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Link to an Interview I just did….


Want to post this link to an interview I did for the new site Girls Don’t Game. The periwinkle color soothes me, be sure to check them out!

  • I am SO glad you decided to let us interview you!
    You had the most amazing and thought out answers I have ever read in an interview. I especially loved your comment about loving the Sierra Adventure games…you’ll probably enjoy Part 2 of my tribute to Roberta Williams. I’m going to go into much more detail on King’s Quest and her other lesser-known games.

    You were definitely a wonderful person to interview, and I’m so glad you like the layout – Monique worked really hard on it!

    Thanks again!

    And I can’t wait for episode 4 of The Guild!

  • “WoW demonstrates that women like to kill things too, they just like to wear attractive outfits while doing it.”

    That’s why a lot of male gamers hate us – they would love to wear the sexy stuff, too, but they’re afraid. 😉

  • Totally. They all want to wear black, studded, slingshot bikinis and swing swords at big creatures.

  • Joe

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  • Edgar

    Still waiting for the Dwarf Hunter (fully clothed thank you very much!)…

    All I’m saying.


  • Dustin

    I wear [Rattlesnake G-String of the Bear] when I farm.

  • Toby

    I saw “The Guild” featured on YouTube.. congrats!

    I at the website reading the bios of the cast and was very surprised to see you were from Huntsville! Hm… I didn’t plan this far ahead… So I don’t really know where I’m getting at now… Except for “Yay, we’re both from Huntsville!”

    So yeah =]

  • Dustin – Right on! Personally, I love playing female characters who wear chainmail bikinis in the middle of a frozen wasteland. It just adds that level to realism to the game that Commander Keen didn’t have.

  • LOL Dustin!

    Thanks for posting Toby. Yes, I was born in Huntsville. My aunt has a children’s theatre in Madison! Small world! Welcome 🙂
    Feylamia, it’s all fun romping around in chainmail, until you get snow on the bikini top :O

  • note to self: pack baby oil and get tetanus shot before putting on heavy mail again

  • Blaze

    Awesome interview darlin, well spoken as always. And I still laugh at the bacon, now wheres the microwave game malfunction.

    And hey I like lookin good when im kicken ass but seriously how harsh would the security checks be on “business trips”. Darn TSA and thier hatred for metal.

  • Dustin

    Ya know this is the reason for the current problem I’m having. I can’t find a video gaming girlfriend because they’re all indoors playing videogames, rarely poking there head’s out to resupply with Bawls and chips. Now tell me…how exactly am I supposed to compete with the likes of Link?

  • um, is your guild recruiting? just curious. i want to join. ill even reroll whatever class they want and level by the end of the month. please check out my website, i hope you find i am indeed marriage material.

    you are so beautiful it makes me cry inside. i have to go eat some pot brownies now.

  • Samantha

    Good interview, Felicia. You gave great answers. Look at your show, getting all famous and stuff! 🙂 Featured on YouTube, web interviews, what’s next, The Guild The Musical?

    …please do that.

    Congrats, again, on all the famousness.

  • Dustin

    Felicia can you get the Forum online soon. I’ve got sooo many witty anecdotes and no one to type them to :'(. Please….think of my anecdotes.

  • The forums will be up today if I get off my butt. I can’t figure out how to change the colors tho to match the blog. My interior designer soul is BREAKING! 🙁

  • Toby

    “For a moment there at the end, when we won… I experienced an emotion that I can only describe as moderate happiness.”

    Hahaha… I’m such a nerd… I just watched “Bring It On Again”… Yeeeaahh… It was actually pretty funny at times… Better than I expected 😉

    The Guild: The Musical?! As sarcastic as that suggestion was that would be AWESOME! Is there an ETA on Episode 4? Maybe after being featured on YouTube you guys’ve been getting more donations? Which would mean faster episode production?! One could hope?

    Huntsville Pride!

    or maybe not >_> Perhaps that’s why you left? =]

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