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Jace Hall Battle


I was pretty crazy busy when this was filmed, but who can say no to abusing @JaceHall with a light saber? Check out the full episodes at Really awesome start to their second season! Funny enough, I DID email Dorkman when I saw their videos on YouTube and told them anytime they wanted to film something I was game. We finally got to work together! Love the internet! 🙂

  • that saber-fight looks more professional than those in the SW ep. IV-VI!!! and would it be heresy to say the dialogue is also better? uh, i already wrote it anyway.

  • Kevin P

    You were REALLY good, both in the lightsaber choreography and acting. Hope to see you in more stuff soon!

  • len

    Now THAT’s the way a creative genius settles a thing with another mediaHead! Way to get it done! Vanity Fair, look out! This girl has a light saber and is not afraid to use it. 😉

  • Dani

    Possibly the most awesome thing I watched all week. =)
    You have wicked Jedi skills!

    Uhm… this gave an idea… I might add a Guild/Star Wars mashup to the ones I’ve been doing (cause I’m bored):


    • Dani

      I failed at the Guild/SW mashup… I need more photoshop skills to pull this off.
      Will keep trying though… =P

  • TeddyKGB

    I’ve tried my best to block the prequels out of my mind, so I don’t think there was ever a female Jedi in any of Lucas’ films. You looked awesome as one, and Jace has a new fan.

  • That right there was an epic-sandwich covered in awesome-sauce! I’m away to watch all the Jace Hall episodes in rapid succession, likely followed by my 18th Guild marathon.

    … What? You have a *better* suggestion of how I should spend my Friday night? 😉

  • I need a pink lightsaber in my life. Loved the choreography!

  • This is really awesome fighting. But . . . on the Life stream there’s a picture of you with Neil Gaiman. Drool . . .

    I am so jealous of your life right now. :/

    • OH, just watched the outtakes. You pulled the lightsaber out upside down. LOL on you. 😉

  • tonewaugh

    Some really slick action moves there! Especially that sequence near the beginning of the fight (starting around 1:43) with the spin culminating in a real hero pose , and that part around 2:08 where I really thought you were going to do a complete flip. Too bad they didn’t put you on a wire! Vi, the Jedi slayer. Well done.

  • LOVE IT soooo much.
    That…Flames! Flames…on the side of my face….breathing…heaving breaths…..

  • Dan

    Nice work as usual Feli D! Pretty amazing how well it turned out for only 2 hours put in.
    I love the part right after the epic matrix-esque scene, Jace says “Just give me my damn baby Jesus doll.” Very funny.

  • ricknw17

    Great lightsaber fight Felicia. Of course now you will have to work some sort of sword battle into season 4 of the Guild.

  • Mandarb


    That. Was. AWESOME!

    /me goes and watch Jace Hall episodes

  • I have never loved you more! <3
    The scene with the lightsabers fight is awesome, you had the best moves, I'm sure you'll win!

  • This is absolutely the best webvid I’ve seen this year. Amazing job. You looked insanely graceful and struck some fantastic poses – positively Glau-esque. As Jedis go, you’re a natural. The acting was spot on too. Kudos.

    • There is unfortunately a GOTCHA in all this, so be WARNED! If you watch the video at you will notice a DOWNLOAD button, and clicking that brings up a rather misleading message that sounds like it is saying you need to purchase an IGN Insider account to download the video. DO NOT DO THIS!!! It turns out that none of the Jace Hall videos are available for download, and you would only be wasting your money.

  • Drill

    That simply ROCKED!!

  • … as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in joy and were suddenly giddy

  • ellen

    LOL ? ? ?
    that was simply awesome! ^^

  • ellen

    ? are supposed to be <3 's, guess you can't use those…
    just wanted to clarify that I wasn't confused about whether or not I LOL'd.
    I LOL'd

  • The fight was epic.
    But 0:27 will be my favorite line EVER.

    – I’m Felicia Day BITCHES!!!

  • PJ Mac

    It may be the whisky sours talking… but that was SOOOOOOOO HOT!

  • I’m so sorry about that! YOu should get a refund 🙁 I just agreed to do the video, I have nothing to do with that, but I’ll send someone an email letting them know that happened. Again sorry!!!!

    • Please don’t worry about it. It was only $8. No big deal. And totally not your fault of course (or Jace’s). I just wanted to warn others from making the same blunder.

    • Also, I just remembered that I put it on the Masked Roger’s credit card. His own stupid fault for leaving it on his desk. LOL!

  • Convoy2010

    Hands down the greatest thing I’ve ever watched on the internet. (Net to the guild of course.) Never underestimae the power of the Dork-side lol!
    Best Jedi poses ever by the way, and now I want to see more.

  • Tricia

    That was sweet!! Is that actually your characters name? I hope they gave you an ignore all button O.O

  • Mad skills indeed! A sure sign that vengeance is best served in post production.

  • PJ Mac

    I’m back. I’m sober. And, yes, that was DAMN hot!!!

  • Nick

    Greatest lightsaber fight ever. Flawless victory

  • Golly I hate to pile on, but yeah….. Hawt.

  • BillE

    It would be fun to see the baby jesus doll dropped from an airplane!

  • That was amazing, aint laffed that much in a while, what a brilliant video, luvvvvvvit felicia. all the best 🙂

  • Jose de Segadas Vianna Neto

    Not only i laughed a lot, but i learned that when you fight, you become hotter than ever.
    Fantastic, i showed to all my friends, and i was very proud to see that you fought a lot better than Jace.

    Vork should see THAT!!!!! 🙂

  • You were my geek-girl idol anyway, but this clinches it. Too amazing.

  • Tony P

    I don’t care how you do it, but there must be a LIGHTSABER FIGHT IN THE GUILD SEASON 4! You just can’t show us this and not follow up!

  • Scott McGrory (13)

    Wow, that was brilliant!

    I agree with Tony P, there /has/ to be a saber fight in The Guild season 4, and the dialogue in that was brilliant! 🙂

  • PJ Mac

    Two things: First, I agree with the mounting concensus that there has to be a light sabre fight in The Guild, Season 4. Of course, Felicia will need an opponent with considerable martial arts/choreographic chops to match her own as a “worthy opponent.” And it will have to be a full “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Nerd” battle sequence that by the ends leaves the viewers with their heads pulled far back from their computer monitors going, “Whoaaa!”

    Second, I’m now 24 hours sober (and that includes the after-effects of recreational drugs)(WARNING: Kids don’t try this at home), and on the seventh view of Lightsabre video (7th with a cold, clear eye), I find my original assessment still stands: This is INCREDBILY hot!

    And that’s the last time I make that observation because it’s starting to get obsessive.

  • alex

    I admit it, I’m a Feliciaphile. Your presence on the web in the past eight months has been phenomenal: DYWDMA, The Guild, the Spitzer Space Telescope video, the fairy in LoN and now this. Yowsa

  • Christian

    What fun!!! I hope you all had as much fun making it as I did watching.

  • Decade

    That light saber battle was the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while. The expressions on your face plus you holding a light saber = instant nerdgasm.

    I mean, um, great job on this video. 😀

  • Jason

    The best light saber battle I’ve seen all weekend. Somewhere George Lucas and Michael Bay are huddled in a corner wrapped in each others arms weeping in shame and envy!

  • Jonk

    That pose at 1:44…. magnificent. Just add a Princess Leia slave girl costume and you could retire on the royalties.

  • Nice saber duel – it seems to me that most of them can be boring because there’s no witty banter. As Captain Smirk said, “Swordfighting is kinda like making love. It’s not always what you do, but what you say.”

  • JulieM

    Came here via a link on Stranger Things. I just have to say that you looked amazing in that fight! Great choreography, and great legs. It was way cool.

  • nuno

    i wanna mmmmmm you so gooddddddddd mmmmmmmm

  • Yeyyy! Go Felicia Day!

    Hey, that video was waay too short. Wait, you did win that duel, right? You did kick his ass, didn’t you?!??

  • Soulforged

    Hey, that was pretty good, especially considering you were “crazy busy” at the time! Seems you have a flair for Jedi-like movements.

  • Dumont

    Between Felicia Day and Michael “Dorkman” Scott I was amazed that I had not seen this video sooner. Your fans are all proud of the work that your doing and we hope to see you in a lot more. Keep up the good work.

    Please don’t break The Guild’s great story line with a lightsaber fight.

  • len

    A good read on neurocinematics.

    Most of this is stuff live performers are very aware of if not systematized. For example, any late night band gig player can tell you why and how picking a given song order has the right effect for getting them out the door and into their cars without fights.

    Props to Raph Koster for that link and the discussion of applications to game play and game design.

  • oldstuff

    omg Felicia, your ass looks outstanding in those poses. You should insure it.

  • Jane Doe

    This is absolutely retarded. What the hell is the point of any of these stupid videos? The girl is ugly and the skits are nonsense.

  • Osiramon

    I’ll bet this helped get the lead in the new SYFY movie: RED. Now filming. Good work.
    It showed them you have the skills needed to do the fights. .
    Good luck in the new part.

    Does this mean Jace will be a werewolf you have to kill? Come on SYFY, you know that would be extra credit.

  • Warlord Merkit

    I just want to know who this poor kwoon guy is that you keep tossing his name up there in every video.

    What did he do to incur the wrath of Felicia and Jace? Poor guy probably has to play with DND set the whole time to avoid all the “I love you felicia” comments from level 1s. Then again, that is no worse than usual trade chat really.

    Oh, and the transition from awesome lightsaber fight to making fun of Jace because the force isn’t real is very funny.

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  • This is just awesome!

  • Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to grasp a lot approximately this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I feel that you can do with some p.c. to drive the message home a little bit, however other than that, that is great blog. A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  • I barely theorize that you put it in a course that everyone can accept.

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