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I’m busy working on Dollhouse this week but I’m excited that my “Lie to Me” episode had a clip of me released on the EW Ausiello Files website. (Don’t click if you don’t wanna be SPOILER’D!)

Article on Ausiello Files with a Video Clip!

Please tune in, it’s a really good ep! Ok, back to work. 🙂

  • I know have the song stuck in my head, but I am ok with that. Can not wait for the episode. Congrats again!

  • Me

    Dollhouse…. it’s so *rocking* good lately! I wish it’d stay with us… I wonder if FOX waited just long enough to make sure everyone could understand that they are cancelling another excellent series.

  • Okay, I had to listen to the White Lie song, but what really has me jazzed is the fact that you voiced Zojja in GW2. Having you involved in my favourite obsession game makes it just that much more perfect.

  • ricknw17

    I just saw on IMDB today that there was a new episode of Dollhouse called “Epitaph Two: The Return” to be shown January 2010. But I was surprised I had not heard anything mentioned by Felicia. Guess that was because they just started filming today.
    Looking forward to seeing it. You’re gonna need a vacation soon Felicia from all this work. 🙂

  • New Dollhouse and you singing?
    This day couldn’t have started any better 😉

  • len

    I found the link on the Arlo Guthrie forum ( No doubt about it; the girl can sing.

  • I think that every network should be required to hire you. I want to see you at least once a week. It might be time for your own series.

  • Jose de Segadas Vianna Neto

    I love the song, and hear you singing once more, is great.
    I wish i could see you more on Tv.

    Great hug.

  • Convoy2010

    So stoked to see you on “Lie to me” felicia. looking forward to it. I tried not to watch the clip but i admit. i peeked. but WOW! you can sing!
    I got to agree with Christopher’s comment to. would be great to see you on TV on a regular basis. Keep up the outstanding work but don’t burn your self out.
    Good luck to you in all you do and may the road of life, lead you ever safely to ware ever you most want to be.

  • Brittany Moore

    Ok, I never do this, but I just have to say how much I appreciate you, and your show The Guild. I know this isn’t necessarily the right blog to post this to, but I got the link from my facebook and I figured this being the most recent blog, would be the one you’re most likely to check up on. So I just wanted to say what an amazing actress/writer you are, and that you really do deserve to make it in the industry. I have played wow pretty much since it came out, and before that was a huge EQ dork, being a female gamer is, well, pretty much just funny considering we “don’t exist.” So its nice to see you out there kicking ass, taking names and dispelling that myth (looking hot while you do it to boot!) But really watching the evolution of that gaming niche turn into new opportunities for artistic output has been fun. You rock, and I look forward to watching you grow and branch out in the industry, you deserve it!

  • 🙂 I just checked this ep (called Tractor Man) is going to be shown in Canada on Monday and YAY – it is (in the Vancouver area, anyway)!

  • oh, i so can’t wait for dollhouse to be broadcasted, especially when you act in it. it’s bound to be an awesome episode of awesomeness… at least!

  • just watched the you tube of you getting photographed at the video game awards. i can’t imagine all those flashing lights and people shouting your name. how does anyone ever get used to that? i feel like i would just get vertigo and fall over.

  • Can’t wait to see you on Lie To Me!

    Also: More Dollhouse? Same character from Epitaph One?

  • Joshua (Feste @ Guild forum)

    Been looking forward to seeing this.

    I’m hoping to see you on The Big Bang Theory someday. That show needs more hot smart girls (since they dont write for Leslie Winkle any more).

  • Brian

    Watching you right now on Lie to Me!
    Congrats on the part!

  • When I first did it I LITERALLY wanted to run away, like just leave. it was awful. But I guess you just grit your teeth and bear it, literally. I got the frozen smile down pat, haha. I’m surprised that ANY of the photos actually came out!

    • Hello, props on launching from the bottom and working your way up. I was wondering though how I would get in touch with your agent. I have a friend that if a huge fan of yours and I was thinking of finding out if I can pay to have you make a surprise appearance or if you’d be willing on account of an all expense paid vacation in Florida. If you can let me know it would be appreciated. I know your busy with your new found fame. But I figure everyone needs a break.

  • Thank you so much for your comment, I really do appreciate it! 🙂

  • GregBu

    You have mad l33t singing skillz. I’m impressed. I just finished your Lie to Me episode, I loved it.

  • Laylla Jayne

    Okay…Im jealous as all hell. I mean, I can be, right? It is a girl thing. Youre gorgeous, talented, AND got to work with Tim Roth, and Nate Fillion!

    Im not, and didnt.

    See where the jealousy thing comes in?


    When my husband told me you were going to be on my favorite show, I was really excited! You did a great job! I also saw your episode of Dollhouse (yup, watch that religiously, too, along with Fringe and The Guild).

    I do believe you have turned this not so exciting woman into an all out fangirl.

    You should be ashamed of yourself 😛

    There is one thing we have in common (aside from red hair).



  • PJ Mac

    Wow! Fantastic performance last night on LIE TO ME. Loved your mousey teacher’s sudden change in personality right in the last few seconds.

  • Zachary Pincus-Roth, the guy who wrote the song, has it available in mp3 format on his web site:
    Nice job with song — multitalented you. Why you’re not in a starring role somewhere os beyond me!


  • sheridan

    Felicia, I hope you get a recurring role on Lie to Me. You are amazing!

  • Martin J

    Good episode on one of my favourite shows gotta love Tim Roth being shouty.

    So eh with that ending can we expect a return?

  • churrosavenger

    Ahhhh ohh how I want you to have a regular role on Lie to Me. Even more so because Eli (Brendan Hines’ character) really needs a girl.

    Great Job!!

  • Convoy2010

    Felicia, outstanding Job on lie to me. bravo! encore! I loved it. Man so nice to hear you sing again. D.R. horrables singalong bloog was the first time i was able to enjoy you’re mad skill’s in that department and i got to say. It is so nice to hear you belt it out again. it has been far to long since you have blessed you’re fans with the sound of you’r sining voice and im shure im not the only one who truly enjoy’s being able to hear you sing again. if only for a short while.
    So from the bottom of my heart. I ask for you to not make us wait so long to hear you’re lovely sining voice again next time. it is truely one of you’re manny gift’s. Sincearly, you’re Fan on 18 whealls.Convoy

  • PJ Mac

    Better that Felicia has a recurring role on DOLLHOUSE, one that offers her the chance to kick some butt again!!! I’m sorry, I know I’m crossing the wires on blog topics here, but a spot on DOLLHOUSE would really give her a chance to show the world her dramatic chops… again!

    • Laylla Jayne

      As much as I would LOVE to see her over and over again on Dollhouse, they are (and it makes me wince to say this) pulling the plug on Dollhouse.

      Im seriously developing a personal…uh..well…lets call it a dislike…of Fox. Im also starting to think they just enjoy toying with Joss heh

      I hope whatever show he comes up with next he doesnt take it to Fox.

      Gee, I guess we have more room for reality shows. Yay. /sarcasm

  • Q

    I haven’t seen Lie To Me at all and my dumb ass hasn’t seen a single episode of Dollhouse (it’s my fault, Joss!). I know, I’m a chump.

    My turn to switch gears on the blog topics. You wrote (or linked, I can’t remember) tips to effective writing before. I’ve been writing a bit lately, but mostly reviews for a screenplay site and blog entries which tend to be minorly, quasi-creative. If you have the time (haha, right?), I’d love to know what you do when you write. Music? No music? Low light? Bright light? Do you call people and bounce ideas or work in tandem with others? If there’s another blog entry that goes into this, just link me, but I’ve been hitting an impenetrable, titanium wall of writer’s block lately and I think my methods need refining. Or a complete reboot.


  • Yiftach

    Awesome job on Lie to Me, Felicia! I didn’t know ahead of time that you were on the show, so there I was sitting next to my wife, watching the episode together on Hulu as we do whenever a new one is available, and I just completely geek out when you show up on screen. We had a moment…. did you notice?

    And then you SANG! Yeah, because that show needed to be even MORE awesome?!

    Well done, Ms. Day. Well done. I hope they bring Ms. Angela back, and soon – there’s potential for her and Loker, I just know it.

  • Loved the Lie to Me episode. 😀 It was great to see an artist I like on a show I like playing a character that I like. Good work!

  • Now you just have to star on Fringe and all is complete!

  • Watched this episode today and it’s totally awesome! The song is an absolute hit 🙂 Then I followed some links, found this blog and hooked on The Guild. Great job, really.

  • Corey

    I just bought The Guild season 1 and 2 on a recommendation from a friend. I loved it and I will watch season 3 as well. also I love lie to me.

  • David Berry


    Love your stuff. Seen Dr. Horribles, and the episodes of House and Lie to Me that you were a part of; so far have missed The Guild, but that will be rectified shortly.

    Anyway, I had a wonderous revelation after hearing you sing again on LtM: you would be perfect for a revisited role of Mary Poppins! I know Disney is keen on their properties, so I don’t expect them to do a remake of MP… well… ever. But, your voice, your range (perhaps with a little voice training), and your character acting would be a splendid fit, I think.

    Couldn’t sleep again until I got that off my chest. Best of luck to you and yours in your endeavors–oh, and break a leg.


    • Convoy2010

      That would be cool. So would “the sound of music.” I’m not real big on musicals myself. But i would enjoy that.
      Also, And this is a little off topick and a bit old-school. But I’m a truck driver and i have recently discovered that XM satolite radio has brought back thows old radio shows from before TV, and is re broad casting them late at night on some chanels dedicated to the trucker. They are kind of fun to listen to while going down the road. There clever and entertaning but to us young drivers….there a bit dated.
      I can’t help thinking how cool it would be if someone (Like felicia) would put together a more up to date radio seriese. I know i know. The odds of that wish being granted are to small to calckulate but hey, what’s wrong with a little wish full thinking?

  • I’m glad everything is going great for you! I’m a new reader of your blog and I can’t wait to catch up with everything that you do. Good luck!

  • PJ Mac

    FRINGE would be a good fit for Felicia. She could an FBI specialist with a background in physics who shares Walter’s love of exotic foods; or a special agent who inadvertantly stumbles into the Pattern case and becomes embroiled in the battle.

    Or she could be an Other Side soldier, an alternate universe version of Agent Dunham who doesn’t require shape-shifting technology in order to survive in our dimension; a renegade fighting against her own side so to stop the “Great Storm” from breaking and save the lives of billions.

  • Felicia’s capable of so much more than just acting though. I see her continuing to act and write as well as be a talent-discoverer and show runner — it’s not just Felicia herself, but the quality people she attracts and the energy she brings to any production.

    I think Joss Whedon would agree we’ve only scratched the surface of what she’s capable of – and the label of actress is, I think, one piece of a bigger, awesome puzzle.


  • is louise black from project runway making you something???? please say it’s a dress. you better believe i wanna see that. amazing!

  • JJPuck

    I really enjoyed the part on “Lie to Me”. Your acting/expressions, and of course your singing were excellent. The part would be a nice continuance in Loker’s life, so I hope that Fox puts you on regularly through the season. Your character could bring a nice side out of Loker, and actually grow his character. Besides, you fit very well with the lead cast. Great job.

  • PJ Mac

    Just to help our case, I left a WOW comment on the Fox site’s ‘Lie to Me’ section, asking ‘Who was that actress who played the teacher?!? She was fantastic!!!” Get enough people to do that and we can create the necessary buzz to at least raise her profile on the radar.

  • David

    you have a new fan :p

  • amber

    great lie to me episode! i loved how it ended. im excited for dollhouse too.

  • len

    Merry Christmas! I made my Christmas card for my mates. I hope it suits and brings good cheer to all friends here.

  • james riley

    Dear Felicia,

    Why must you be so anti-Chicago? This city would love to have you over sometime. When you come we can go see a play at one of our famous theaters, such as The Steppenwolf, or perhaps a live band? There is a small little place we could go to eat called Alinea. So please Felicia come to Chicago and most importantly spend some quality time with me. That is all. Have a great New Year!

    With much sincerity and child like crush,
    James Riley
    twitter – astrotardjones

  • Soma

    the Borderlands level cap is simultaneously disappointing and comical.


    no one…

    [*le sigh]


  • rodger

    Zounds! It was a cool surprise to find you on Lie to Me last week (or whenever that was)
    You were awesome
    Keep it up 🙂


  • Bert

    More Blogs, less tweets. Please Ms Day.

  • Mike

    Since you mentioned your work on Dollhouse, I thought I’d chime in and say that I had not really known much about your career, Felicia, until I had decided to Netflix the last disk of Dollhouse to see Epitaph One. I heard Joss going on and on about great you were, Felicia. I also really liked what I saw of your performance on screen. So, not unnaturally I did a Google search and found that I had really hit your real arena. I first found “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” and that led to my wife and I falling in love with The Guild. Keep up the wonderful work. I love what you’re doing, especially coming into your own quite against the Holywood system. I can’t wait to see Epitaph Two!

  • LittleBiG

    Hi Feleicia,

    Is there any chance to hear your amazing voice again in new songs? I have heard the White Lie almost hundred times…

  • LittleBiG

    Sorry for mistype, dear FELICIA!

  • Corinne

    I was super pleasantly surprised to see you on Lie to Me!!!! Loved the song, as I have loved all of your work. Dr. Horrible got me to check out the Guild (totally amazing) and rewatching Buffy and watching Dollhouse has gotten me completely converted to a Felicia Day fan. Looking forward to anything else you create or take part in, I haven’t been disappointed yet!

  • Peaj


    Just saw the Lie To Me episode on Hulu. Recognized you from The Guild. Boy, you’ve got the frightened, shaking-like-a-leaf thing down really well! I found your singing voice to be sweet and clear and liked the harmonies. Well done!


  • Danielle

    I watched Lie to Me today on Hulu with my boyfriend [who just loves you] and he about had a heart attack when he saw you. I loved your chemistry with Eli. Then tonight I watched Dollhouse and had to call him. He hasn’t been watching this season but is going to watch this one even though he’ll be 110% lost.

    I hope to see you in more episodes of Lie to Me 🙂

  • Nerys aka Britt

    Ok, i know this is a bit off topic, but somewhere in this time frame you did the Asuran voice for the Guild Wars 2 video on races. THAT IS SO AWESOME *-*. Please please please! if you have a moment to spare, could you tell me what it was like to do voice acting and for Guild wars in particular? i <3 that game. P.S. You're a super insipration to me, a lovely actress and you have a real gift for voice acting as well 🙂 Stay safe ok?

  • Nice singing voice.

  • 6502

    Was this a epic casting moment or did they have you in mind for this role?

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