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I sat down recently with for an in-depth interview about web video, The Guild and Dr. Horrible.

Mania: As an actress and as a producer, what are the good and bad parts of producing a web series versus working in a more traditional medium?

Felicia Day: Well, of course the budgets are not even comparable. The money they spend on wardrobe on a TV show exceeds our whole budget for an episode. I do love the control of creating what I want without having to think “politically”, and that we’re inventing the rules as we go along. There are no rules, so we make them up. It’s the wild west. I also love the fact that we have such a quick turnaround, and get instant feedback from fans when we post videos, good and bad. 🙂

Mania: What’s the absolute most difficult part of producing and maintaining a web series?

Felicia Day: Getting people to return and remember to watch episodes. There is always a lot of traffic on episode 1, but it’s a different story around episode 5. The internet is a big place, and even loyal fans miss when episodes go out. They miss when whole SEASONS go out. You have to constantly be reminding people about your show, without annoying the fans who are attentive. It’s a fine line to walk.

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  • I know The Guild grew out of your love of gaming, but it’s also a perfect way for the people selling games to reach that niche audience, since your audience is their market.

  • Great interview.
    And nice to know you will be on LoN Season 2.
    Naughty fairy FTW =P

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