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Lupus Walk


The LA Lupus Walk took place two weekends ago and I wanted to thank everyone on our team #ClubMo and on our donor lists for making it possible. We raised over $75,000 for Lupus research, I raised over my goal of $12,345.00 (arbitrary haha), and the walk overall beat every goal in the past for the LA walk, raising over $225000.  @motancheroen is the most loving wonderful person I know, and the fact we could support her and publicize the disease she lives with every day was so amazing.

My intern Brit put together this lovely video of moments from the walk to share with you guys, some of you who donated a lot got sent a DVD or a signed headshot as my thanks, but every single donation was appreciated.    Also a big shout out to Nirvana, our team captain and whose idea this all was, to Jinx tees for making our shirts, Mike Teeter for making the ClubMo tees, and to Mike Cionni for providing the music for the video.

I want to thank EVERYONE for supporting me, this was the first time I’ve ever done a big charity push and it was so gratifying to do some good, I’ll be sure to do something in the future we can all share in again, and truly make a difference.

  • Fun video! Hoping my Epilepsy walk this month is just as exciting.

  • I remember when I was a kid, a girl who lived across the street from me had lupus. At the time, being young and having never heard of the disease before, I thought it had something to do with wolves. Like she was a werewolf or something. lol.

    The reality, though, is so sad. This is such a great thing you participated in.

  • Thank You for supporting Mo and everyone who lives with Lupus… you are a real Lupus Walk Star!

  • Wow, that was a LOT of money and I love that you chose an arbitrary number! So much fun.

    Question for you–I am the forums moderator for National Playwriting Month (, which is held online every November. I have been doing this for a few years, and it’s a lot of fun and a lot of work. I was wondering if you had am a moment, if you could provide us with a quote about writing–perhaps about keeping yourself going under the stress of everything else in your life going on, or maybe telling us what your writing day looks like–something inspirational that my fellow playwrights will find useful to keep themselves going through the month as they attempt to write at least 75 pages in 30 days. I really admire your work–and you’re always busy with some new project! I would be interested to find out how you write with all your projects.

    Thanks, Felicia! You can contact me through my blogspot or national playwriting month’s website.

  • I believe there’s a typo in Mo’s twitter. I think you meant: @motancharoen. Yes?

  • Markus Hunt

    Stirling effort by all involved. The spirit shown in the fund raising and walk itself is a small example of the spirit Mo shows every day. Such a gem of a person!

    ClubMo rocks.

  • foureyes

    I have to say this made me choked up! I have Lupus and this made me want to hug every single person I saw in the video. You all rock. <3 When I see people making this kind of effort I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

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