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Awesome (and long) interview on Kevin Pollak’s Chat show.

Also, based on my wielding a light saber in the interview, two mashups by @doomdragon & @stanandollie of me beheading him.

  • The Welsh are the butt of jokes in England? What strange part of England were you in Felicia???

    I’m Welsh AND Polish, and glad of it.

    • jasonlmoore

      Yeah, they are..pretty much all throughout Europe. (that’s not news)

      She did forget to add that most of the Welsh live in denial about how the rest of Europe feels about them. I’m sure it’s mostly jealousy as any Welshman will tell you that the Welsh are far superior.

      …but I’m sure you’re the exception to the rule.

  • You were great Felicia, that was the best intervision video I’ve watched since the season of The Guild ended!

    Awesome Larry King too, I thought you’d go for ‘Intercourse Pennsylvania’ but yours was better.

  • “Yeah, they are..pretty much all throughout Europe”

    Nice try but no cigar. Most Europeans have never heard of Wales 😉

  • That was an awesome interview–most Felicia Day interviews anymore seem to cover more or less the same ground; I love how this one managed to go deeper. I spent the whole hour watching it and I loved it.

  • Jens

    Damn. You have forced me into making the most cliché comment on celebrity websites.
    Argh.. I never post something like that.. I think it is totally stupid to post something like that..

    I just fell in love with you.

    Well, I said it.. but it is completely your fault.. you have the most beautiful way of laughing.. and such a open, honest personality..

    I think thats a big part of the success of your show.. your personality is heartwarming (and you don’t deny the kinky side;) ).. people who feel lonely are drawn to you. =)

    And thanks for introducing me to Kevin Pollaks show, I will have a look at some other episodes now.

  • len

    That was …. long. BTW, if you really want to make it in the business, you need to do something about the overbite…. or work for the Travel Channel. Samantha Brown is getting longer in the tooth.


  • While I haven’t seen a bad interview from you yet, Felicia (which I’m sure has nothing to with whoever decides which interviews you link to or embed here), this one was outstanding. A great example of what can be achieved by going beyond the soundbite, it both strengthened my respect for skill, integrity and passion and also left me keen to check out more of Kevin Pollak’s chat show. Oh, and the “Felicia Day type” is, of course “an envy-inducing combination of drop dead gorgeous, genuinely funny and frighteningly clever” and anyone who says otherwise is buffoon type.

  • Superb interview! It’s nice to see a long one. Felicia, you’re a true inspiration for all the geek girls/women out there. Keep up the good work! And I can’t wait to see the 3rd season of the The Guild. I’m hooked!

  • I’m kind of disturbed that out of an hour long interview that ran the gammut from creation to marketing, to how one person can take control of their life and create their own destiny, with hints as to how you can too. The single comment that has people talking is “The Welsh are made fun of in Europe”. Jesus people grow a brain and pay attention. Look for meaning don’t just grab soundbites.

  • great freaking interview.

  • Neil

    I’m very late to the party, but really enjoyed this interview. I discovered “The Guild” three days ago. I’ve now see all three seasons and dozens of your interviews, ordered the comics and a t-shirt. It’s oddly comforting to find you’re obsessive, too. Though it probably shouldn’t be. 😉

    Thanks for striving to practice your art, no matter what.

  • Kirsty

    Ok, so what started out as a short dinner-break entertainment between writing turned into an epic interview saga. Three hours later (it took me a few goes to figure out what was making the thing reset itself in the middle – ouch) I may finally get back to work.

    This was a very insightful interview, and I actually took a lot away from it besides a sense of fangirlishness. I particularly enjoyed the section where the two of you were discussing the solitary nature of writing, and how we are all tempted to think it is only us that struggle, and it must be easy for everyone else. So true.

    Also the discovery of art being much more fulfilling than being bombarded with it. There’s a reason most people end up hating books they are made to study in school, it’s a like a death-note.

    Hard to pick out much else except, well, now I want a Kindle.

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