The Official Website of Felicia Day
  • Says the video is not available. Maybe it only works in the US.

  • Video didn’t work for me either but I managed to watch the Jayce Hall Outtake, hilarious!

  • Boohoo.. doesnt work in Europe 🙁

  • Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work in Canada either!

  • ChrisPUT

    It worked great for me… (that’s what she said)
    and it was glorious… (that’s what she said)
    I loved the way you stormed off while giving him the finger. (oops, **Spoiler**)

    My only question is, was that really you that the Blizzard guy was totally pwning or did they just stage that for the show?



    Knew it.

  • Ooh I want to see it!

    Boo for geo-restricted content on the web 🙁

  • Wow, that sucks you guys, sorry. GEO Restrictions for the LOSSS! 🙁

  • Aww it doesn’t work in Canada. Good call, GEO Restrictions are terrible </3 I’m sure it was an amazing interview though!

  • Dwatney

    Make sure to see Kwoon get pwned in the Blizzard/WoW show, 🙂

  • You are my hero! Haha! You sound just like me, “Yes, I have girl parts and I play WoW.” I don’t play as much anymore, but my guild actually has a female adult film star in it… You should hear the reaction she gets!

    The only downfall is that you play Alliance. Why, Felicia, why? Come to the horde. We’re so much cooler…

  • Immortal88

    LMAO!! Was that completely improved?

  • Stealth

    Not working for me even through US proxy websites.. Block’d.

    Someone should rip it and put it on YouTube.

  • Ahhh so this is what your tweet on geo restrictions was about 🙂

  • Very funny. </3 it

  • len

    On your next season of The Guild, hold release parties in one of the virtual worlds that streams in video. Vivaty can do it and is on Facebook which opens up a pretty large and not yet accessed demographic. Fold the old (streamy is cool but a sitcom is not a new form despite the short format) into the new. SecondLife is an alternative but not as open or accessible. Still, wherever your deal is, go there and do it.

    Musicians (being dogs, we admit it) can do fantastic new things there. It is not just a place to preview albums; sooner rather than later, real-time 3D worlds will be The Album. I realize that ain’t your thing, but for folks like myself who have been experimenting with it, I’m only sad I’m too old for the pop culture because as a composer/songwriter, this is like being Balboa on the Pacific.

    Exciting times.

  • Wow! I really feel for that guy. I had flashbacks to fights I’ve had with my wife…. *shiver*

  • Christopher Feyrer

    Felicia Day, slayer of masculinity!



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