksFan

    Nooo!!! Marry ME!

  • Rayne

    That is a brilliant idea.

    We should start a petition to have Felicia’s voice in the next Final Fantasy.

  • Soma

    if you get us caught while trying to sneak-kill-loot

    well im just gonna be upset.

    and complain to ppl in chat about it… =D

    i want to craft new weapons SO bad.

    why oh why cant i have TWO! death claw hands!?!?

    thanks for the updates.


  • Josh

    I foresee a LOT of creepy mods for Fallout: New Vegas coming out as a result of you voicing Veronica.

  • Pims

    You sir, are a genius! Seconded.

  • Really looking forward to seeing Red, Felicia, and idea when it’s airing in the UK?

  • Wow! I love Fallout – congratulations for getting the possibility to voice the character of Veronica Santangelo. Bob from Cat Illnesses

  • Martin

    I’m getting Felicia as a companion forever.

  • Rhydal

    Wow, busy busy girl, keep up the good work though. Gaming in general would be a little darker, and alot less pretty without you. *waits for more of The Guild* just realized thats another thing thats been taking up your time. Don’t burn out on us xD

  • crunk-o-matic

    im in love with u felicia so crazy hot

  • Katy

    I’m really pleased to hear that you’re voicing a character in Fallout New Vegas! Definitely a bonus ^_^

    Congratulations on all your projects!

  • You. Are made. Of awesome. I love that you’re always actively working toward the next thing. I haven’t been faithfully consistent with your blogs, admittedly, but when I do read up on what you’ve been doing, I get really excited. The reason why I get so stoked is because you never stop going, never stop moving, and are always looking forward. Even if there are a million glitches within the day, you never stop moving forward. There are very few celebs I follow and even fewer I would deem role model worthy. You are really, truly, a rad and inspiring woman. Keep it up!

  • Leon

    Just found your character in Fallout New Vegas, you’ve got hilarious lines. I lol’ed when your character talked about the Brotherhood “Codex”, was that purposely an in-joke?

    And your character is quite the ass-kicker…

  • Dara

    I discovered “The Guild” only three short days ago (thanks to my hubby) and in what seems like a very short amount of time, have watched all available episodes.
    I am completely in love with the show, and with all the characters.
    I know, that’s kind of creepy. Especially considering I am a lifetime Lord of the Rings Online player… WoW’s unofficial antagonist, or so I have been told. (Of course, we feel like we are the protagonists. What with the whole destroying-the-One-Ring, saving-Middle-Earth-yadda-yadda and all that.)
    What I’m trying to say, very in adequately, is… please keep the episodes coming! Right now I feel like Vork, driving around in his van, knocking over trash cans left and right, trying to figure out where his place is and what he is supposed to be doing. No more Guild webisodes to watch… phantom limb pain…

    And thanks for making an absolutely awesome show!

  • kboy

    Can I get a hug? ;D Absolutely love your work ^o^

  • You + Fallout = awesome!

  • Hi Felicia. The recent Twitter storm of your comment about the gingerbread cookies brought you to my attention. I have viewed your “reels” and remember you from the “House” episode. You certainly are a very talented and versatile actress.

    Back to the bad gingerbread cookie tweet — I have written a story (partly based on my Great Pyrenees, Bella) called “Santa Claus and the Lost Dog”. This is a web storybook and yes, it plays beautifully on tablets and other mobile devices.

    Stray Rescue, (, will receive $1.00 for every web storybook purchased. As Bella is fond of gingerbread cookies (see her image in the video), I thought I might request that you tweet about “Bella loving gingerbread cookies and belly rubs” along with the URL I posted – and the support of Stray Rescue.

    It would certainly keep the Twitter community engaged in the conversation and promote a unique children’s book for the holidays. You will see that we blend the paper and digital world with our delivery of a real post card from Santa that contains a magic ticket. The ticket starts the adventure and the story. Thank you – Mark
    Follow @webinarresources

  • Yaz

    Hey Felicia,

    Just discovered the guild thanks to a CNN article. Looks awesome! Also, I loved your quote to CNN cause it made me grin…I never thought I would hear a girl combine both star wars and D&D in a single quote AND get it published.

    Great Work!

  • William

    I realized after I killed Veronica where I recognized the voice from. I felt very bad afterwards.

  • Jack

    Congrats Felicia on all of these projects. Keep them coming! 😀 By the way, whens Guild Wars 2 coming? 🙂

  • When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Bless you!

  • Badrock

    Love your work. Love WoW, love cataclysm, wish blizz would use you for something they do (not sure if they have). Well anyway, congrats on all the awesome stuff that you got going on, and I am looking forward to seeing more. who knows maybe blizz will use you in something for wow one day. I think that would be fitting:) Again congrats and continued good luck with your career:)

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  • nic blog i agree with most of your points

  • zefiewings

    I realize this is a very old post but I have to comment. I hope you even see it (it’s so old!)

    I am head over heals in love with the beautiful Veronica Santangelo, and have been avoiding looking up her voice actress. I have had far to many instances of the voice actor/actress being too…different from the character. I found this blog by accident when looking up ronnie quotes. I can’t believe how cute you are! sorry if that sounds disrespectful in anyway but I do mean it sincerely. I thought there was no way you would be as cute as veronica but there it is.
    The best part was when I read that you were already a fan of the fallout series, and reading other random posts you are clearly a geek. It doesn’t get any better than that!

    Keep doing games, and posting. I promise not to stalk you all creepy like or anything. 😉 I just think that we don’t hear enough about it when people like what we do.

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