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Me at E3 for Xbox

  • Skotte

    yer so cute 🙂

  • Charlie

    I was in the audience and was really pleased to see you there ^_^ I vlogged about the conference and talked about you a bit too, but in a way that would make me totally embarrassed if you ever saw it, so I refuse to link to the video xD

  • That sounded way scripted and stiff. Left me with an impression that you were given a wrod-for-word text (made by “proper” advertisers) that you had to say, so all you could do was to add tiny snippets of your usual way of talking (random and uncertain in a cute & funny way on the surface, but clear and straightforward in meaning) around the edges of the central concrete block of boring, plain advertisement stuff. Please tell me that was the case, because the only other option I have is that you got scared and didn’t know what to say. 😉

  • dandelion

    I watched the press conference at microsoft here in vienna and I swear, I squealed a little when they announced you 🙂

  • Sadly, I must agree with Shadowbird – you seemed really uncomfortable and ill at ease. It definitely came across as “I’m doing this to fulfill obligations, not because I want to.” Understandable and entirely legitimate, but it still left you looking like a (really, really cute) deer in the headlights of an oncoming semi.

  • Protector one

    Brilliant move of Microsoft to ask you to do this. I would have totally ignored this piece of propaganda if it wasn’t for the cute girl presenting!

  • Oof – I see Game Trailers still have a very peculiar sense of volume levelling around those intro/outro graphics!

    Congratulations on the gig – I can’t say for my own part that social media on my TV looks anywhere near as approachable or rigid as it is on my PC, but it’s good to see companies trying new things all the same. Nice to see them supporting quality performers, too!

  • awesome =)

  • aw, I thought you looked and sounded great! and what you were presenting looks pretty cool.

  • Joe

    I think you nailed it! Honestly, how much personality can one be expected to inject into a presentation, especially when dwarfed by ginormous screens and surrounded by what sounded to be a audience mostly pulled from the morgue? Nice job, lady!

  • They definitely let me change a lot of things around to fit my verbiage a bit better although there were obviously key points I needed to say. I tried my best, to make it natural, that’s all one can do, their best at the moment 🙂

    • idc

      You did a wonderful job of the presentation. Sure, you did seem quite nervous, but if you show me someone who says they aren’t nervous under such pressure, and I’ll show you a liar! 😉

      I think you’re lovely! *hugs*

  • I only watched the Microsoft presentation on G4 because you were on it. They should have you come back every year.

  • Although you were obviously nervous, I thought it went well. When I feel nervous in situations like that (I’m a teacher), I remind myself that I am the expert and they don’t know anything. That’s why they are there – to hear me talk! 😀

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