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Kauai Trip!


Happy Holidays Everyone! I really hope you all had a great, restful end of December. I was lucky enough to actually get to go on vacation, first one since I started The Guild over 2 1/2 years ago, SERIOUSLY! I’d been saving up all year for a trip, dangling the carrot of “relaxation” in front of myself as motivation to get through the 24/7 workload that’s plagued me this year. Not complaining, it’s just being constantly online definitely strains the psyche, I’ve decided constantly multi-tasking has degraded my concentration, and will make an effort to single-task more in 2010. Better for creativity perhaps? Sanity, definitely. πŸ™‚

Usually I love to go to a place where I can research obsessively, learn a new language and plan excursions scheduled down to the minute. Alas, the last few months have been so exhausting I didn’t even think I had the energy to GO on vacation! But, on the spur of the moment, I decided to follow through, and I am SO glad I did. Kauai is gorgeous, and I definitely would recommend visiting for a relaxing, beautiful time. Many people inquired where I went on my trip, so I’ll briefly outline some of the highlights!

First, I started looking for hotels, and they were either too $$ (Four Seasons), sold out, or one of those bohemoth resorts with hundreds of rooms, the kind I hate. Finally I searched “Boutique Hotel Kauai” and came up with the Koa Kea Hotel.

Koa Kea Hotel

I had no context for the location, it was a bit pricey (although I found a deal on the website), but all I knew was that the pictures were GORGEOUS! They’d just renovated everything, and the decor was sleek and simple. When we arrived everything was what it looked like in the pictures and more. Small, quiet, GREAT rooms, lovely beach and boardwalk down to a pretty public beach, and a spectacular view to wake up to every day. The pillow and sheets were high quality too, I know that’s weird to say, but it’s the thing that’s most important to me at a hotel, that I sleep good! And they have REALLY strong Mai Tais, hehe.

It was a great location on Poipu, the southernmost tip of the island, close to walk to several good restaurants and a general store, and convenient by car to most of the island. I honestly couldn’t have picked a better place. The only complaint I had was breakfast was pricey, so we went elsewhere most the time. The restaurant, Red Salt, was expensive, but the best food we had for dinner on the island, so I don’t regret it at all, a lovely Christmas dinner! I would definitely recommend this hotel again, so peaceful and intimate!

FOOD! I have to say the island doesn’t have SPECTACULAR food (like Oahu), but we found many a good meal there. Red Salt at our hotel, was very nice for DINNER (pricey though, def a splurge).

Red Salt

Breakfast is too pricey though, so go only as a treat for the view (which is BEAUTIFUL).

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Roy’s, an institution that is very well reviewed but SO disappointing. I can’t tell you how blah this food was, and at the price, ugh. Get a hot dog at Puka Dog next door instead, much better price and YUMMY! I had no idea that Hawaiian hot dogs were ENCASED in bread, it was weird and cool! We did eat at Gaylord’s the last night, and that was wonderful for a fancy dinner. I would try it for lunch/brunch as well, the service was excellent and the food was great. Cool location too.

The idea of going to Starbucks was AWFUL, so we went to the Kauai Coffee Company, where they actually grow the beans, which was quite cool to see. You can sample all varieties of coffee and get a great latte for the road. A nice side trip. We had brunch at a small place called Grinds which was nice, they make their own bread, so their egg sandwich with Portuguese Sausage was awesome.

Two of my favorite places: A little cafe called Kalaheo Cafe, which was wonderful for breakfast and lunch and had great coffee. We went there several times. And my Achilles Heel was definitely Papalani Gelato. Oh boy you guys, this stuff is AMAZING! Waffle Cone + Papalani Sorbetto (Guava, Blood Orange and Lilikoi mixed) + Pineapple Sorbetto = JOY JOY! The only thing that topped it was a shaved ice from a place called JoJo’s. I got the island specialty called a “Halo Halo”, it had coconut syrup, azuki beans, macadamia nut ice cream, candied pineapple pieces, gelatin and azuki beans. I ate ever bite of a HUGE portion, but didn’t regret anything after! Now that I think of it, I guess I was on a sugar high the whole trip. OH WELL!

As far as sights went, we Weimeia Canyon is a MUST SEE. Its breathtaking to be driving up the mountain and, through the trees, glimpse a canyon that equals the Grand Canyon in majesty. Here’s a pic:

Weimea Canyon

Also went hiking, but it was muddy and slippery. Definitely didn’t do as much as we could, I guess more for next time!

We also drove to the northernmost part of the island, and I’m just sorry we didn’t go back there once again, it’s a MUCH different climate than the south of the island, greener and more tropical. I see now why people stay several days on the north, then several days on the south. I didn’t understand that from afar, it’s such a small island! But I definitely will remember the helicopter trip around the island forever. We flew around the whole island, most parts you can never see from the car. The sheer scope of the cliffs and secluded beachs is so breathtaking, and we saw whales in the ocean, which was a huge thrill for me!

Another highlight of the trip was an accident, stumbling on the National Tropical Botanical Garden on the last day. We did the McBride tour, and it was raining, which could have been a drag but it was WONDERFUL. Seeing all the different tropical plants, and all the effort this organization goes through to save endangered species, it was very spiritual and inspiring as well as educational. I would definitely recommend doing one of the tours, and meeting the very educated tour guides who will open a new world of plants to you (if you’re not already familiar with them like I was)!


MANY more pictures in my Flickr account if you like flowers!

Didn’t shop much, but I did impulse buy a pricey ukele (the musician in me had to get a Koa one πŸ™ ). I can’t play guitar, although I’ve tried, but the size of a guitar has always held me back. I definitely had more fun with the small violinish-sized uke, and learned a lot of bizarre public domain songs from the turn of the century (only book I could get, haha). Thx to the guy at Larry’s Ukele’s, I definitely enriched my trip musically.

Lastly I’m linking a picture of me, not to be cheesecake, just to show my tan off. My fake tan.


That’s right, for the first time ever I got one of those fake spray on tans everyone in Hollywood uses. I have to say I felt REALLY WEIRD with it on, but kinda confident, because usually I’m hiding my pale legs from the world, haha. I can say confidently though, that I’m probably the only person to get PALER during a week in Hawaii. I guess that’s something to brag about. πŸ™‚ Oh, and yes, that bikini was on sale for $1.99 a piece at Target, and it shows. Guess I learned a lesson, don’t be cheap with swimsuits.

  • Kauai is my favorite place! Goes so well with my lazy ways. And it’s beautiful there!

    Thanks for sharing! I love the pics. The canyon one took my breath away. I can’t wait to go back and see it again.

  • Orrey

    Wow – Warm, green, beaches, breezes, rum drinks – I spent the holidays in the wrong spot! πŸ™‚

  • Makuch

    Koa? That’s pretty stuff. Is Codex going to be showing off some uke chops next season?


  • DCD

    Looks like a great way to spend the holiday. I was stuck in snowy ol’ Denver. Oh well.

  • Looks like you had a nice, relaxing vacation! You deserved it!

  • WestsideKef

    Well that seems like a much better holiday than I had. Hawaii is definitely on my top 5 of places to visit. Seems like you had a wonderful time. Happy #Twentyten!

  • MJ

    Don’t give in to the tanned masses, embrace the pale! Its what makes you unique and beautiful!!

  • Gabriel

    You looks so happy and relax. Very zen.

    Have a nice vacations and a happy 2010.

  • Heckle

    Ok….i have to ask…you kept saying “we”. Who was your lucky counterpart?

    • David

      lol i was totally thinking the same thing.i think she’s hiding a boyfriend from us XD. possibly to avoid an angry mob πŸ˜› lol jk felecia.

      • My thoughts exactly! Is that weird? Haha. Love you Felicia!

  • keoni

    it sounds like you had a really splendid time!! i live on oahu, but i’ve never been to kauai, sadly. i’m glad you enjoyed it there. also, not to sound snobbish or anything, but i think you bought an ukulele πŸ™‚

    happy 2010!! can’t wait for the next season of the guild

  • I’m not positive, but I think that’s the hotel my brother and sister-in-law stayed at when they flew over for a couple days while the rest of the fam stayed on the Big Island this fall. That first picture looks an awful lot like his. They had a fabulous relaxing time — glad to hear you did too! You MORE than deserve it!

    I made the most awesome utterly cheesy vacation photo/video DVD and we watched it at my brother’s house in snowy and freezing Wisconsin earlier this week. Boy, would I love to go back there about now!

    Happy New Year!

  • So glad you chose Kauai. I grew up there and try to get back at every opportunity. My hometown is Hanalei on the north shore and I hope you get a chance to get back there soon. Look up my brothers for some local knowledge!

  • Jeo

    Your vacation recaps are the kind I like. All about the awesome food. It’s important knowledge to depart to fellow travelers.

    Also, there is a Roy’s in San Francisco as well. I always thought that was odd.

  • As per the hot dogs encased in bread, do you mean where they wrap the hot dog in dough (usually some sort of spiral), and then bake/cook it all at once?

  • Lydia

    Hi Felicia,

    two things:

    You shouldn’t be ashamed of your pale legs and skin in general. I love it and you should “wear” it with pride,


    in Europe they completely wrap the Hot Dog in bread too. But I am a little surprised that they do it on Hawaii.

    I am so glad you could make this trip of relaxation, you have more than deserved it considering your workload those last 2 1/2 years.

    See you,



  • Teresa

    Sweet deal, glad you had such a smashing good time. πŸ™‚

    Food’s important, because while the views and the sites to see are always spectacular, it helps to have a happy tummy.

    Happy start to 2010.

    Peace, love, and all that jive.


  • Moominboy

    I agree with some of the posters. Don’t give in to the tanning pressure. Pale is just as beautiful as tanned, especially with your great hair colour.

    Happy New Year and many successes in 2010! πŸ™‚

  • Robert S

    From your pictures it looks like you chose a most relaxful location to take your overdue vacation. I hope you were able to get work out of your head.. since 2009 was such a busy year for you! I’m not trying to be sadistic, but I hope 2010 is even more successful that 2009 for all of you.

    I discoverd The Guild during the Christmas holidays and immediately ran out and bought the DVD. I think I enjoyed it more that Christmas itself. After looking at all the behind the scenes footage, I was able to get an idea on how hard you all worked on getting this out to the public. I just hope the vacation was enough to recharge the creative juices! I wish you all the best for 2010 and look forward to seeing your new Guild projects!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! I’m hoping that the vacation rejuvenated my brain a bit! Right now I’m still in vacation mode, but Monday I start brainstorming for Season 4. πŸ™‚

      • David

        Can’t wait! I heard my raid group (in WoW but you probrably guessed that πŸ˜› ) talking about it and I spent all night watching every season XD its a wonderful show, and I’m hoping season 4 will be even better.

      • dennis

        Good… Now you are refreshed it is good to see you getting back to work. We are waiting for that creative mind of yours pull your bacon out of the fire after the ending of Eps 3. Good what were you thinking? Please don’t show it being in LV and a Marriage Cert laying on the night stand. Wow that would blow our minds. Codex married to the Leader of Anarchy. Or you could have her scream when she see him laying there and she could wake up from that dream. The old Dream within a dream always works. Or he could wake up and look at her and say something real stupid and reviling and then she could scream and wake up from the dream.

        Codex looks at the leader of Anarchy sleeping so peacefully. Wait he is the Leader of the guild that tried to break her wonderful Guild up. As she is thinking this. He wakes, slowly and restfully looks up at Codex and said. I was good wasn’t I. Codex Screams and the camera closes on her face and then pulls to show Codex in her bed along just awaking from and Very bad dream….

    • ningauble3020

      Robert S.,
      I actually opened the purse strings and shelled out the $$$ for the Guild Season 1 & 2. I NEVER NEVER NEVER spend money on DVDs…but I see it as supporting a noble cause bigger than myself: independent artists. I bought the Guild and the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along. Both excellent productions.

      I haven’t watched the Guild DVD yet, but maybe a bit later tonight, I will. Life is so fast paced! Its like living in a blender sometimes.

  • reminds me of need vacation too. it will be definetly something alike, lots of water and very few clothes! maybe the year after next year.
    but until then, enjoying the pictures from another one’s trip is almost as good as to go myself, isn’t it? … on another thought, it isn’t!

  • You could be wearing a potato sack and you would still be beautiful.

  • Confession: I tried that Jergen’s Glow stuff once and not only did I get a horrific rash, I did not get tan.


  • Thanks for taking us to a tropical island with you. The hot dog just sounds like a mega sized pig in a blanket.

  • ricknw17

    Glad you had a nice break at such a cool place. You sure deserved it.
    And at least your spray tan did not make you orange like some celebrity pics πŸ™‚

  • I am so glad you were able to have some time off. More importantly you had a great time. My wife and I went to Maui this last summer and are trip had a few bumps in it ( wrote about it here We want to go back this next summer and try again. Thanks for the tips.

  • HollywoodBob

    For those wondering how they encase a hotdog in bread. Picture a small loaf of bread, slightly larger than a hoagie roll. No picture it being impaled from the end on a hot skewer about the size of a hotdog sausage, to toast the inside. Then the hotdog is inserted and devoured.

    Lovely pictures all, Miss Day. Glad you enjoyed your much deserved vacation.

    Now, back to work, we’re all missing you on our TVs. πŸ™‚

  • A.I.

    Sounds like a fun trip! I’m surprised you mentioned halo-halo in your blog. It’s a wonderful dessert/snack from the Philippines that I adore. I’m glad you found it good too!

  • JL

    I once won a “pale skin” contest during a vacation in Jamaica…all the competitors had just arrived at the resort, but I had been there for 7 days. :-/

  • Corinne

    Awesome pictures! Glad you had a great, relaxing trip. πŸ™‚


  • EMersmann

    We’re staying at the Ko’a Kea right now! We spent the first five days on the North Shore at which was amazing (like you said, very different atmosphere up there) and the past three days in Po’ipu. Had NYE dinner at Red Salt, agreed, it was very good. Hope to get our pictures up shortly. Did a LOT of hiking – hanakapi’ai falls last week and then some wandering about down near Hanapepe and out to Alaka’i swamp today – it was so clear you could see Hanalei. Glad you enjoyed it as much as we have!

  • Honey, if you want to post cheesecake pix, it’s okay with us.

    Tony Bourdain visited the Puka Dog in his Hawai’i visit.

  • Fake tan only way yo blend in in Hawaii and you don’t have to worry about burning really bad. Bad practice for a vacation. Glad you got to relax. The Guild was awesomeness this year πŸ™‚


  • Justen

    I am a huge fan, found the guild on Xbox live and my wife (a big non-gamer) loves it and keeps asking when the new season is coming out.

    I just found your blog thanks to your twitter (bookmarked!) and am glad to see you had an awesome vacation. The pics are beautiful and I am an ex chef that loves eating out, and I enjoy how you talk about food.

    Trying to avoid writing too much. Anyways, I think you are really funny and my wife and I cannot wait for more guild.

    Gamertag JPsmooth42

    • So glad you AND your wife enjoy the show! I love to hear that, spreading the gaming word, bringing couples together, best reward for all the work! XO

  • We rented a house with two other couples on the north side of Kauai in October. I thought the Hawaii islands were going to be overrated, but this one definitely wasn’t. The north side is beautiful. We did a four hour hike up a trail (can’t remember it’s name) and would have gone further except we had luau reservations. The luau, in my opinion, was supremely overrated.

  • Soma

    +10 to gym body.

    pale, not pale, tan, fake tan, lightly tanned, transparent…

    youve successfully induced a [*yowza!] moment out of me.

    this is my official “right back-atcha” comment for those ro-sham-bo
    pix comments a while ago. [*winkies]

    now i have his desire to be on a treadmill.

    thx again for blogging/sharing.. etc


  • Soma

    i forgot:

    “damd dood, hot”


  • Penny’s Song (Kuaui version)

    Here’s a story of a girl
    Who went down to Kuaui
    Switching mouse for a cocktail
    Some deserved vacation definitely

    Even in this island
    Every coffee can be found
    And every piece of cake
    Brings sweetness flowing
    To things growing big and round

    A cheap new cute bikini
    And a tan barely showing
    Paleness is easy to achieve
    If a geek is all I’m hoping to be

    Every time she posts or tweet
    Something funny can be found
    And every million fans
    Will keep her making
    Things that amaze me and astound

    So please don’t die like some poor Penny

    • HAHAHA! Thank you for that, omg so funny!

  • samstag

    Thank you for sharing, especially for sharing details. I am *this* close to impulse-booking…

    That said, shame on you other commenters (you know who you are) for not even reacting the slightest bit for Ms Days fishing trip. There should be all sorts of compliments about the bikini and the body inside.

    I wish I could wear one even remotely as gorgeous, but even if wishes were horses, they’d have to drag me to the gym for a few years to achieve such perfection. Not to mention the gender reassignment surgery I’d have to book πŸ˜‰

  • Glad you guys had such a great time and that you were able to unwind and de-stress (finishing the scripts for the comics must also be a big relief). Funny that you, Nate and Jewel all ended up in Hawaii. Anyhow, welcome back, and here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!

  • Ambious


  • Jose de Segadas Vianna Neto

    Oh yeah….
    Go ahead…
    Give me a heart attack…. (nice photos)

    On the serious side, its nice to know that you are having fun and relaxing after so much work, you really deserve that, after giving us, so much joy.

    I wish you, all the good things in the world.

  • Looks like a great place. It’s strange to remember that there are still such beautiful places in the world. I’d love to go there if I could ever scrounge up the cash.

  • I can’t decide which is prettier: the pic of the orchid, or of you. πŸ˜€

  • What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing! You haven’t been on holiday for such a long time, it’s definitely going to do you good!

  • Markus

    Wow. Just wow. What an incredible holiday! Sometimes its the last minute spur-of-the-moment holidays that are the ones you remember forever. I suppose its the fact that everything is unexpected πŸ™‚

    Many thanks for taking the time to blog about the place. Definitely seems one to add to the list!

    PS. The flora pics on Flikr are jaw-dropping too.

  • Paul

    What is the name of the flower in the picture (the white one with pink in the middle)? It’s really pretty!

    Looks like a nice place, and the food sounds great too (I have several sweet teeth).

  • Heidi

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! I also think it’s funny that you, Nate and Jewel all wound up in Hawaii. I kept seeing pictures from them on Twitter, and now this entry from you. So incredibly gorgeous; I really hope to go there one day.

    I don’t think the Target suit is that bad. Maybe I’m missing something? My current one was super marked down and was picked up for around 5 bucks a piece – which is an amazing price for us larger chicks.

    I’ve been wanting a ukulele lately for two reasons: Molly Lewis and that little boy from Japan. I found that my flute, once beloved but now neglected for a decade, has some serious degradation that will cost more to fix than to buy a new one. But ukuleles are so cool! Plus, my crazy-small hands won’t interfere with playing! (Also, Codex totally needs a ukulele bit now!)

    • Molly Lewis is AMAZING, and so nice and cute. And yeah, I tried Guitar before, but the smallness of the uke is WAY less intimidating than the huge ass size of the guitar, portable and manageable. I’m gonna keep at it, found some good online tutorial videos too. Could be my next addiction!

      • len

        Ukes are cool. Rick Turner is one of the world’s most famous luthiers. He plays Beach Boy music in a uke band. All the cred is red.

      • Decadent Prince

        Aloha from Honolulu,

        Glad to see people who love to visit Hawaii. Anyway, speaking as a local, I’d have to say that multiple time Hoku Award winner Jake Shimabukuro (could he be that little boy from Japan? Lolwut? He’s from Honolulu) is the most technically proficient Ukulele player in the world:

    • ningauble3020

      All due respect but the bathing suit looks like The FD got splattered by a blue excremental. I’m knocking the two-piece, not our Lady and Savior, mind you. Ukes are kitschy in a good way. Don’t know the dif between a uke and banjo music, though.

  • A great post! Really glad you got the holiday tonic you needed after what has been a very hectic year by all accounts. I hope you’re better able to pace yourself over the coming year so that you don’t get so close to burnout. All who post here love your work but I suspect no one wants you to sacrifice your sanity/health on the altar of our entertainment.

    I hope you have a happy, healthy and successful 2010!

  • Julie

    FINALLY we getting you back <3

    Me and my little brother check your website almost everyday. We were really happy to see you back and have a good 45 minutes reading, checking all the links and pictures of your holiday trip.

    Im probably moving to a new position at work next month. More money, I should be able to have enough for good vacation at the end of next year. Ive never really travelled out of Quebec and I was planning to fly south for a few weeks but had no idea where I should go. You blog surely pointed some interresting options =) Im not the type who goes on vacation to lay under the sun. I like to see things, meet people, learn about different cultures. Kauai will be on my list. =)

    About the tan, wow o.o Im jealous. And you always look so cute in blue. <3

    I wish you a happy, lucky and healthy 2010. <3


  • 1) I don’t think we were worrying about the price of your suit in that picture. You’re adorable no matter what! ;P

    2) For lowering guitar intimidation:
    a) Go electric first
    b) Try one with a short scale-length like 24 3/4 as opposed to 25 1/2. -Yes 3/4″ does matter. (no laughing, young lady!)
    c) Go for the flattest radius fingerboard that you can manage. Conisder the fit inside your left hand for when you have to curl around from high to low E-strings.
    d) And use the lightest gauge strings you can manage, .008s if you need to.
    e) Brands: Ibanez for flat-radii, Gibson for short scale-lengths, and PRS for general awesomeness and choice of neck types/widths/radii, etc. The 1st two sites are obvious, but the 3rd is
    f) PROFESSIONAL SETUP -can Not be overemphasized. Some brands are AMAZINGLY well set up out of the factory; like PRS or Schecter. -Others, including my Gibson, [are] less so. Get the best feeling guitar you can find stock, and then take it to a guitar doc/tech, describe to him how/what you want to play and then tell him to make it as easy to play as humanly possible for your hands.
    i) he will get the action (string height) as low as can be done
    a) String height at BOTH the Bridge and the Nut is important, adjustable and Does affect playability (see Stevie Ray Vaughn’s specs!). (just if you screw up/change the nut, it has to be replaced instead of turning a screw to fix, like the bridge)
    ii) ++he may even re-level/crown the frets to be PERFECT and fix any issues from the factory.
    a) PLEK machines can even do a CNC leveling/dressing of your frets, even using a compound radius.
    iii) If you aren’t going to strum hard, the guitar doc can adjust the truss rod so there is a little less neck relief (distance btw the strings and fretboard @~7-9th fret) and the strings will be even closer to the fretboard.
    iv) He Should also use a curved radius gauge (looks kinda like the bridge saddle of an acoustic) under the strings at the bridge and EXACTLY match that radius to that of the guitar’s fingerboard; -by filing the saddle slots (Gibson) or turning adjusters (Fender). Also helps playability+Action.
    g) misc: Les Pauls are heavy, learn your basic 1st pos chord + barre chord shapes, violinist ‘The Great Kat’ turned out to be a great guitar player also, alternate pick, couple the tailpiece to the body like Duane Allman for better sustain, Tusq is better than plastic, etc. etc. etc.

    Best of Luck + Happy New Year!!!


  • len

    Felicia Day does Samantha Brown! Ha!! God bless you, girl, and have a great year. All smiles and money.

    I spent the whole holiday in front of an A/V editor. It was fun. πŸ™‚

    At New Years party with friends, 13 year old next to me starts talking about you and says, “And she even admits she’s from here.” I think ya gotta fan there.

  • Kee

    Kauai sounds delicious! What a beautiful place.

    Good to know you managed to avoid the Starbucks!

    All the best for the new year! x

  • Robert

    Man that’s not even fair heh, looks awesome over there though.

  • Sunday … I’m guessin’ you’re already brainstorming πŸ™‚ Great shots!

  • pb

    I’m sure you didn’t get kicked out of bed for a cheap swimsuit or fake tan. (Really is that the picture before or after the tan?!) I too am naturally pale, if exposed to sun I burn, peal, and end up whiter than when I started.

    Glad you had a great time, you deserve it. Waiting on next seasons of the Guild and Legend of Neil.

  • Convoy2010

    Thanks so much for sharing Felicia.
    Wow is photography a hobby of yours? cause your picks are beautifully taken.
    It is so nice of you to take the time to post picks and comments about your travels.Especialy concidering how buissy you are. It mean a lot. I’ve never been to Hawaii so it was very interesting to read about your trip. I just wish there was a way I could return the favor, I have a bunch of picks from 2 1/2 years in Alaska with the U.S.C.G. before I got out, just gathering dust. It’s a beautiful country up there, and you seam to enjoy new places.
    So glad to see you got to relax and enjoy your christmas and new year. you surly deserve it after burning the mid night oil for so long. And thanks again for the thoughtful post.

  • David

    Next time in Kauai, be sure to go tot he Hamura Saimin Stand. It looks like a dive, but if you want excellent Japanese-style noodle soup at a place unknown to tourists, that is the place.,-159.365906&sspn=0.006238,0.011297&hq=&hnear=&ll=21.972022,-159.365906&spn=0.006487,0.011297&z=17&iwloc=A

  • I am glad you enjoyed my island. (MY island…) You are always welcome back. :-Þ

    But seriously, I am a Kauai boy stuck in Hades (las vegas) and thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures on Kauai.

    Not the least because my sister works at Puka Dogs, I used to work for the helicopter companies out there, and right in front of your hotel is my dad’s favorite surf spot: Waiohai (the original name of your hotel before hurricane Iniki smashed the beJesus out of it)

    So, thanks for the trip back to Kauai through the eyes of a visitor! Now I gotta go save up my kopeks to get back.

    Mason in the desert…

    p.s. Guild = awesome. I think it may be a litmus test to categorize people I meet as friends or enemies. “Article C.45: do you find the Guild funny?”

    p.p.s. your bathingsuit has a 15% chance of casting fake tan nova.

  • Convoy2010

    Ok folks, I realize this is way off topic. But as i have no clue ware else to ask this question. I was wondering if there is any one else out here who dabbles around with fiction, who would be willing to give me some advice and/or some reference book sugestions to some one who is trying to wright some fiction for the first time.
    Just something I’m doing in my spare time and it is not at all likely to go any ware but i would be very thankful for any advice or book sugestions any one could give me. thanks a million. and sorry for the odd-ball post. I just don’t know ware else I could ask.

  • HelloAllan

    Waaait a minute… this is you with the fake tan on?! dear god… hehehe kidding! you looked smashing. Although I am a little disappointed after skimming over your blog and seeing you mention cheesecake I got excited but only to find out later it was in a passing phrase rather then about cheesecake itself… *sigh* hehehe

    Also props for the holiday photos the place looks insane! Flowers too.

  • Alastair

    Hi Felicia,

    My brother is a big ukulele fan (16+ Ukes) and he gets a lot of his uke stuff from He recommends
    Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Tips β€˜n’ Tunes for beginners and Jumpin’ Jim’s Ukulele Beach Party.

    I enjoyed reading your blog entry and the Guild extras are excellent. I have put in a pre-order for season 3.

    All the best and have fun strumming.

  • Jacob Oda

    A sad face for a koa `ukulele? Koa `ukulele’s are the best! The sound of the `ukulele is wonderful. Also, koa is very rare and valuable. Just a little tidbit for you. I’ve lived in Hawai`i my whole life and have still yet to own a koa `ukulele. And hey, next time you should go to Big Island. It has the same quality beaches and sites as Kaua`i, but it’s 1283947812374812734981274912 times it’s size!

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Hawai`i. Take care Ms. Day.

    Aloha mai kakou.

  • Michael Roach

    Wow, I didn’t know you did magic too.

    Making $1.99 look like a million bucks is quite a trick.

  • Dylan Lange

    I’m glad you had a great trip out to Hawaii and a nice restful vacation. It must be nice being closer to Hawaii then us here on the East Coast. My mother in law went out there twice in a three month period for work and my wife was lucky enough to go with her during one of those times. Course she could not have too much fun since she was 3 months pregnant at the time! Did you try the Kona? That was one of the things I asked my wife to bring back along with a Hawaian Shirt. Glad to have you back! See you in February in Baltimore!

  • len

    Folk Uke. Just sayin’.

  • Melanie1001

    Girl what do you do to get those awesome abs? You must have a heck of a workout routine! Hollywood take note – want a gorgeous and smart leading lady – please see above…I’m now picturing you as a femme fatale, Bond style….could totally be you πŸ™‚

  • Ibhola Lethu

    FYI – back in small kid time they served those kind hot dogs in the public school lunch and was always called “pig in a blanket.” Was my favorite too.

    To the guy asking what kind flower is that – it is an orchid – greek derivation meaning testicle, no joke. Stay thousands of kinds of orchids though.

    FWIW – if you go with a group larger than two it is almost always cheaper to rent a house than to use a hotel. Lots of times you can get a house right on the beach too. Just google “vacation rental house hawaii” to find thousands of listings.

  • Troy

    You spend half your post talking about food…

    …then post a pic that shows you’re apparently immune to its effects!

    Don’t bother with lottery tickets – you’ve already won the genetic one.

    As to the fake tan, it’s nice to experiment, but I hope you don’t make it a habit. A certain publisher with the initials “HH” has somehow managed to promulgate a triple crown of “Fake” on societal taste: Fake tans, Fake hair color (blond), and Fake– well, other things. Know this: Not all guys like The Fakes, and some even prefer a natural skin tone, with pale at the pinnacle.

    Translation: You’re already way ahead of the game.

    As to my personal experience of Hawaii, I once used it as a recuperative gift after backpacking in Asia for several months. I spent 3 days each on Oahu, Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai. As to food, I had lost a good deal of weight in Asia, and thought it would take months to gain it all back.

    Two weeks in The Islands sufficed.

    Welcome back.

    No go to work.


  • Tom S.

    I’m a big fan of your web series and I randomly check out anything I hear you’ve done (for instance thought I watch all the guild episodes, it was a friend that told me you guys made that “Do you want to date my avatar”video…instantly I was like “ok sounds corny but I need to see what Felicia is up to this time…”)

    Anyway I love Hawaii (probably because I live in NJ) a lot been there only once so far, glad you enjoyed your vacation and I wish you and your family a happy new year.

    I wish you would get more mainstream recognition beyond the Internet….I think your future is bright and its nice to actual have someone in “show biz” to root for that appears to be down to earth, fun (and a fellow —- very attractive too..

    Anyway….ICC 25 man raid starting in 10 minutes…gotta go πŸ™‚

  • melanie

    Glad you had a vacation! You deserve it!!!!

    Will you be signing autographs when you come to Baltimore in February?

  • watcher652

    What a beautiful photo of Waimea Canyon! It looks almost 3D! And your other photos are just as beautiful. If they’re around, I usually end up with lots of colorful flower photos myself, esp orchids. Thanks for sharing.

    And you bought a uke? Maybe Miracle Laurie (from Dollhouse) can give you lessons. She’s got a band Uke Box Heroes.

  • Alex

    What a great recap; thank you so much for sharing! I’ve always wanted to go somewhere tropical, and recently I moved from Toronto to Vancouver, which puts Hawaii within reasonable distance now. I guess I’ll have to check it out someday, although I’m still taking in all the hidden nuances of my beautiful new home (there’s so much to see here, if you know where to look!)

    Your pictures are well shot, and really help share your experience. To be honest, your shooting style reminds me a bit of my own; I’ll fill gigs of space with pictures of flora, landscapes, exotic sights, even random little things… and when I share them afterwards, the most common thing people ask is where are the pictures of me? heh. You get so wrapped up in the beauty of your environment, you want to capture all the little details to take home with you; it’s too bad photographs almost never do the real thing justice.

    As for the rest of your entry… first off, a spray on tan is not something you should feel embarrassed about admitting to. Laying in the sun all day is terrible for your health, especially for someone as fair skinned as yourself, and besides, compared to the orange-ish “post nuclear meltdown survivor” glow that most fake tans result in, yours looks very natural! And as for the bathing suit — listen to the words of your fans. Overpriced designer bathing suits are so blasΓ©; this isn’t a magazine spread and you weren’t there for a production photo-shoot for Big Fashion. Aside from the obvious fact you look stunning in your $5 bathing suit, the realization that your entire photo album in general doesn’t feel like some sort of Photoshopped mess is insanely refreshing in it’s own right. You show the world the real you, and as you can see, people like and appreciate it.

    All the best to you in 2010, and thanks for sharing these bits of your life with us. πŸ™‚

  • Vincent Polite

    Felicia, you’re pretty amazing. Congratulations on your success. My roommate had been trying to get me to watch the Guild for the better part of a year now, and I kept refusing, assuming it would be this lame attempt at humorizing gamer life.

    I was actually sucked in by your music video, “Do You Want to Date My Avatar”. The cosplay cracked me up and the tune … I can’t get it out of my head! πŸ™‚ I guess that’s a good thing. In fact, I was wondering if the video itself was available in a purchasable digital format or included on one of your Guild Season DVDs?

    Now, I’m an unabashed fan. Apparently there’s some cult of Felicia Day or something that I’m supposed to sign up for. πŸ™‚ I’ll pass for now (that would be me playing too cool to be gaga over Felicia Day, heh), but seriously, you are really awesome hopefully you get to do some work where the vacations are a bit more frequent. Hawaii is a wonderful island, I’ve only been there twice, but it’s enough to make me consider this:

    Kayak rentals. I sit there with a laptop on the beach and wireless internet. I get to play WoW, play video poker, and enjoy Hawaii. Plus, I don’t need artificial tan. πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes, have a great 2010 and one more random thing that has nothing to do with Hawaii… any sense of when a season 4 is coming out? And be honest… should I watch Bring it On Again? πŸ™‚ Hmmm, I see I need to learn to count… πŸ™

  • Angela — Nokomys

    Wow, those pictures are amazing. I dragged my night RPh over to show her the canyon one.
    They remind me of a trip I took to New Zealand when I was 13. Driving through the countryside, everything was so untouched and beautiful. So glad you finally got some vaca time, you definetely deserved it!!

  • Great gamer geek shots… MEOW!

  • Ray

    I highly recommend four things for Hawaii (especially restaurants):

    1) Check out the “Revealed” series of guidebooks (one per island, goldmine of good info)
    2) Avoid all the hotel restaurants (overpriced) and chains (I can get that at home)
    3) Check out the local newspapers for local restaurant choices (good advice for any US city) like Maui News/Garden Island/Hawaii Tribune Herald.
    4) When all else fails, local Thai restaurants are a good compromise

    Of course, there’s always Yelp now. πŸ˜€

  • Andy O.

    Last time I went to Kauai was 20-30 years ago, there was no way to get to Kauai other than by sea (no commercial airports on the island), we took a 40′ catamaran over some of the greatest waves (me and my sister got dunked underwater twice while lying on the bow of the boat (was just a net over water between the 2 pontoons)), snorkled and swam through these little underwater caves, saw a lot of sharks, and turtles as big as me (at the time).

    Now it looks like Kauai is all commercial now. yawn, and yeah next time don’t skimp on the bikini. There’s something to be said about ittsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow poka dot bikinis… /grin

  • dennis

    well he is right, hehe Well after all we are men.

  • Kauai is probably my favorite place in the world, I’ve been there twice now and love the fact that it’s not very commercialized, still very natural beauty. I’m certain it’s built up from 30 years ago in response to Andy O.’s post above, but it is so far removed from the craziness that is Maui or Oahu. We stayed on the south shore at Poipu once about 12 years ago, and went back 2 years ago and stayed on the north shore at Princeville. Absolutely beautiful, words cannot express the awe at seeing the night sky with no light pollution (I live in Phoenix, with enough light pollution to almost make it daytime at night…). The Waimea Canyon is really breathtaking as well, got to take a helicopter ride through it last time I was there, flew over the areas where they filmed “Jurrasic Park” πŸ™‚

    Did you see any whales? Now is generally a pretty good time to see whales out that way, even down around Poipu.

  • Fernando GonzΓ‘lez

    Day. you are hot!!!!!

  • Tony P

    I never understood the need to be tan. What’s wrong with pale skin?

  • falcon

    you look great in the picture…
    …and thats all I can think of right now, hope you have recharged your batteries!

  • Ibhola Lethu

    Kauai has had an airport since 1950 with regularly scheduled inter-island flights starting in 1955. And at least as far back as 40 years ago the runway was long enough to handle direct flights from the mainland.

  • Please stay at one of our gorgeous oceanfront condos at Kuhio Shores in Poipu, Kauai. We are right next to the Beach House Restaurant. Behind us is Prince Kuhio Park. Down the street is Spouting Horn and the National Botanical Gardens. Save lots of money by making some simple meals at home, the best oceanfront dining on the island! Hope you stay with us!
    Molla, #305 Kuhio Shores

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  • JayR

    You make $1.99 look GREAT! God you are beautiful!

  • Matthew

    damn you’re hot, nice body.

  • JayR

    wow you fail… make your own comment

  • Extraordinary insight into a very important topic, and I have to say it changed the way I looked at this issue.

  • wow, i see this place is a heaven on earth!

  • Tom


    I just moved to Kauai recently with my girlfriend. We started a travel blog about Kauai and we’d love to collaborate, guest post, linkshare or if there’s anything else we can do to help you just let us know.

    You can check out the site at

    We have several other successful websites and always love to meet and work with other bloggers and site owners.


  • Awesome place to visit in Holidays.

  • Marci Dietrich

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  • Josh Riggs

    ohhh Felicia. You make a 1.99 bathing suite even look swell. Makes me feel funny in my bathing suite places. πŸ™‚

  • Love this post and photos. All of them. You can’t beat great coffee. And this island is so beautiful. Tropical, lush green, waterfalls ocean views, hikes and great beaches. A real gem.

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