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afficheA3_AFELICIADAYINPARISHey all!  I am GOING TO EUROPE NEXT WEEK!!!! Here’s the info if you are in London or Paris! Stop by!

Firstly, I am going to be an official guest at the STARFURY CONVENTION INVAS4ION in London from June 22-24! It’s a very small con, only about 250 attendees usually. I will be with Sandeep (Zaboo) from The Guild and we’ll be there all weekend hanging out. Much more informal that your average con, so I’m looking forward to it a lot, meeting anyone who is attending, dancing, etc 😀

After that, I’m going to Paris to do a few small events to coincide with the release of Region 2 Guild season 4 DVD! Below are the deets.


-Signing Session (25th june – 17h00)

Signing session on The Guild #4 DVD box (published at LBL42) at Le Dernier Bar avant la fin du Monde ( in Paris, Place du Chatelet.


Meeting with Félicia Day and 3 fantasy and brit-lit authors published at Bragelonne ( : Mel Andoryss, Samantha Bailly and Alice Scarling. Discussing “Best Served Cold” by Joe Abercrombie. 5 readers will also be selected by Bragelonne to discuss with those 4 guests about their last readings. Audience is admitted. Free entrance.

Place : Le Dernier Bar avant la fin du Monde

Gifts will be offered to the audience (limited quantities)

afficheA3_SOIREE-WEBSERIES-GEEK SHOWTIME 1.0 (Party on 26th june from 18h00 to… 1AM)

Felicia Day will be the president of this show with famous french webseries directors and actors : François Descraques (Le Visiteur du Futur), Ruddy Pomarède (Damned, Flander’s Company), Davy Mourier (Space, Nerdz, Le Golden Show), Fabien Fournier (Noob), Remi Hoffmann (Les Seigneurs d’Outre Monde), Tony l’Orc (Naheulband), Pen of Chaos (Naheulbeuk)… 

Program : Panel, exclusives videos, premieres, live music.
Place : The Showcase ( ) – Under Alexandre III bridge, Champs Elysées Harbour, 75008 Paris

Price : 10 euros – place available on : paris-geek-showtime-10


The Paris events will be a bit crazier but still fun, and I don’t know French, so should be a blast, haha. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you there during my whirlwind trip! And if not, I’ll see you at San Diego Comicon maybe?!


  • AlanAlmeria

    Hi Felicia! Assuming everything arrives in time – fingers crossed – I’ll be looking forwards to saying a somewhat more direct hi at Invasion 🙂

  • Arkona

    Hey Felicia, the link to the event is broken…

  • CyrielF

    Can’t wait to see you again in Paris !

  • Daniel Baker

    Inva4ion is 20-22 not 22-24 according to their site

  • Social Netwooky

    Fun fact : Samantha Bailly authored a book a very good friend illustrated. So now I’m ‘connected’ via only 2 persons! Yay … Less fun fact : doesn’t mean I will be able to drive to Paris for any of those events :/

  • Mlune

    I would have wanted so much to see you in Paris, especially for the geek showtime… To meet you, of course, but also because François Descraques is like the BEST person in the world, and I really admire the other guests too, they’re really references in the French web. And all of you meeting and discussing would be SO interesting! So many talented and inspirational people in just one room *.* But sadly Switzerland is a bit far away…
    Anyway, I wish you to have fun in Europe, enjoy your trip 🙂

  • mganai

    Yeah. SDCC indeed. Hope to run into you again there.

  • ChristopherStargazer

    Have fun, and beware of horse burgers.

  • _olivierh

    I’m so sad :(, I can’t be in Paris this wednesday !!!

    Enjoy your Europe trip, I hope You will love our capital, Paris 🙂

  • Have fun. I’d love to go to Europe one day.

  • Jen Brett

    “le singe est sur la branche” is all you need to know

  • richard_willey

    If you have a free meal in Paris, strongly recommend “Spring”

  • Troy Morris

    Oh darn, was so hoping you ment London Ontario…

  • Christopher Slavin

    And I just got back from Paris! Oh well, enjoy the cuisine and take time to see the sights.

  • Jennifer Luchsinger

    Travel safely, sweet girl! Hi from Matt and Jen. BTW, now that I know where you’re going, ten pair of shoes doesn’t sound excessive at all. You’ll need them!!Go have a GREAT time. xoxo

  • Jennifer Luchsinger

    BTW your hair is so so freakin’ adorable. I was going to cut mine short but Matt said no. LOL 🙂

  • LustforL

    bordel juste au moment où je vais dans le sud Felicia est à Paris. I think i should organize a convention in Alsace to meet you.

  • Oh no… Will you still be in Paris on Saturday? Is there any way we can meet you then?
    You’re my favourite actress, I’ve just finished The Guild and it was amazing, meeting you would be the best thing ever, but on the 26th and the 27th of June, I have a HUGE exam, so I won’t be able to come to either of the events in Paris… T-T
    Anyways, I hope you have a great time, London and Paris are both awesome. xx

    • Actually, I think I’m gonna try to come at the signing on Wednesday. I’ll revise like crazy before.

  • Karli

    Hi Felicia, if you’re in central London on the 24th, come join some authors at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club!

  • Aaron

    I really wish I didn’t have exams this time of year otherwise I would come to meet you in London. The ticket price for invas4ion is definitely higher than my budget but I would really love to meet you outside of that in like a fan meetup thing but I know that wouldn’t happen 🙁

  • Corrado

    Hi Felicia! I read that you will be soon in Europe, will you also come to Italy?

  • Hanlyn Tyler

    Are you going to be doing any meet ups in London before the con? I’m only going to be there until Friday and it would be amazing if I could meet you

  • Ethrahil

    I am so looking forward to meeting you! 🙂

  • Robert

    London and Paris are awesome…. I prefer them off season though. Around Christmas they are both amazing. I now have a major problem…. I have, yet again, developed a crush on a red head…. First time I’ve seen or heard of you Felicia…. And its moments like these that make life so grand. Love what I read and see of you. Where were you geek loving girls when I was your age? 🙂

  • Desine Lanes

    You’re leaving one day before I get to Paris!! I’m so sad.

  • ludovic

    I hope you enjoyed your stay in Paris and that we’ll have the chance to see you again around here.
    I’m very happy I had the opportunity to tell you how amazing you are.

  • Cam

    Hi Felicia. are you considering making a guild season 7 because through that and your songs ‘do you want to date my avatar’ and ‘I’m the one that’s cool’ it has made me feel less like an outsider because I am into gaming and stuff. can’t wait to actually meet you at Mcm

  • Waw, i love to have this.

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