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I used to live by Backstage casting listings when I first moved to town. This was a real pleasure, to be in this week’s Backstage, a publication that is so useful to actors. I hope I inspire other actors who are looking for work to forge ahead and make their own things. Never wait for permission!

My favorite quote from this article:

“Take a risk and do something that you haven’t seen before and tell a story that other people aren’t telling,” she advises. “We’ve seen six friends who live in New York. Tell something that’s really unique about you. It might not appeal to everyone, it might not get a TV deal tomorrow, but at least you’re going to find a voice.”

Go to their website to read the whole piece!

  • Jeff

    Yeah, I remember seeing the interview linked by @michelboyd on twitter. I know many fans will already be familiar with bits of the piece from other interviews, but it’s well written and pulls together all of the important parts of yours (and The Guild’s) narrative all in one article. The last paragraph, on empowerment and making your own stuff, sums it up nicely. There’s still time for you and the rest of the Guildies to get a break. Though I think you guys don’t give yourselves enough credit, being at the forefront of web content and all.

    Just don’t forget to write Season 3 if you do get a break! Cliffhangers suck.

  • thanks for sharing.I enjoy it.

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