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Mad Scramble!


So I got back from Alabama Sunday, after taking a 6 am flight.  Talk about stupid.  Why did I think it was a good idea to have to get up at 4 am to go to the airport?  And then we sat at the gate for an hour while they CHANGED A TIRE.  With 200 people on board!  Can you imagine?  Why didn’t they do it BEFORE they loaded the plane?  I mean, when I take my car to the shop to be serviced, I don’t stay sitting in it reading my book as they jack  it up to work on it!

Bah.  Anyway, it’s been a mad scramble ever since I got back because we’re shooting new Guild episodes this weekend, yay!  We had been holding off because of finances and a few companies being interested in helping us produce, but we finally got enough money in our Guild donation box to make the bare minimum for our budget, and we decided to go ahead and shoot!  Thanks so much to anyone who donated, you really made it possible for us to “keep the funny going” 🙂

So now, I need to finish rewriting and get the script to everyone, get people to help work on the crew and be extras, and I need to find a few fake ficuses.   Not necessarily in that order.  It’s going to be hectic getting everything together, but it’s fun to be shooting again, these episodes are going to be really fun!

  • Dustin

    I live about 45 mins from LA. I was a crewmemeber in high school for plays and such so I’ll help if you want. Oh and I’ve got a friend who plays WoW a ton and graduated from UCLA film school. He’s available for sitting there and looking pretty.

    If you don’t need us, I’m afraid I’m poor so I’ll just have to keep enjoying the episodes 😀

  • Carl

    “Fake Ficuses?”

    Is that some kind of new euphemism?

    Felicia, you look wonderful just the way you are: don’t change a thing!


  • LOLOL Carl. Dustin, I may be emailing you, be careful what you offer! 🙂

  • Yay. For fake ficuses I mean, I don’t care about the new episodes. 😉

  • Dustin

    If you really did I would take it seriously. Also I’d send you pics or whatever you call them (headshots?) of my friend and I believe he has an audition video or something along those lines. If you felt he was right as some silly character…he plays a rogue and can look crazy so might I suggest he is a “Mad Ganker” that you have to take care of or something along those lines.

    Meh I’m rambling, it was just something that I thought might be fun. I was thinking of being a stuntman but this’ll do for breaking into the internet show-biz.

  • Yes!!! More episodes of The Guild, huzzah!

  • somasaint

    how was ‘bama?

    on an strange/good note [or bad in some ppls minds]
    my motorcycle just came in from sanfran..

    SO HAPPY..

    the reason i say this.. is cus you left AL about
    the same time my bike left CA and then.. well
    whatev it was just a weird exchange of mass..east
    coast to west coast and back..

    except you probably weight less than one of the
    wheels.. 😛

    dont look at me like that.. i havent slept yet..

  • LOL soma.
    Alabama was good. My grandfather had his 80th birthday, looking great! We went to a Korean restaurant and the chef made him a pancake when he found out it was his birthday. Is that traditional? Whatever, it was good.

    We actually need people who can just sit and make the restaurant look full, and maybe help move equipment around. It’s the unglamorous stuff that it’s hard to get people to do! 🙂

  • Courtney

    sigh… I wish I was in the neighborhood to help. I’ve been editing projects on my computer so long that it feels like forever since I’ve been on a set. I actually liked doing the unglamorous stuff.

  • Dustin

    I’m one of those kinds of people…strong back…small mind. I didn’t want any sort of on screenyness unless you need filler. I can fill space it’s what I’m best at.

  • edgar

    I may live in the Midwest, but given enough notice time, I’d prolly fly in for the weekend, even if I could just hang out on set, or whatever “set” means…

    Been wanting to go back to CA sans-the-family since I was there in July, for a few days.

    Come to think of it, it doesn’t have to be weekend, if I can spend some time at a Starbucks or just with Internet to do work… 😛

    But yeah, seems like Dustin is serious about it… ask me and I’ll be there too 😉

  • Carl

    Felicia, when it comes to crowd scenes:

    Are you a member of the Traditional “3-Natter/3-Gromish” sect?

    Or, are you a “Rhubarb” Modernist?

    Weigh your answer carefully….the Department of Homeland Security’s Screen Actor’s Guild Annex has eyes and ears everywhere.

    For all you know: one of us could be one of Them….

  • If CA wasn’t a 2 day drive or an 800 dollar flight I’d be there. 🙁

  • Michael

    Oooo, new webisodes coming soon. Sweet!! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any ficuses.

  • edgar

    I’m hoping to spot the huge mayo jar…

    Oh and bacon, great episodes have bacon.

  • Hi, hello, privet

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