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  • SomaSwordSaint

    omg.. my col.ed FINALLY.. [sigh] finally got there..
    funny.. i ordered it on nov5th. left the warehouse
    on the 12th.. slated to arrive yesterday.. and got
    here just as i got home from work..

    i can now go and attempt to farm sydonai, and hopefully
    get my twin odachis ..

    user: Grimgar

    send a /w Grimgar hey

    my way at some point this weekend..

    someone.. anyone..

    i plan on playing HgL: ALL WEEKEND..


  • Ben

    According to my good friend Joss Whedon, there’s going to be a Mutant Enemy day at the Fox picket lines on December 7th from 10am to 2pm.

    Hopefully, there’s going to be a HUGE turnout and if Felicia were to show up, I’m certain there will be plenty of kudos bestowed.

  • SomaSwordSaint

    grimgar in church [templar base]

    where ya’ll at .. ?


  • Carl

    OT Question.

    I’m having some of my fellow grad-students over for a movie night tomorrow(I have a kick ass home theater set up).

    We have recently discovered that 3 of the male grad-students all conceived children (with their respective wives). They did so during a period of about 3 weeks: late August to mid September.

    So, the movie night’s theme will be pregnancy.

    Do you have an suggestions for a good movie with a pregnant theme?

    The fathers-to- be also work in the same office. Those of us who don’t want to conceive children, have stopped drinking the office coffee. We’re also waiting to see if something really interesting happens with the sole female occupant of that office, because she’s a virgin.

  • Hahah, that’s hilarious Carl. Well, I think Knocked Up is a great movie, and perhaps Rosemary’s Baby? Or maybe if you could get one, one of those old 50’s educational videos on sex ed that are so hilarious.
    OMG, what about 3 Men and a Baby?!! That would be soooo funny! Or Look Who’s Talking 1-3?

  • Courtney

    If you REALLY want to be cruel and freak em out, Thirteen

  • Carl

    Thanks Felicia 🙂

    “Knocked Up” was my 1st choice, but it hasn’t been released in NZ yet. 🙁

    I’m sure I can get my hands on one of the others.

    On Topic (! That has to be a Sign of the Apocalypse):

    A funny about the writers’ strike
    Not The Daily Show, With Some Writer

    Notice my correct usage of the possessive apostrophe….something you don’t see often on the internet….surely another Sign.

    Possessive apostrophe? Jealous exclamation!

  • Some good film choices there Carl, just don’t show “Junior!”

    Furthermore, good work on the youtube clip and the grammatical excellence; it’s just a shame you overdid the ellipses 😉

    I’m in the wrong country for picketing, but as a member of the WGGB, I feel for my American brethren. From my viewpoint as a struggling writer, it’s so difficult to get work that it can be all too tempting to lay down and accept the loss of online rights. Don’t do it! Solidarity, brothers and sisters!

  • Carl


    You’re saying that I should have eclipsed my ellipses? Sorry about that, I didn’t realize that my extended ellipses verged on hyperbole. 🙂

    We didn’t watch any pregnancy themed vids. Instead, we saw a couple of episodes of Reaper (torrent downloads) and a couple of episodes of a UK series called “Peep Show”.

    “Peep Show” is horribly painful and outrageously funny…it crosses lines that you didn’t even know existed.

  • Carl

    It’s like a POV version of The Office……

  • Ben

    Carl– I find it ironic that you used THIS thread to post about how you illegally downloaded the television show Reaper.

    I wouldn’t mention that story at the picket line.

  • Carl


    #1 reaper isn’t available here in NZ, so I’m not depriving any NZ broadcaster of a pair of eyes that they can sell to an advertiser

    #2 the torrents I d/l are all from FOTA broadcasts: they’re TV shows that aren’t available here in NZ…I never d/l DVD rips of any content.

    #3 NZ copyright law is different than US law. NZ law specifically prohibits market manipulation, like the kind practiced by US content producers with their DVD region scheme. So, all DVD players commercially sold in in NZ are multi-region players. So, the upshot is that if it is available FOTA in the US, the by NZ law, I’m legally entitled to d/l it here.

  • Ben

    I wasn’t implying that you should be prosecuted…I’m not sending the police! I was saying that it was ironic that the WGA strike thread is the discussion that got your comment about the Reaper download.

    This discussion reminds me of the Harlan Ellison case from years ago. An AOL user site had posted an ENTIRE Harlan Ellison novel. There were months of back and forth cease and desist requests until they finally had a law suit. Harlan won because it was a pretty black and white case. The rule here in the US is simple, you are not allowed to make exact duplicates of content. You can LOAN your original copy to other people and you can make backup copies for your own use but you can’t make an exact duplicate for distribution. That’s why you can’t walk into a Kinko’s and ask them to make a copy of an entire book. Our government looks at it the same whether its downloaded from E-mule, Torrent, Kaazaa, Bearshare, etc. etc. etc.

    To answer your rebuttal:

    1. Good thought but what’s to say the same show won’t be on the air in 12 months in NZ? Then you WILL have cost an advertiser those 2 eyes. (And besides, its not for you to decide which markets see various shows…maybe they are planning a big New Zealand marketing blitz or something down the road.) The “its not hurting anyone” argument doesn’t hold water.

    2. I’m not familiar with the term FOTA, so I Googled it and found out that FOTA is some wireless protocol. If I found the right definition of the FOTA acronym, (firmware over the air) YOU still didn’t pay for it. Someone else that has a PDA or cellphone had legal access to the show b/c it might have been included in their monthly service package. Not a blanket authorization for anyone and everyone to view free of charge.

    On the other hand, I do realize that you are just trying to watch a show that isn’t available to you through any normal distribution (pay-per-view, cable tv, dvd’s, etc.) If it was available for purchase, I assume you would do the honest thing and purchase it.

    3. I am aware that there are lots of countries where it’s “legal” to download or make unlimited copies of content. If you go to China, you can buy truckloads of rip-off dvds for next to nothing. Just because your government is ok with it, doesn’t mean its not infringing on some actor or writer’s rights to royalties.

    Do you think its fair that the people who created Reaper are not compensated when you and your work friends watch the show because New Zealand has some loophole making it legal? Or put another way, what if it was the lovely Felicia that was working on Reaper and got screwed out of those residuals?

    And please keep in mind, my comment was certainly nothing personal Carl, I didn’t mean for it to look like I was calling you out. I think I’ve just got my guard up higher than normal with everything that’s going on with the WGA strike.

  • Carl


    Yes, the future is full of possibilities…I am not legally required take into account the possibility that content providers will begin to obey NZ law.

    FOTA: means “Free, Over The Air”…it refers to any content broadcast by a network.

    Piracy isn’t legal in China, it has laws on the books that it doesn’t enforce. That is a completely different situation than in NZ: comparing the two is a false equivalence. The NZ law prevents market manipulation. If content providers want to screw the NZ public, then the NZ Government isn’t going to help them do it.

    As far as the WGA is concerned, I support their cause 100%: the should share in any revenues that content producers generate. The fact that I am using the internet as a virutal TV antenna to capture FOTA content is irrelevant.

  • Ben


  • Carl,

    Collect several Kudos™ for watching Peep Show. Mitchell and Webb are at their peak when they’re doing that show.

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