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Magic Lost, Trouble Found Love!


You guys know how much I love Magic Lost, Trouble Found,Lisa Shearin‘s fantasy series about elven sorceress and seeker Raine Benares. Flatteringly she’s nominated me (and Miranda Otto, who…ok she’s great, I have to second that one 🙂 ) as her dream leads for the movie version of Magic Lost, Trouble Found! Yay! Check out the entry on My Book, The Movie, a pretty cool blog! Thanks Lisa!

  • That’s awesome! Let’s hope she gets offered a movie because it would be awesome to see see you in more stuff. You have the tools, you have the talent! 😀

  • Tough choice. Personally I’d love to see you playing that kind of character (non-shy and hardly showing any insecurity). After looking up Miranda Otto (embarrassing, I know) and wondering if she’s early 20s or early-40s (makeup, lighting and photoshop.. turn anyone into anything).. were was I? Oh, right. A studio would probably pick her, just because she’s got the bigger name attached AND it also happens to be a fantasy flick where she played a similar role.

    Maybe in preparation for the eventuality you should audition for more tough-chick parts, just to demonstrate that you can play that, too ,-)

  • Ben

    Wow talk about high praise from the author!

    And btw–I totally prefer the blue background. That tangerine color was burning out my retinas. (not really, but this is way better)

  • Randy

    Thats like friggin awesome! Why she would nominate anyone else is totally beyond me. I can’t wait to see you do this project!

  • Hi Randy,
    Miranda Otto was my readers’ choice winner in a contest I had many months ago, so I kinda felt obligated to mention her, even though as far as I’m concerned, she plays second fiddle to the incomparable Felicia. ; ) (Sorry about that, Miranda. You know how these things go.)

    I just watched Dr. Horrible — I LOVE it! With your permission, I’d like to post it on my blog on Saturday and plug the heck out of it during the “Cast My Characters” game that I’m doing for Armed & Magical next week. I can’t wait to see the final product.


  • totally plug it Lisa! I bet your fans are have a lot of Whedon crossover since you use humor and action so well in your books.

  • Cool nice performance!

  • Consider it plugged — my readers will love it!


  • Happy birthday Felicia 🙂

  • QuoterGal

    I know this is off-topic, but wanted to say it here anyway: Appy-Hay irthday-Bay. May they be always sunny, and hopefully eternal. Yay for the Science of Longevity!

    “To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.” – Bernard Baruch

  • Gag Halfrunt

    Happy birthday, Felicia!

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