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Interesting Research on Online Gaming


Just came across a link that Courtney posted in a comment. Great link. This researcher studies and surveys online gamers and their psychology. For some reason this site looks like butt on my screen, but the fascinating info is worth highlighting the text to read.

I especially enjoyed the essay on how men and women approach online gaming differently. You go “oh yeah” when you read the facts, like

female players are significantly more likely to always group with people they’ve grouped with before when compared with male players

but you don’t really observe those things unless they are pointed out. I also thought this was interesting:

Female players are significantly more likely to be in officer or leader positions within guilds than male players (link). Female players are also significantly more likely to participate in guild events than male players (link).

Most assumptions would be the opposite I think, as far as leadership roles. Anyway, the article is quite interesting, as is all his other research. Like:

The more a player is achievement-oriented, the more likely they will quit the game.

Those players whose goal becomes to “be the best” are the most likely to burn out, whereas the ones who use it as a social tool will be around for a while. Anyway, definitely worth a look. I will post it in my forums too.

On another note, I was at the bookstore today and saw a map of Los Angeles ON CLOTH. I can’t find a link to one on the internet no matter how hard I search, and I’m so annoyed I didn’t buy it! It was so much like the Ultima cloth maps! I will go buy it and take a picture. 🙂

  • Ah, that is very interesting indeed, thanks to you and Courtney for sharing! 🙂

    Also: Yay for cloth maps.

  • I just happened to stumble across your Guild episodes.
    They are fantastic and I laughed so hard. You nailed
    the stereotype perfectly.

    I have to agree with you about how if you’re in it for the social aspect, you’ll stick around. That’s what I’ve done and I’ve been playing the same game for 4 years now.


  • To this wizened old coot of 37, I noticed the social aspect thing to online gaming back in the old MUD days when they would get run on university mainframes, late ’80s early 90’s IIRC (MUD means Multi User Dungeon to you young whippersnappers… geeze, kids nowdays ^_^).

    Sure, it was Zork like text adventures, but you could still group up and go fight stuff – even then, a lot of people would spend a good chunk of their time hanging out with their friends and not fighting anything. Well, except each other, but that didn’t change either.

  • Chiefdrewmanchu

    Some of the research or should I say comments expressed could be directly related to our education system. It has been a growing trend in my years of teaching to see a higher percentage of women in leadership roles in schools, both secondary and elementary. I look at the top ten students at local high schools when they are published in the paper and a percentage of women are there too. On the same token, the idea that female players like to group with people they have grouped before doesn’t surprise either. There is evidence of that in other areas of life besides gaming, i.e. going to the bathroom in groups, and I think girls tend stick with the people that they are comfortable with rather than reach out to someone new every time. Don’t take my generalizations the wrong way, it is just some things I have observed by coaching girls sports. I think we all prefer to hang with people we are comfortable with, but even within a team of 10,12, or 20, girls have their cliques and it is more prominent than with guys. And I don’t want to get into it when they fight.
    Ironically, I think many of the same qualities could apply to any gaming situation, and not just online. It is just online has the benefit of not seeing the other people you play with, “hey it works for the blind.” Those are my thoughts and not yours, so until next time…

  • Ben

    Maybe I should consider trying WoW. I’ve never played it and the way everyone talks about it (forever), I should have started 10 years ago.

    I am an Age of Empires junky. But its not really an MMO. Its an up to 8 player online game taht usually lasts 1-2 hours per game. Most sites track and rate your play but it just doesnt sound the same as WoW or that Star Wars game I keep hearing about.

    Anyone got any ideas for the best way for me to get my feet wet? Or should I just steer clear? Advice? Warning? Thoughts? Thanks!

  • Chiefdrewmanchu

    Ben, I love Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, you would probably love the Starcraft and Warcraft I-III games as well. My suggestion is just jump in, if you have some friends talking about it to you. Start with them, but like any game it depends what you want out of it. If you want to relax and enjoy the game, WoW can get pretty involved if you want it to be. Others will tell you how to “build” your character and even instruct you how to play, (in any upcoming episodes Felicia?). Until they pay for your account do what you want to do, and have fun. Always remember it is a game, and you’ll have fun, fun, fun…you know the rest. Until next time…

  • Absolutely true. My daughter only plays quest or building games (like Sims or Rise of Nations) whereas I enjoy FPS. I couldn’t be bothered with all the details required for complex games, whereas a clear objective and action gets me going, like in HL2.

  • Sandy

    I’ve been playing these online games for quite a while now (I don’t plan on dating myself tyvm so don’t ask how long). Anyhoo… I’ve come to the conclusion that gals are also more likely to dabble in crafting, but not necessarily master it. If guys decide to craft, they often times will master it and max everything out. Gals, on the other hand, will dink around with the various professions, change a few times, and spend more time making every single item they can rather than rushing through the item creation to get to the next level… if that makes any sense…

  • Blaze

    I have to say thier research was interesting and in my experience very true. I have been a leader in every guild I have been involved in. The 3 raids I have been a part of (20-40 people) woman have been the leaders and driving force to the success. I think this is also why I was never as achievement-oriented as my male counterparts because I enjoy the social aspect of the game more then anything.

    This is why im only attracted to more social games. I love Halo, a FPS, but most of the time I only play if my friends and family are playing. I love being a part of a team and working for a common goal, its what gives me the most pleasure. Hence why every character in every game I have ever played has been a support class. Hunter (wow), Medic (battlefeild 2), ranger (shadowbane).

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