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I know i’ve been horrible about updating, and I don’t have any excuse other than being devestatingly busy and now, very sick!  Can’t get sick!  Someone on Twitter posed a theory the my deep-tissue massage I treated myself to earlier this week “released” something I’d been supressing.  Could that possibly be true, I actually PAID for this virus?!!?  🙂  Anyway, I hope to make a few in-depth blog entries about The Guild etc. very soon, until then, here’s an interview I did with Internet Superstar on Revision 3 that was posted today.  I squeezed it in at a local Starbucks. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Great interview. Definitely addressed alot of interesting topics, like balancing the job and online gaming, and the benefits of both working in mainstream media and making one’s own web content. What I particularly liked was how Ms. Day mentioned that a whole gamut of people are involved in online gaming, which is an assessment that could be extended even further. Indeed, as a big comic book/sci-fi/fantasy fan, I am very happy to see the various types of people who do buy, read, watch, and discuss such forms of media and genres. I’m glad that the definition of “geek” is becoming ever wider and that such a definition is starting to smash some stereotypes.

    Anyway, enough with the deep arguments. Ms. Day, it’s totally cool how your sticking to your guns and wanting to produce your material your way. I wish the best of luck to you! Oh yeah, as for being sick, do you have a cold? My dad, who was a doctor, recommended to all of his patients that along with taking your meds, pears would actually be quite helpful. Just passing that along.

  • Dani

    I prefer the Guild chat theory where you are a Cylon and got a computer virus, that seems to be spreading to everyone in Guild chat…

    Anyway, hope u get better soon!

    And that was a cool interview!
    It had all the fun factors: You having coffee, craft service mention, addiction mention…

  • Katie

    Heh, for some reason, seeing “Felicia” scrawled on the coffee cup in the classic Starbucks barista handwriting cracked me up. Seriously – I think they must have a “Penmanship Conformity” session in their training. 🙂
    Definitely a great interview. It’s always nice to hear new questions. And busses. It’s always nice to hear busses, too.

  • Please don’t be sick. You have work to do!

    Your Agent

  • That’s such a great interview. It’s definitely the best I’ve seen conducted outside of a Wells Fargo–and we all know what a large subset of all interviews that comprises.

  • The takeaway quote? “It’s all about levels.”

    I’m thinking you’ve got a little work to do yet on your WoW addiction!

    Get well soon!

  • You are adorable as hell in that interview.

    It’s great to see you are trying to retain the rights to The Guild in your efforts to move up, I think you’re right in that it’s totally possible and that writers don’t need to sell their properties. Great job. 😀

  • Kristian

    About gamers: “Study squashes myth of gamer as antisocial Comic Book Guy”

    Modern gamers are richer both in money and in social life than non-gamers. 🙂

  • Monica

    Great interview. Appreciate your decision to keep the rights and not sell-out.

    You’re beautiful! 🙂

    BTW, I KNOW that Starbucks. 🙂 That’s the Starbucks I like to refer to as “The one that made me fat”. Every morning on my way to work into Altadena, I’d stop there and get a maple scone, grande mocha. Seriously. Every morning. Ugh.

    Thanks for taking time out to do the interview.


  • It’s ok people, you can relax – Felicia DOES mention Craft Service! This is a great interview and touches on many subjects. And yes, she is an Internet Superstar 🙂

  • Ben

    Sorry you’re not feeling well Felicia. Hope you feel better soon! (Drink lots of OJ.)

    Cool interview “via satellite” too btw.

  • Ookami

    OMG! Felicia that was a pretty cool interview ^^ glad to see you updating the blog, you’ve been missing for a time.

    *hugs* wish you the best in life!! You’re my favorite redhead actress =P

  • Jeff

    As somebody who works with both, I have to give you some street… er, geek cred for making the distinction between psychiatrist and psychologist. That still gets mixed up in the media out there.

    And I have to give you credit on trying to retain the rights and creative control to The Guild. It wasn’t mentioned but Whedon probably has an advantage with the huge fan base he has built from his “other foot” in mainstream media. Yours has been more a grassroots effort, a pretty successful one at that. Keep at it.

  • Hey, Ms. Day, you remain my Web 2.0 role model and inspiration (click on my link if you want to see why I need both).

    I noticed that both the sound and picture were great in your interview and was wondering if you were using the built-in mic and camera in your notebook or something more.

    For me, it introduced intriguing possibilities regarding the Notebook-Computer-as-Remote-TV-Studio-in-a-Bag.

    Stay great.

  • That’s a sad story… I read somewhere once that deep tissue massages done incorrectly can create bad mantra, that given time can… Alright now I’m just making stuff up for no good reason…

    Well at least you didn’t just get a flu shot… and then get sick… cause that really is just paying for a virus… And I think the gods of flu shots like that… I think they collect all the money they get from flu shots and use it all to further the idea that flu shots can actually help you…

    Alright… the truth is I got my flu shot recently and just got sick with it… so I am venting… that being said…

    I hope you feel better soon… Rest up…


  • You’re crazy! And you’re the best!! Can’t wait for Season 2; it’s fun to watch you “makin’ it big!”

    Oh, and I can’t want for KotR MMO either!!

  • Mia in Montreal

    w00t! internet superstar!

  • Fantastic interview, and for some reason I especially enjoyed the fact that it was interrupted by a bus. 😛

    I really just want to reiterate how much I love the dedication you have when it comes to your work and to creative web content in general–this kind of grassroots creativity might just be our generation’s answer to the Baby Boomers. Stay tuned, folks. 🙂

    Incidentally, I mentioned you here: [url][/url]

    I’m hopeful that when the blog goes live at my site, that I can condense that lens into an entry. Updates to follow. 😉

  • James

    Nice update and glad to see a video. I try to check back every so often. Keep up the good work!

  • Kevin

    Great interview, Felicia.

    You are definitely an Internet Superstar! Congrats.

    Also, I found out the best way to deal with an WoW addiction is to get migraines after playing for two straight hours.

  • Dear George the Agent… please release certain office desk item recently delivered to you… 😉


    Edgar the Webmaster

  • Katie

    Edgar, do you mean the desk item which lights up? Because that’s totally on George’s Flickr.

  • Robdude

    Wow! internet superstar! You were so awesome they canceled the show right after your interview, Rev3 canceled some others too and Martin Sargent was one of nine layed off Monday morn.

    Was a great interview though.

  • Sir Wood

    Just got back from Paris and saw the new blog. Nice interview! Remember, all work and no play makes one dull and sick. :p Get well soon! 😉

  • Ryan

    Very nice interview. As a hardcore BC raider i love the guild and so do all my guildys. And i wish you the best in your acting career.

    And might i also say i think you are a very beautiful young lady. (trying not to sound creepy)


  • just a silly note. I’ve only seen you on Buffy, Dr Horrible, House, and the Sears commercial – in that order. (and I didn’t notice you on Buffy, I don’t think)

    The second time I saw the Sears commercial, it hit me that you were selling “laundry equipment” – yes, I’m that slow.
    Nice to see you have a blog. Nice seeing you on House. Not clear why they put in a contact lens *with a prescription…*

    probably will never know.
    Congrats on your ongoing success. 🙂
    (and feel free to show up on Grey’s Anatomy someday)

  • Nikki

    You were getting Deep Tissue massages without ME? What happened to being the set masseuse?! The nerve!
    It was wonderful meeting you at Blizzcon, I shot off an email on the subject but it may have gotten lost in the miasma. All in All, remember that Robot Kitten Happy Train loves you, and all that ganking was just water under the bridge.

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